A Cautionary Tale

Updated: Apr 19

This is based on a series of emails which I sent to someone recently. I was expecting a reply. Perhaps everyone is just very busy recently. Still though, a worrying thought has crossed my mind. Just how subverted is the broad British Nationalist community these days? How many genuine people are there left? I've always considered myself somewhere out in the vanguard, and also near totally unrecognised and unknown. I like it that way. It gives me time to work independently. The problem with these groups is that they tend to become fan-clubs, where any deviation in thought from the leading 'celebrities' is dismissed, as their followers need someone to cling to, and can easily be manipulated from the top down. I listen to a lot of pro-White media, so I do like to try and engage with them one-on-one now and again. However, I am beginning to notice that they are not quite what their public presentation suggests. It's very disappointing usually. I can't say I write the most patient, polite, easy to assimilate emails but getting either patronized or fobbed off (or ignored) can be enervating. Why on earth would someone publicly share their email address if they lack the ability or inclination to promptly respond? I won't say who this was, as it's only been a relatively short while, and I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt. It would be an appalling disappointment if they too were in some way compromised.

"Thank you for your years of excellent content. I should have paid more attention in the past. Though I have always browsed your work here and there, I have also been distracted by others, of inferior quality, and thus have wasted my time. Up until quite recently - only about a year or two ago - I had some optimistic faith in the British Nationalist community as a cohesive force of opposition. That had sadly dwindled now as individual after individual has let me down. I am glad, at least, that you have not.

Incidentally, I once commented on your BitChute channel, as someone who rarely comments at all online, and prefers merely to observe the words and arguments of others. Unfortunately, I was in a terrible state of transient psychotic depression at the time, and my words were nonsense. Thank you for not biting my head off. It is good to find you on Odysee. Although I have acted on the periphery of Patriotic Alternative before, I am not, and never have been a member. Although I think they have the best optics and all-round user-friendly camaraderie of any British Nationalist group, I had had bad experiences in the Telegram chat (before being locked out of Telegram altogether as the company required me to own a smartphone to log in at all, something which I am loathe to submit to). This was at the start of 2021.

I remember sharing an anecdote with the group on something I experienced while in psychiatric hospital under section following my nervous breakdown. A nurse had tried to perform a PCR test on me, and, when I refused, fearing either a false positive result or some clandestine transhumanist effect (such as the proposed presence of Hitachi theragrippers or similar invasive 'smart dust' technology), let alone the risk of her shaking hand puncturing my blood-brain barrier, let alone the understanding that as a firm believer in Terrain Theory I did not think I had much to worry about despite the every machination of the government, the media, and the pharmaceutical industry (and probably BlackRock and Vanguard too), I was instead held down by her as she attempted to force the test on me regardless, an act which I would class as rapacious assault, and in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code. Thankfully, I managed to fight her off, and she relented eventually, even though this action made it much more difficult to secure my release.

Anyway, the PA Telegram group were all horrified. Cue much condemnatory "wtf?!", and indeed one smug instance of "just take the test, goy!". I'm not sure about you, but I don't like being called 'goy'. I wondered then if the gentleman was controlled opposition, or merely thick as pig-dung. I'm sure one of the good Nationalist ladies wanted to tear me into pieces for my hateful misogyny in defending my life against against what appeared to be a woman. Regardless, they all seemed too naïve to understand my decision, and the reasoning behind it. Naturally, everyone seemed a bit wary of me after than, and I eventually relapsed into my breakdown in utter disappointment, and shortly afterwards made the decision to back away altogether. I am not fond of being referred to as a conspiracy theorist, or treated as a wacky eccentric by those unaware of the origins of 'conspiracy theorist', i.e. the CIA's social engineering and linguistic damage control actions in the aftermath of JFK's Mossad/MI6/Committee of 300 assassination as much as they are too complacent and close-minded to consider 75 years' progression of Fabian NWO globalism going hand in hand with transhumanist population control negative eugenics and a technocratic postmodern feudal totalitarianism. Or words to that effect. I usually reason that since the US Office of Naval Research had perfected voice-to-skull technology by at least 1973, not too long after Project MK-Naomi, it is not utterly beyond the realms of possibility that, in line with Ted Kaczynski and Martin Heidegger, technology has progressed a little since then, and nowadays, regardless of spin, 5G and suspected 6G networks as not quite as safe as they appear to be, especially in combination with graphene oxide, Luciferase, patent #2020060606, and 4th Industrial Revolution level bio-technology, let alone anything DARPA, Elon Musk, and the military industrial complex could pull off. I haven't even mentioned the tech level generally employed by gangstalking agents against targeted individuals. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the group will ever get this, although I really hope they do eventually, and that they might even forgive me. I am unfamiliar with the rest of the PA structure outside of that one channel. I like reading their website though. Or, at least, did until the recent Ukrainian content, which is beginning to push me off again. It's a shame, as everyone looks so sincere, and kind, and enthusiastic. There remains a faint air of Hobbiton about it all, or perhaps Arthur Dent. Maybe that's just my own innocence. It would be preferable to the alternative.

