Unconventional Industrial Artist

Deep into the Sonic Dark

If you can cope with what has become my contentious long-term audio-literary diary on the harrowing collapse of sound civilization, and what, if anything, could be done about that, consider browsing around this site for some of that good, honest, old-fashioned musical variation. It beats listening to Vore Complex.

I display a small selection of my assorted modern art paintings for sale. They're degenerate. Decadent even, and Abstract. Not worth very much - hence why I don't charge very much for them. You may find them a tad cuddlier though. I hate the majority of them personally, so shedding them would be a bonus.



The project name was picked as both a back-lash to the idiom ‘reach for the stars’ (which means the achieve something difficult, but which also has rapacious, mercantile connotations that I do not align with), and also as a reflection on cosmology, and a recommendation to clean up and whiten our perceptual universe – to think clearly, and to pursue truth.

The stars would be a good place to start. I don’t hate them – at least, I don’t know that for certain. I often grow weary, and wish I did though. They sure as Hell look down coldly on us.

In general, I attempt concept albums, so there are a few common themes I return to. Musically, I compose bleak Electroacoustic and Post-Industrial experiments, ominous Dark Ambient, morose Neoclassical and even a varying selection of fairly accessible Folk (and Neofolk) crossover pieces, and historical vintage soundtracks. Some pieces have poetic spoken word lyrics, and some don't. It should speak for itself.

I favour violin, zither, and acoustic guitar music, as well as utilizing an M-Audio Oxygen 25 keyboard running piano emulator software. I compose most of my beats using a Re-drum software drum machine, but am also fond of implementing found sounds & field-recordings, spoken audio samples drawn from contemporary alternative media, and home-made percussion.

if you'd like to hear my full canon of work, head over to Bandcamp: