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Updated: Jan 15

Officer Fullbore snuffled delicately, twitching his broad moustache, and absentmindedly rubbing a smooth, pink, elfin hand down the inside of his right trouser leg. His back, sweating slightly, rested against the plastic interview chair, and he posted his little booted feet squarely on the floor, carefully holding his thighs close together, so as not to let himself down by exposing any disquieting hint of his maleness to the Sergeant. He could feel his red silk panties digging a tight line across his under gut. He stared forward hesitantly, awaiting his superior’s debriefing.

A young, tearful voice sobbed, ghostlike, down the corridor, and there was the sound of loud, angry shouts, and the steady, rhythmic beat of blunt objects against flesh, followed by the electric hum of a taser being discharged. Officer Fullbore relaxed and finished tapping his foot. At least the sobbing had stopped. The bloodstained 8-year-old runaway they’d placed in Cell 7 had been pacified.

Finally, rigorously clearing the Vegan sausage roll out of her throat with a long, sticky fingernail, and adjusting the neat badge on her lapel, proudly gleaming in horizontal stripes of pale blue, cream, white and purple, Sergeant Rosenberg quietly broke wind, and opened her fat mouth to speak.

“Did you catch the suspects? I hope they didn’t cause you any inconvenience.”

“Yes, they’re both in custody now. Cells 3 and 12. A dangerous pair. They’ve been there for just over 16 hours. I took the liberty of removing their toilet paper in case they try anything silly. I’ve had to turn their cell lights off as I needed to use the office waffle-maker, and this week’s Bright Future memo stated that we must be aware of wasteful energy costs.”

“Good man. The interview team can sort them out later. Detective Savel owes me a favour for last weekend. The Minister’s gala left him with a few small burdens to sort out and I made sure they are all tied up now and laid to rest. I’m sure he’ll get a very thorough confession out of these two. He’s made so many new changes to the equipment in the Communication Suite. Now, please, tell me what happened when you arrived at the scene.”

“Having parked approximately 300m away by Best European Kebab, I approached the tenants’ property on foot. When I reached the metal security door it was already open. Mr. Smith and Mr. Dibley were inside their warehouse at the back under some distress. I couldn’t get to them easily, as their dog cages were in the way, and the girls were making a terrible racket. I had to squeeze around the side of the main dungeon block. The girls were still making that ghastly noise. I could have sworn I heard one call “Mummy! Daddy!”. You know teenagers these days, always trying to get attention. When I reached Mr. Smith he had his Kalashnikov pointed at the prostrate head of Mr. White, whilst Mr. Dibley had his scimitar out and was pressing it against a naked Mrs. White’s throat. There was a large table to the right with several small brown packets and a selection of soiled hypodermic syringes. I checked to make sure the property owners hadn’t been hurt in the process, and then took statements. Neither Mr. Smith not Mr. Dibley responded, as they could not speak English. However, with his free hand, Mr. Dibley gestured to the large black flag pinned to his front door, decorated with beautiful white ethnic calligraphy. There was a fresh bloodstain on the lower corner, about the size of a regular donut. He then made slamming gestures with his hand and pointed to Mr. White’s broken nose. Having assessed the situation clearly, I proceeded to arrest Mr. White on suspicion of criminal damage, and Mrs. White for possession of Class A substances with a view to supply, and an additional count of indecent exposure. Having safely handcuffed the suspects and dragged them out to lock them in the holding pen of my vehicle, I apologised to Mr. Smith and Mr. Dibley for the inconvenience, wished them a good day, handed them our new Victims of Hateful Trauma free-claims card, and left them to get on with their amateur youth dramatic society.”

“Well done Officer Fullbore. They’re going to be very sorry. It’s disgusting what some people think they can get away with these days. I ask you, what is Britain coming to, when bands of criminal thugs think they can disrupt the good works of our peaceful community with impunity? Only yesterday, PC Mandela had to tackle an 11-year-old hoodlum to the floor after he tried to vandalize his school’s classroom notice board by pinning up a birthday card from his grandmother featuring a llama waving a Union Jack. We will have to assess if llamas are a new coded symbol for the Far-Right. He almost limped away into the playground, but Officer Mandela called for assistance, and the K-9 unit quickly subdued him with their Alsatians until Counterterrorism arrived. I tell you it’s sickening to see such shameless racist extremism rearing its ugly head. Still, at least we have each other…”

Sergeant Rosenberg burped abruptly, and then lapsed into silence. With a slow flick of her unicorn undercut, she turned despondently back to staring at her computer monitor. The background image showed a movie screen-capture of a rugged late-adolescent Harry Potter defeating evil. Off down the hall, the sobbing had started again, very gently. Doors swung open, and the stomp of heavy boots filled the corridors. Someone requested a psychiatrist and a fresh taser battery.

After a while Greville Fullbore eased himself up. His sweat had left a clammy, stinking puddle down the seat of the chair. His moustache twitched again. His panties were getting very sore. They rubbed against his hips, leaving a thin, red blood-trail across his midriff. The pain was sweet, and nurturing. For a distant second, he thought back to his home, off in that leafy pit in the woods, where the warm, dark liquids pooled, and Nanny Meat would put on her thick trousers and order him to go out and howl for the hedgehogs. He mourned for those innocent, better days. Then the moment passed, and he remembered his duties. Yes, there was much to do, and much more to make right. Once more into the fray, for the sake of a good world!

Grunting and panting, he stumbled off snuffling down the corridor to the office to make himself another waffle.


Notes: The main theme of this very short story is the modern British Liberal approach to enforcing clueless, politically correct multiculturalism. It takes a rather dim, Orwellian view of the British Police. I was inspired to write it after reading an annual report on the state of political extremism in Britain compiled by the failed journalists turned sadist sociopaths of the Communist mass censorship, ideological intimidation, and social engineering activist platform Hope Not Hate. They would be unlikely to appreciate it, as not one of those soulless leftist bio-robots possesses a sense of humour, but, deeper than that, they would also miss the entire satirical foundation of it, just as they wantonly miss the very serious point.

Susan Rosenberg is a convicted Jewish domestic terrorist and radical left activist. A member of the Weather Underground and other radical organizations which used violence as a tool for political change, Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years in federal prison after being arrested for possession of explosives during the planning of multiple bombing operations. She was also a suspect in a 1981 armoured car robbery which left one guard and two officers dead. She was released in 2001, following 16 years in prison, when then-President Bill Clinton commuted her sentence. Upon release, Rosenberg continued her radical activism as the Vice-Chair of the fiscal sponsor group Thousand Currents. From 2016 to 2020, Thousand Currents became one of America’s most influential racial and social change organizations because it is Black Lives Matter Global Network’s fiscal sponsor. As the group’s fiscal sponsor, Thousand Currents handles Black Lives Matter’s administrative and back-end work so the racial Marxist group can focus on its violent anti-White activism, hugely destructive media-backed protests, and FBI-sponsored riots (and the purchasing of multi-million-dollar luxury mansions).

Jimmy Savile was at the centre of a paedophile ring that procured children for well-known figures in the British Establishment, including former British Conservative Prime Minister, paedophile, and murderer Edward Heath. He was also good friends with Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles. In the words of the disarmingly subversive BBC documentary maker Louis Theroux: “I was struck by his network of friends and helpers he had in each place and their loyalty to him”.

Nelson Mandela was the leader of the Communist ANC party responsible for the end of Apartheid in South Africa, and the rise of mass racial violence against White South African farmers and their families. Much as the ANC was funded, trained, and controlled by Jewish interests, and Nelson Mandela had no real power, it is a shame he is not commonly remembered for visibly aligning himself with a non-starter political ideology responsible for the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th Century.

Greville Janner deserves special mention. A Member of the House of Lords, President of the British Board of Jewish Deputies and Vice President of the New York World Jewish Congress. In these roles Lord Janner effectively represented world Jewry. Unfortunately, he was also eventually indicted for paedophilia by the England and Wales Crown Prosecution Service some 23 years after the initial (and continuous) allegations, including Scottish Police reports evidencing used condoms and semen drenched serviettes found in his vacated room in the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh, a room he used to viciously molest a fifteen year old mentally handicapped boy, borrowed from a home for the handicapped, whilst his wife and daughter were sent out of town. It took three successive English judges and finally one imported from New Zealand, costing the taxpayer around 2 million pounds, before Janner allegedly contracted Alzheimer's, sparing him attendance at his scheduled trial, which he foiled by dying three days before.

The innocuous surname "Fullbore" is, of course, entirely fictional. It could be any Officer (or all of them).

We could also consider the recent resignation of Dame Cressida Dick, following reports of deep institutional corruption in the Metropolitan Police, and indeed the murderous criminal actions of Police Officer Wayne Couzens.