Oh well, I don't know where I was going with this. I'm a terrible rambler. Oh yes... do you have a PO Box, or any form of safe postal address that you would be comfortable sharing? I'm a musician by trade, and have released a totally limited CD-r (i.e. I've only burnt one copy) of my long-term efforts to conduct a mild and benevolent audio PSYOP on what I perceive may be important knowledge that can be passed on to British Nationalists, concealed within a 'best of' selection of jaunty, and yet rather peeved tunes. In a better world, I could just call this a musical album, albeit a realistic and informative one. I favour physical European instruments, such as a violin, an acoustic guitar, a zither, and occasionally a piano, and well as adding an additional racket of Techno, Oi, Post-punk and Industrial music beats and motifs now and again, and lots of finely-chopped media audio samples, and indeed my gnarled voice. I couldn't think of anyone better to give it to, as I'm not sure if there is any better British Nationalist, although Morgoth comes very close. My solo project is titled Bleach For The Stars, by the way.

As if this wasn't enough wretched words for the day, I shall enclose a recent article I wrote - a (very) short story followed by a mini-essay of relevant notes. I would be honoured if you would find the time to read it and tell me what your impressions are. I am not a very polished writer, although I think I have quite a distinct, and often dry, writing style, masking a great deal of elitist contempt.

I wish you a very good day. I can primarily be contacted at this email address."

"Sorry, I don't mean to 'SPAM' you. It occurred to me that asking for your address was a bit presumptive earlier. In context, my rationale is that, long-term, I have taken Operation Blackout and CyberPolygon-esque threats very seriously indeed, and so am accustomed to relying on hard-copy for everything, from print books to CD-r audio compilations and podcasts, to CD-rw data discs. Having purchased a couple of solar generators a while back, I always figured, as a big music fan, that it would conserve more power to merely keep on a classic 90's CD player than a full laptop setup most of the time, especially given that our blasted printer relies on Wi-fi, so once it's gone it's gone. For the same reason, I have long lost trust in the value of maintaining crypto-stocks, or those strange Ponzi scheme NFT thingies, preferring direct survival equipment and medical supply barter items, long term food stores, and indeed a modest pile of gold and silver.

However, having mused all that, I realise I am a fool to myself, as the net is not yet deceased (or unavailable to me due to an Agenda 2030 digital ID requirement to log on) and so it's just as simple in the interim to WeTransfer you a selection of the BFTS tracks (if you would like, that is). Having release 30 full length albums so far with this project, not all of which are political in tone, and 30 with my previous project, this remains no more than a 2021 'best of', and we could see it like one of those promo mixtapes I seem to remember people liking at some point back when we still had souls.

Sorry also for my haste, and frenetic pace. I'm well aware at the moment that I'm working under a bit of a tight time-frame, seeing as in under two weeks I am required to surrender myself at a local Police station, having been on bail since November.

In a nutshell, there is such a thing as being too prepared. As a pro-White UK prepper, I was getting rather worried last year about the threat of forced vaccination mandates (which, if memory serves me correctly, was directly referenced by the government as an active plan in December 2021), as well as the ever-present gloom of accepting that whether by world government as a whole, or merely by China, or Russia sock puppets, there was always the chance this country might undergo either hostile conflict conditions directly, or indeed martial law, let alone some type of societal collapse.

