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Deep into the Sonic Dark

If you can cope with what has become my contentious long-term audio-literary diary on the harrowing collapse of sound civilisation, and what, if anything, could be done about that, consider browsing around this site for some of that good, honest, old-fashioned musical variation.

I display a small selection of my assorted Modern Art paintings also. They're degenerate and abstract. Decadent even, favouring Outsider Art Primitivism with elements of Surrealism, and Expressionism when it comes to the figures, maintaining a vague non-movement Realism to everything else. I've been attempting the latter for about half a year, edging closer to sanity and unlearning bad habits. Before then it was just the abstracts and decadence. I admire the Art of John Singer Sargent, and the early work of James Ensor, as well as Francisco Goya in his more reasonable moments, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Jacques Joseph Tissot, and the bulk of the Pre-Raphaelites also. Romantic landscape painting is of interest to me too. I'm developing a fledgling understanding of Renaissance sculpture. I don't think I'll ever achieve any of that mastery.  Still, I prefer to try, slowly, to paint something more sensible and genuinely beautiful, even if I am only a complete beginner. The rest is too far from realism, too childish and cynical, and without easy interpretation. I recommend reading Roger Kimball's "The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art" and Brendan M.P. Heard's "The Decline and Fall of Western Art" to understand the problems Art faces in the modern world. 

The grotesque and bizarre digital photo collage images just keep me busy in their creation and serve as quick, colourful album covers. I am lucky in that I was able to ask the talented graphic artist "The PatriArt" to design the covers for my European Nationalism album quadrilogy.

Finally, you will find a few of my short, irreverent written pieces on this page, and a couple of my recorded diary logs and audio interviews with friends.

When I'm not addressing these assorted creative activities, I like to tend to the fruit trees, vegetable crops, and berry bushes in my garden, to expand my library, to go running, to lift weights, and to prep, spending the rest of the time with my family. I've been worried for a while about the sort of future predictions that worried Dr. William Pierce. An energy crisis is the tip of the iceberg. I'm glad we live right out on the edge (or the end of the line alternatively). I wish more would come out here. I imagine at some point not too far off that it's going to get gnarly out there.

I think I'm a better musician than an artist, and better at both than I am at writing or public speaking. However, I'm more pleased with my progress physically, having gone in early 2022 from drinking, smoking, vaping, and being very overweight, to quitting all those drugs at once, running a mile and a half three times a week, lifting weights five days out of every seven, and completing 80 sit-ups a day. I've also been trying out an ab-roller. I'm still quite podgy, and weaker than I'd like to be, so I plan to increase all these activities, and add in some push-ups, planks, and pull-ups.