On 26th August 2014, The Daily Mail reported on Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham. Over 1400 White children as young as 11 were abused at the hands of gangs of drug-dealing Islamic paedophiles. Police regarded many child victims with contempt. Some fathers tried to rescue their children but were arrested themselves. The media insists on describing these predominantly Pakistani Muslim abusers as ‘Asians’ and refers to their pervasive campaign of Establishment-condoned terror-rapes as ‘grooming’, as the system is rooted in political correctness, and those institutionally self-centred Police, MPs, journalists, council members, and Social Services workers who are not actively working against the people are still too cowardly to address the issue accurately in case they are called ‘racists’, thus preserving their careers, reputations, and middle class salaries at the expense of swathes of young, working class White girls who are still beaten, bitten, cut, gang-raped, penetrated with knives and broken bottles, doused in petrol and set on fire, turned into drug addicts, and firmly held down whilst their tongues are nailed to tables. These crimes continue even now, all around the country, and are largely ignored by those in power. This is most certainly deliberate, and not mere incompetence, and they are well aware of the developing situation.

It is important to note that the APA’s DSM-5 defines paedophilia as a ‘sexual orientation’ and downplays the harm paedophiles cause by sympathetically framing the issue as a medical disorder to be treated with compassion and not a criminal matter. A dubious politically correct organisation called The Prevention Project has recently pushed to re-brand these hideous, irredeemable perverts as “Minor Attracted Persons” and went so far as to design them a striped ‘Pride’ flag. The covering-up and normalization of crimes against children continues, with one recent Jewish professor at SUNY, Stephen Kershnar, publicly stating that he is unable to see clearly why there is something wrong with raping babies. Despite the atrocity of this statement, it is worth noting that it remains fully supported by the Jewish Talmud:

"A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition" (Sanhedrin 55b)

There is clearly something very wrong with the modern world.

However, much as it may be considered rather foul to investigate, it is worth noting over 1700 years of documented European history testifying, in detail, to the ritual abuse and murder of White children, such as Simon of Trent, at the hands of a certain familiar group of fundamentally warped and genetically ill people. It is hard to dismiss that much evidence, although the task is certainly made easier if you are in full control of the media, the justice system, and the publishing industry. Unfortunately for Tommy Robinson, they are not Muslims, so the issue is rarely considered. Much as Muslim paedophiles in the UK have wrought a terrible toll, and these organized gangs deserve to be punished and stamped out with extreme prejudice, it occurs to me that, though it ignores the disproportional rate of Muslim paedophilia in Britain relative to the demographic size of that minority group, in this one instance, the Liberal left in indeed still superficially correct in its common frantic rebuttal “but non-Muslims abuse [White] children too…”. It would probably do Tommy no real tangible financial good to dwell on this notion though, as his Mossad handlers would surely disapprove.

Meanwhile, in multicultural fascist (or faggot? I was thinking of the conference with Oleg Danilovich Kalugin wherein he remarks on a certain character's ill-fated conclusion regarding homosexuals) Russia, the relentless Civic non-Nationalist, bumbling imperialist, and dedicated cuckservative President and Saviour-of-Western-Nationalism™ Vladimir Putin takes a similar firm stance by outlawing hateful supremacist bigots and their frustrating struggle to prevent him decimating his own ancestral countrymen (whilst simultaneously encouraging them to knock out White Europeans and White Americans along the way), having arrested more pro-White dissidents than the White leader of any other White nation. That doesn’t seem to be entirely non-traitorous behaviour, admittedly. Much as rousing cheers of enraptured praise have long echoed merrily at him from racial demographics-aware Nationalist groups across Britain, he seems so far unmoved as, just out of earshot and safe behind the jolly façade of his personal Dugin-wall, he has been rather busy banning Russia’s Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) and the Russian All-National Union and jailing its members, as well as torturing and ultimately murdering Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich in a pre-detention centre in Chelyabinsk for his creative efforts in defending the ethnic Russian people from violent immigrant drug-dealers and paedophiles, including those of that latter group working for the Kremlin. Unfortunately for some Western Nationalists, Andrey Kaminov was not a transgendered American Liberal and merely the ex-deputy chief of Moscow’s Federal Bailiffs' Service and thus his obscene sexual abuse of a minor may appear rather more humdrum. Much as he was arrested and convicted for this crime, it is hard to shake the feeling that he may have been the tip of the iceberg and sacrificed to preserve higher interests, as is apparent in the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell case. One gets the same feeling when observing Conservative Party MPs convicted of child sex offences and then assessing The Conservative Government as a whole.