Unfortunately, I was far too hasty on when I imagined this might arise. Having stocked up on pretty much everything under the sun, bar a survival bunker, I considered it might be good to acquire a few more legally available crossbows and air rifles (which I shoot anyway as a hobby), so my entire family could protect themselves, no matter who burst down our door, at any point in this darkening future. Much as I keep reference tomes on pretty much everything, and maintain a large library, I decided to bolster it with direct defence manuals up to and including the sort of thing Ragnar Benson writes about; real guerrilla warfare level anti-military survival anthologies, full of tips and tricks to tackle any invader, from bio-medical pharma strike teams to Chechen tank regiments. I should say, most of this was just for random curiosity and reference value as I'm not quite that​ pessimistic.

However, having been picked up online, I assume under one of these "tag track and ID prevent programs", I was raided in November by an armed British SWAT team, and arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting, or indeed planning, acts of Terrorism. Frustratingly, they have made the ultimately category error of assuming correlation implies causation. I can see how their bias would predisposition them towards that warped hypothesis, however, to confuse a fairly informed 'anti-vax' defence prepper with an AtomWaffen SiegeTard Accelerationist, and purely on account of the fact that I am of the Dissident Right strikes me as decidedly unfair and also professionally sloppy. Having thoroughly assessed, to the best of my ability, the danger of the corporate 'vaccine' products, I was naturally rather scared at the time that someone braindead and blindly following orders might arrive to fecklessly kill us all against our will, condemning us to slow, irreversible death. I had also been referring to Project Pogo and Project Zyphr notes, and considering FEMA, and how that would translate to the UK. It may be silly to a silly person, but NLE 09 forces certainly took the drill seriously, so I'm not sure why we feel compelled to automatically disregard the sort of scenario David Crowley was pondering in 'Grey State'.

It's quite frustrating to realise that in modern Britain you are simply not allowed to state out-loud that if someone is trying to kill you, you might have a go at defending your life, even if that means - as a very, very final resort, where there is no other option left, and with great sadness and resignation - killing them back, but preferably disarming them or causing them to temporarily withdraw so decent human negotiations can continue as adults, in line with the Nuremberg Code. Since this situation never actually occurred, and was mere conjecture and speculation on my part, I can only assume that they have all lost complete touch with reality, as well as being rather behind on their reading and research. I will never know if the government would have gone forward with this scheme, but they were certainly keeping it on the cards. I'm not sure why they turned back actually. Perhaps PartyGate had something to do with that. Or merely it was intense fear propaganda to root out courageous dissidents prepared to make a last stand. I was watching a lot of Austrian news at the time also, as I have a friend over there and worry for his safety, and that of his family.

If Wayne Couzens was coming to rape you and stick your corpse in his freezer, would you let him if he had a uniform on and believed he was doing the right thing?

As it stands, I was let go after questioning, and placed on bail, however, I'm well aware that if they do convict me at the end of this, and send me to court, the chances are that, if found guilty, and despite having no prior convictions of any sort, I will face between 8 and 15 (maybe 20) years in prison. That notion irritates me beyond belief as I have elderly parents, a partner and small stepchildren, and effectively, my life would be completely over at that point, much as I would no longer be able to be there to protect them. Anyway, that's why I've been rushing these past few weeks, trying to get as much done as possible. I hope you understand, and are not inconvenienced. Also, I hardly know any Nationalists at all, even online, and absolutely none in real life, just as no one really knows me, bar my small group of non-Nationalist friends. I hope it isn't hubris of me to wish that I could share a few of my efforts with one other person, and someone who seems sincere and of integrity, so that if worst comes to worst and I am indeed gone, my recent life's work is not entirely wasted. To this end, I've also attached one of my self-published books, and its cover. A bit of poetry, and then a few essays. Since writing it, I seem to have had yet more faith problems and seem to again be retreating from pre-Vatican II Catholicism and into Cosmotheism. Aside from that, it is up to date. Feel free to ignore it if you are too busy.

So yes, that's that. I won't bother you anymore, and shall wait to see if I hear back."

"Apologies if I come across as a bit snappy. I had a similar experience earlier in the year when I wrote to Professor Edward Dutton. I had wanted to present him some material I'd been thinking about, in amateur fashion, but was far too hasty and impatient, and blunt beyond all reasonable decency. He wrote back in the end, with some annoyance, and told me in no uncertain terms (but in his jolly shielded wit) to go and f**k myself. I can certainly see why in that case. I would hope that would not be the case here, although admittedly, it would be better than no answer at all.