I've made the final, totally convinced and dedicated push over the past year to slip forward into Vegetarianism. I remained unconvinced that one can justify the painful killing of animals for the sole purpose of feasting on their cooked corpses. Even if performed painlessly it still seems highly disrespectful and exploitative. We only raise them and look after them so we can devour them. What on earth is wrong with people? It's a hard struggle as I am bombarded left, right, and centre by pro-meat propaganda, to an academic research level. It's worse among those I had until quite recently assumed to be of my own political perspective. I've noticed the slander against people who defend animals from other people is terrible. I gather that's because "Animal Rights" has been long-term hijacked by leftists. There's always some meat-head diet snob though, waving yet more 'evidence' at me. I don't think 'the elite' really do collect young blood on a systemic level. I admit, I had used to think it a problem, having been pursuing the Californian CYM corporation documents, and Israeli Red Market trafficking to some degree of morbid horror. I had also been one of these odd, fraught fellows who takes Operation Zyphr rather seriously indeed, and, even now, occasionally spends time on YouTube, pondering the cuddly graphic layouts of unethical zoos, sculpted wilderness torture prisons (presumably designed to dispose of gormless 'useless eaters' in the most contemptuous and sadistic way possible), and high-end (US) military cannibalism on experimental weapons ranges, usually displayed to me, right in my damn face, by the sarky, totally crass voices of the very creators themselves. Thanks, CIA. I'm glad no-one else has noticed. I take that back - no I'm f**king not. At least we could say I have, ahem, some mild experience in this matter, been an avid fan (I suppose) of solo infiltrating disused subterranean bunkers on my days off. First I have to sneak off without my family, or indeed an organ of the British State noticing me. Eventually, I'll get where I'm going. very refreshing indeed, one could say. Exhilarating even. An impolite satisfaction. Being a long-term unemployed Irish pauper, in a cruel foreign land, I can at least justify that the trip will be cheaper, as it is obvious to me that a one way ticket will do just swell. Although, we could easily say, a great many things bring me to more than mild annoyance over, under, above, and through this world, I take particular displeasure in the pan-interpretation of Ontario wolf material processing. Yup, that's a cuck for you. if i was to say that i would like to incorporate myself in their demise, at least when I'm biting my fingers off and sticking them in their eyes, charging mercilessly forward and howling purple blood out of the most convenient front exit, hopefully getting a few down in the process before my inevitable day off, at least the true leaders of this ancient world have observed, and their pesky rivals are displayed, in amusing architecture, all across the ground of the Howl-Chapel. I do not get very many days off. But what would I know? Even if these processes, somewhat unlikely as they could even be, did occur on this grand scale, their supposed biogerontologic properties would not justify this apocryphal torture practice. I think my argument here for animals is similar. It is up to our intelligence to find saner options, in the face of the potential situation of mass nutritional deficiency closing slaughterhouses forever would create. I'm not sure how likely that problem is even. It has certainly occurred to me that the corporate meat industry could be paying off researchers and bribing journalists to write glowing doctored reports on the necessity of eating meat to stay healthy. I certainly do not think food scientists and biologists are free from sloppiness and bias, or from falsifying data for money, which other scientists can then read and be misled by. After all, the pharmaceutical industry has been adopting a similar public relations approach for quite some time in order to legitimise its horrifying drug products and make more money off their sale. I'm okay with the idea of capital punishment and of unrepentant human carnivores being burnt at the stake if they refuse to see sense.  Eventually, I am glad I have succeeded in gaining confidence and mental resolve, and quitting this abominable, culturally-conditioned addiction forever. I am not in favour of Vegan 'meat-free' recipes however, until I know more about them, as I associate them with Agenda 2030 and callous internationalist mega-companies. I just take Savitri Devi's writings in "Impeachment of Man" quite seriously. You'd think it obvious. I've tired of hearing people's rationalized excuses. I can only conclude that the old adage about 90% (at least) of any civilization being philosophically and mentally impaired conformist sub-humans with no heart and no inner monologue might have some truth to it.