Although President Putin is a keen student of orthodox history, particularly when it comes to The Holocaust and the glorious triumphs of the Bolshevik Red Army in 1945 (whose conquering soldiers raped 1.4 million European civilian women and female children, aged 8 to 90, causing 200,000 fatalities in the process, on the sole rationale that they were German), it seems in his own glorious quest to rape the name of ethic Russian citizens into extinction, and thus preserve the eternal immaculacy of every single Jew ever, he has unfortunately forgotten about Andrei Youshchinsky, a young White child in Kiev ritually stabbed 45 times with an awl by Menachem Mendel Beiliss, who proceeded to drain the child of all of his blood as a sacrifice to, in his own words, bring about the overthrow of the Czar, and left a stylised Hebrew “shin” character punched into Youshchinsky’s right temple, a letter that symbolises hatred of Gentiles. Many witnesses to the 1911 crime met sudden brutal deaths, and much evidence was destroyed prior to trial. The Jewish community from around the world donated £88 million in today's money so that Beiliss’s team of lawyers would win the case. Much like O.J. Simpson in the US, Beiliss was allowed to walk unpunished. The Bolshevik revolution occurred shortly thereafter, and the matter was swiftly forgotten following the kangaroo court trial of the prosecuting attorney G.G. Zamyslovsky by the new Communist regime, and his subsequent inevitable murder. Zamyslovsky’s book documenting the full case was then classified and remained locked away until 1997.

You’d almost think there was a trend developing here, the only problem being that, much as it may destroy our preconceptions a little, and add a small dose of controversy to this essay, there is always the argument that due to significant Mongoloid admixture, some ethnic Russians are not exactly European in the first place. Regardless of how true we take that to be, they are close enough and those of them that are pro-White, and can understand the fundamental importance of Racial Nationalism are good enough to be sound world allies, as, to all intents and purposes, the genuine Nationalists among them have done us no harm, and indeed seem to be quite preoccupied saving their own lives, and recovering their people from the effects of a century of lingering compound trauma and intense and malicious brainwashing, as you’d almost hope we might have the sense to do one day.

In the meantime, furious debate has raged recently over the moral high ground in Russia’s war with Ukraine, with many going so far as to suggest that the government of the White nation of Ukraine is a sock puppet for degenerate American interests (and thus presumably to imply that the nation’s citizens are a valid target for irreversible ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide on the part of unfriendly brown people with guns coordinated by a notoriously unprofessional military that directly serves Mr. Putin and takes inspiration from Mr. Dugin, supported all the while by his increasing band of useful European pals), but not quite far enough to suggest that both America and Russia themselves are currently sock puppets pitted against each other unnecessarily by a pitiless technocratic globalist machine that, in league with Zionism, has spent around 3000 years establishing full spectrum dominance over the entire planet and indeed refuses to recognise the very concept of a ‘nation’ in the first place (bar as a convenient control expression to hold the masses in propagandistic consensus trance, rather like the term ‘democracy’), unless it is comprised solely of Jews, as is the case with the Ethnostate of Israel. In any case, once these historical landmasses we lay claim to, and all the fiddly territorial sub-divides inside them, are drained of every remaining White human that would have together formed each country’s national corpus, patriotic or cluelessly conformist alike, the entire planetary power structure will simply shift East and start again, utilizing the neo-USSR as world policeman for the New World Order. One could even suspect that the Jews will eventually turn on other races also.

From a pro-White perspective, and only then a Nationalist perspective, it seems a potential that though the US government is most certainly not a friendly entity (as indeed the wretched globalist EU is not a friendly entity), the American system is so degenerated and incompetent these days, and the citizens so thoroughly warped and broken and demoralized, that, unbelievably, it is not quite so much of a threat to Whites, especially in Britain, as a ruthless expansionist Eurasian alliance, with an equally unfriendly Russian government so distressingly cunning that it has spent decades obliterating British Nationalism’s former unity in favour of a disturbing fangirl sycophancy that sacrifices the good of a whole race for the leader of the government of one foreign ethnicity (that is itself being sacrificed on the altar of Third Worldism), as if being killed by Vladimir Putin was better somehow than being killed by Joe Biden, Angela Merkel, or Boris Johnson. As if all these premier talking heads were not serving higher globalist interests of a Jewish nature. In some bizarre way, the mainstream media-led normies have a slightly clearer perception on this issue than much of the Dissident Right.