I've had a few days waiting for a response. I'm aware you're a busy and productive chap though, so if you've been working on a project, or ill, or absorbed in family matters, or at a conference, or on holiday, or in jail, I am quite prepared to capitulate and eat humble pie, as would be appropriate.

I'm just so habitually acclimatized, long term, to being ignored, patronised, undervalued, and dismissed by British Nationalists.

If it's a PA thing, I hope it's not a matter of organization chauvinism, as, though I am not a party member, for unavoidable reasons outlined previously, as well as personal OpSec with regard to profiling, or infiltration, or compromise, I am concerned with exactly the same issue set, and have always wondered about those who put more fan-club faith in their own organization for its own sake, rather than for the talking points themselves, as if being actively pro-White and Nationalistically inclined was inferior to being part of the official in-crowd, regardless of productive output.

The burden of proof placed on me for background checks has been high too. Much as one could readily discover a wealth of information on me, both quite complimentary and also appallingly embarrassing, depending on the chronology, in a day's concerted data mining online, I always consider that a direct insult, as well as a waste of precious time, as with modern technology, there is no full-proof way to conclude this by anecdotal evidence, and one would be better to assess the person direct, and by their words, in a one-on-one private setting, such as an encrypted email.

Again, I apologise if I sound cranky. I'm just quite used to writing long detailed emails at people who present as interesting by their content, and then getting completely blown off, thus smashing my idols. I don't use social media, and I near-never post comments on any site or forum, much as I have never really engaged with Telegram (for more than a thwarted couple of weeks), WhatsApp, or indeed any other chat apps, so email is my primary communications medium online. I find it strange when I discover that Nationalists own Smartphones. I see they haven't considered 'The Hated One' on YouTube.

Much as it's blowing my own trumpet, I thought I had a few nuggets of something interesting and also practical to offer. Rather than just start a channel, and smear it on the net, and thus open it up to free analysis off confrontational, cynical, low IQ boors who remain unable to assimilate it, even before the trolls and malevolent actors step in, I thought I'd just try my luck in person. I assume other people think their work is valid, so I hope I can shoehorn myself into that vast club i.e. content creators, albeit on the side-lines.

I was going to try and buy you a Kofi coffee today. I hope that place is still going. I don't mind if you spend it on literal coffee, or use it to detonate The Federal Reserve, although I suppose a coffee or two would help with that sort of scheme. I'm a bit skint at the moment as all my assets are in precious metals, secured now for my family's future in my absence, and I'm been jettisoning the rest to good causes in case of my near-inevitable takedown at the hands of the State next week.

I'm enclosing a WeTransfer link below. They've set a week-long download window. Seeing as I might be gone anyway in a week, I don't see why I shouldn't just blaze away with this while there is still time. I've been at this stuff for many a year now, always working in complete independence, bar my occasional thwarted attempts to liaise with the dissident right both domestically and internationally. If you don't want it, you don't want it. Thought it might float your boat however. There's a little bit in there apart from the 'music' just as an overview of my perceptions.

I'd love to gain a new, occasional pen pal/study buddy over all the disastrous GPPP technocratic crap. I suppose I'll have to see next week. Regardless, if there's even a potential of you having gained it, or even gained from it, at least someone has, even if I never find out, so I won't be both neutered politically and also remain totally intellectually negated, having conclusively failed at my entire decade-long solo mission.

If not, at least it's a cautionary warning for future Nationalists to perhaps remember, or just, upon detached reflection, a mild chastisement of how sick, bumbling, and rude the favouritism, cronyism, and subversion of the hierarchically-neutered, dogmatic, and intellectually cowardly old boys network of self-congratulatory, back-slapping, conformist, fart-sniffing Nationalists is in this country. I suspect I will never know.

Oh well, It was worth a shot.

Best regards for the day, and ignore most (but not all) of my cantankerous pessimism, forged from long disappointment, and exasperation. Cheers, no matter what."

Well, that's that. What a pain. As I say, appallingly disappointing. Oh well, on with it, I suppose.

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