As side anecdote, not so long ago I challenged Professor Edward Dutton to a duel. I was extremely weary both psychologically and physically at the time, having experienced a very unpleasant 2 months previous due to an incident in my personal life, and did not present well at all, so I assume he thought I was joking, and merely being dry (or crazy). I was extremely displeased with his manifest disgust at and haughty criticism of vegetarianism. He ridiculed the entire topic as unsound and a lifestyle for morons. He's evidently an extremely competent evolutionary biologist, and an intelligence scientist, as well as being a fascinating and informative read, but the stubborn latter-day Conservatism and modern value system, let alone his grating Christian apologetics, leave something to be desired. Among a few choice insults, I have referred to him as a 'Liberal'. I am convinced he had no idea what I meant as he presents in a favourable light to the majority of the White Nationalist community, and seems to be followed in his every thought by a vast crowd of unquestioning groupies. Perhaps I should have said a Neochristian, to use an expression adopted by the indomitable Cesar Tort. I'm sure he could weasel his way out through some sort of dietary argument, or invoke psychological health, as if it were settled 'common sense' but it appeared to me that he still had some less-than-honest hang-up about the issue from a philosophical perspective, and indeed a compassionate one. The compassionate argument, I think, cannot be countered by the dietary health one. I presented him the documentary "Dominion" and hoped he might notice our total cruelty. To be honest I was looking forward to him stepping from behind his office computer, meeting me quietly somewhere off the beaten track, and attempting to defend his honour, his convictions, his integrity, and the validity of his foul position from the artisan home-crafted trench-raiding flail I had constructed myself, with some calculated artistic finesse. It has a stag's head as a hilt with the antlers acting as a guard, and as the grip is held a wielder's index finger naturally surrounds the stag's eyes. I imagined it would not wish to be used for this purpose either. It would most certainly not want to know. The mace head beyond the chains is just some assorted pieces - the gnomon from a sundial, the sun vulva of an ankh, a few bronze relics. I figured if they broke off on the strike, and I was thus taken out myself,  and the original target survived, he would at least be awarded some cheap junk he could stand on his shelf to remind himself and his esteemed and awestruck guests of the former ages of Western civilisation he admires so greatly, and indeed some foreign pornography for his titillation later. Naturally, I named this useful piece "No idea". It's a pity really. As it stands, he just insulted me back, in total 'oh how droll, another low IQ mentally ill timewaster' dismissal, and refused to engage. Most White Nationalists are stubborn idiots. I don't know if they're all cowards as well though.

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The project name was picked as a sardonic wordplay on the idiom ‘reach for the stars’ which means the achieve something difficult, but which also evokes mercantile qualities that I find rapacious and that I associate with the crass, sell-out attention-seekers of the music industry. There's something banal about its overuse also. Not everyone can attain mastery, and egalitarianism is for slaves.

It was also intended as a serious epistemological reflection on what I personally deem "psycho-cosmology", with a recommendation to clean up and whiten our perceptual universe – to think clearly, and to pursue truth. The stars, looking down coldly on us, would be a good place to start.

In general, I attempt concept albums, so there are a few common themes I return to. Musically, I compose bleak Electroacoustic and Post-Industrial experiments, ominous Dark Ambient, morose modernist Neoclassical and even a varying selection of fairly accessible Folk-Punk (and Traditional Folk & Neofolk) crossover pieces, as well as melodic Techno-Industrial 'Pop', harder Industrial music, and synthesizer based 'vintage' soundtracks, with an eye to history. It's quite hard to categorise by genre, as many of the albums are completely different from each other, and freely mix different styles of Western music, from the traditional to the contemporary. Some pieces have poetic spoken word lyrics, delivered in my rough, acerbic singing voice, and some don't. Some pieces are politically minded and some remain ephemeral and abstract.

I refer to my music as 'middlebrow' in that it's too intense and serious in concept for casual listening, and more elitist than is generally expected in the mass of low IQ Semitic gibberish that passes for 21st Century lyrical popular music and yet is still a very long way below the beauty of Classical music, the real music of Western civilisation. I think I somehow tread the line between dark underground anger and genuine aesthetics. I'm working on bringing it closer to a Classical vibe, or at least proper Folk, minus any aspect of the soiled, degenerate modern world. I think coming from a Norman Irish family may be some small cultural/genetic inspiration on my mad desire to approximate erratic fiddle playing. For anyone interested in physical anthropology, beyond being 'White', I would say I was strongly Armenid/Dinaric, but with some White Nordid admixture. I've checked numerous times into family records, going back at least 1000 years, but, at current reckoning, I can assure you to the best of my knowledge that I am not Jewish.

I favour live physical instruments and have a violin, zither, acoustic guitar, and unplugged electric bass to work with, as well as utilising an M-Audio Oxygen 25 keyboard running piano emulation software such as PianoTeq7. I occasionally throw in a couple of other, lesser known world instruments, but prefer to use European ones if possible. I compose most of my beats using the Re-drum software drum machine that comes with Reason 12, but am also fond of implementing found sounds & field-recordings, spoken audio samples drawn from contemporary mainstream and alternative media, and home-made percussion.

BFTS has never played live, and never will. Besides being unwieldy to perform as a live solo project due to the multiple instruments, I also hold a great disdain for the lowest common denominator of modern audiences, too busy becoming intoxicated and boorishly heckling round the side of their iPhones to pay any attention to what I'm trying to convey. If you want Metallica, or, more realistically, Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish, go elsewhere. For the same reason I don't court record companies or music journalists as I have no desire to let the former mutilate my vision whilst ripping me off, or to sit back whilst the latter censor me, misrepresent me, or get offended at what I have to tell them. This music is quite far from the mainstream (lack of) taste of music executives also. I'm sure they'd wish it didn't exist.

if you'd like to hear my full canon of work, head over to Bandcamp:

There are only five main websites I browse online. You can find them here, in order of usefulness:



3. (for archived material by Dr Pierce)

4. (whom I give the racial benefit of the doubt to

5. (ignoring the pervasive in-fighting and the ridiculous feminist material - I give them the good intentions benefit of the doubt also)

I'm based in the UK. Unfortunately, Nationalism in this country is, as far as I can ascertain, a shambles. Some groups are better than others, but no-one's really any good. Also, they don't get on, so there's no coherent front of opposition. I have a disdain for the aloof, lackadaisical intellectualism of the Dissident Right (or the New Right), in one huge, impractical, timewasting literary circle-jerk, like a self-congratulatory public school old boy's network, and even before the blatant homosexuality and the pandering to Jewish media is taken into account, and beyond that, cannot understand why the main UK Nationalist figureheads fall over themselves to support the anti-White actions of hostile, alien countries, and their traitorous or non-White inhabitants. I'm beginning to wonder if they're all - all of them (!) - on the Kremlin's payroll. Extremely infuriating to be repeatedly let down, but less and less surprising. Besides this, they have almost all retained Christian slave ethics. If I could only hear them criticize Russia once, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt in diagnosing them as incompetent morons, and accept the lot of them retiring from the political arena forever in shame. As it stands, I don't like traitors. They have but one option available to them.

That said, I concede that it would be better in the long-term if Russia did win. Bear with me. It's certainly not because I appreciate the Russian government, or anyone associated with Putin... on the contrary, I think they're a total stain on the earth. That bears reiterating - I am in no way a supporter of anything that nation's Eurasianist, Neo-Soviet empire upholds. I know me just saying this is enough to set off the knee-jerk 'Dugintard/Putintard' alarm. I'm neither. I'm glad Dugin's traitorous daughter was assassinated. I think it's a good start. I extend the same sentiment to Putin's clan. It's just that I realise the US government needs to be taken out of the game for a short period, or at least humiliated. What we need is a huge economic breakdown in society, and a loss of faith in governments, all across the Western hemisphere. If not, there's no other way to galvanize people so they understand their predicament, come together, and save themselves in the face of a mounting existential threat. You'd think a Russian win would crush the US economy by collapsing the dollar, and in turn collapsing the pound, and so on. It's not that I appreciate Ukrainians being taken out, and their legitimate national sovereignty being totally annihilated. Not at all. It's unfortunate, and upsetting from an ethical standpoint. I'm thinking from a logical strategic standpoint though. Is there another way? The final window of opportunity is closing worldwide. The age of Zionism's irreversible (!) world government technocratic slavery, and the total Kalergi-aligned ethnocide of White people is fast approaching. They elected their corrupt president in that country. They allowed the corruption to flourish. Are they victims, or accomplices, as the saying goes? I do not hold them responsible for Russia's invasion, but I think their acceptance of Western aid is naïve. I would hope the Nationalists among them were of the blood primarily and not just the soil, and could flee that land to safety, just as Russia Nationalists also fled to preserve their lives from Putin's depravity. Leave the brainwashed idiots, and the sheeple, and the pro-government morons to fight it out. I don't want Russian imperialism encroaching ever deeper into Europe and threatening my own nation any more than anyone else. That takes time though, and will naturally slow as logistics trains spread out, and in the face of all-out resistance, even with the corrosive Duginist black propaganda working well in advance. Just as an example of one possible trajectory, I would hope all remaining anti-Putin Russians, and Ukrainian Nationalists could re-group further West, and liaise with friendly European allies. Eventually, if they were strong enough, they could even sweep East with these new allies and regain their ancestral territory, totally decimating Putin's mongrel untermensch in the process. Retreat; lead the Russians in; re-group at a closer front, and push forward to decimate their overstretched forces, to the last man. Of course, that's only a rough potential. It could take a good few years. First the individual nations to the West would have to be stabilized so as to prevent their own governments continuing the social persecution and genocide of their own people. To gather enough roused citizens, you'd need the country to be in total disarray, with the State pre-occupied and off their backs. One would have to be working quite efficiently. There is indeed a realistic timeframe, and very much 'or else'. There are three choices: Ukraine wins = Anglo-American-flavoured Zionist NWO destroys world by 2050; Ukraine loses = tactical options available; Ukraine loses the war and people still do nothing = Russian-flavoured Zionist NWO destroys world by around 2050. It's not a pleasant thought. I just can't see any more likely chances. I really do support the more aware America-based White people. The entire system needs overturning though. I do not, and will never accept the 'let's vote our way out of it and simultaneously pass the buck to our children and their children and thus always remain nice and peaceful and tame and complacent citizens, like school prefects' option. I think that's hideously naïve, and totally unrealistic. So very bourgeois, it's painful to observe. How many ways can a group of lackadaisical cowards rationalize their popular cowardice? I can see why it would appear to these timid time-wasters. What does it take for people to realise that at some point it is too late to resist? There is no more play. The race is ended. Of course, it's obvious Russia isn't winning currently. One can only hope. Beyond the ravings of Russian pundits, I can't imagine he'd utilize nuclear weapons on a country he wanted to invade further into. Is there another way to save ourselves if that NATO-backed win is ultimately the final result? I have no idea. I'd hope so, useless as hope is. I'm sure collapse will still occur. It just won't be as obvious, or as easy to figure out what to do, and we will be closer to being on the back foot, as a great many more will not notice in time. That's my small thoughts on the matter. I don't expect that too many other people have thought about it in this manner. I don't think my logic is too unsound. One has to be quite dispassionate, to consider the grand narratives and consequences. If Ukraine is temporarily routed, it's a terrible shame, and an eternal crime, and will surely rouse them to cold, undying hatred if they survive, but I fail to see why a country cannot be reclaimed. That hatred will be very useful. Putin will fall.

 I stand as pro-Western, albeit not pro-Western Government. We need figures of the calibre and integrity of George Lincoln Rockwell, not juvenile, subversive turncoats with a soft spot for murderous Third World sh*tholes and the regimes that court them, ready to throw us under the bus at the first sniff of danger (or fame, or financial opportunity). Beyond politics, which is almost a lost cause at this point, except as a cynically calculated timewasting distraction to slow ideological opponents down and blindside them, or maybe even just to keep those who think they are on the same side tied up and thus impotent in grander schemes, all believing, like team mascots, that they are being useful and making a real difference (think of photogenic Nationalist banner drops in isolated areas, and lukewarm anti-homosexual protests, instead of focussed group preparations for collapse), I think Localism is a very good idea, as well as frugal living and self-sufficiency. It's hard not to recommend prepping. Precious metals seem to also be quite a good bet. I remain on the outside of everything, and a dedicated National Socialist. I have no respect whatsoever for any Nationalist who criticizes or downplays the glory of the Third Reich, or mocks the words and actions of Adolf Hitler, the ultimate spiritual saviour of Europe and the Aryan race.

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