Much as what is commonly referred to as ‘GloboHomo’ is depressing, disgusting, and downright unacceptable, the argument remains also that so is capitulating to a hostile foreign power that takes its own orders from the same discreet tribal banking factions of ultimate maniacs. Merely turning the other cheek to let them invade you, assimilate you, stomp you flat with non-White war criminals, and tear down and erase every last trace of what was once European civilization, on the glamorous sole premise that they are probably not (all) homosexuals hints at a more than faint suggestion that one may be a resounding coward. Perhaps you would like to offer them your wives also or introduce them to your daughters, whilst you creep upstairs to listen to your favourite underground Russian lectures on the glory of Bolshevism. There’s something strangely traitorous about it all, one could think. Those on the dissident right who find it hard to believe that the Russian government are LARPing as Christians would do well to remember that to all intents and purposes they themselves have now adequately displayed in public that they are LARPing as pro-White Nationalists. It appears to be a case of National Socialism (by any other name) vs. Bi-National Traitorism. Unfortunate, really.

At least when you own nothing, and are happy, and your own civilization is decimated, and your countrymen are dropping left right and centre, and you even suspect you may be suffering from some obscure combination of AIDS and electromagnetic poisoning, and that your body is no longer under your control, and you are permanently cut off from your finances for social wrongthink or thoughtcrime, and you are shivering to death in the corner of a dark, 3ft square high rise smart-pod (or indeed a guillotine equipped detention centre death camp of some sort) chewing a 3D-printed synthetic steak coated in MRC-5 and ground maggot sauce, you can console yourself with the knowledge that at least you are not a conspiracy theorist or a federal agent, unlike absolutely everyone else in the Nationalist movement, and, best of all, your kindly old Uncle Putin has done this to you. Since you are now totally infertile, and your every action and biological function is tightly locked under 24/7/365 surveillance, you will, no doubt, find it just as straightforward to point out and defend from non-White subjugation, secure the existence of our people, and establish the means to ensure the future survival of White children. One would suspect that you may be incorrect on that. Yes, what you would be is an idiot.

As of the present day in Britain, the overtly traitorous Conservative Government, in full accord with its World Government handlers, continues to allow an exponential army of incompatible anti-White immigrants to charge howling into the UK, aided by the usual multitude of helpful Jewish NGOs and activist groups.

However, it could be said that Hope Not Hate is in fact somewhat closer to the impotently traitorous Labour Party than anyone in our current government. Consequently, they will most likely be aware of such notable figures as Alec Dyer-Atkins, Martin Locklyn, David Spooner, Nicholas Green, Mark Tann, and a great many more prominent Labour Party members who have been convicted of a range of unbelievably depraved paedophilic sex offences. Unfortunately, rather like Labour Party election agent Mark Trotter who made a career of abusing young boys in children’s homes and then died of AIDS before he could be arrested, Hope Not Hate seems to have got away. It’s not totally surprising really. Oh well, at least they don’t hate anybody.

As final brief anecdote, it's certainly less than nice to remember that Vlad the Fad has been observed and documented as having lifted up a small boy's shirt, in order to vigorously kiss him on the stomach. I'm not sure about you lot, but from my perspective, this seems somewhat like the behaviour of a paedophile.

And that would be that. It seems we've covered quite a lot today. I suppose I'll just sit back now and wait to be assassinated.

PS. At the time I was writing these I was emailed by an old romantic correspondent, back from the time when I thought romantic correspondents were a good idea, or tenable (or possible). I ended up royally putting my foot in it with the person as I was incredibly strung out at the time and under compound stress (as can be quite common in my world). However, before then we managed a short back and forth. I had another semi-serious article posted up with a title along the lines of "Recycling Human Waste" in which I considered bio-fuel uses for the remains of liquidated paedophiles, post conviction, including a piggybacking cryptocurrency to encourage public investment. I took it down in the end, having decided to put more academic work into it from a scientific perspective in case it might be practical some day, but not before my correspondent remarked that, though it was a nice piece of satire overall, I really should change the word "paedophiles" to "child molesters". I wasn't sure why at the time. It seems leftists go to great lengths to discriminate between active child abuse and passive rumination on abusing children. I assume that's for social justice 'rights' reasons, sick as you like, the gormless freaks. No, I think I'll be keeping the former term. After all, if someone's not out there harming children, I assume they keep themselves at bay by masturbating to child pornography, if they can get away with it. I'll have to get some statistics on that. That's not a victimless crime, as it encourages the exploitation of children through the production and purchasing of this repulsive material, in a degenerate cycle. I could have gone further. If it is indeed genetic, then they are forever dangerous genetically ill mutations. If it could be picked up at birth, perhaps they could all be liquidated then, thus healing the gene pool long term. I'll leave that for another day. Or course, if it isn't genetic, as admittedly it doesn't seem to be, given that a majority of paedophiles report terrible childhood abuse, then it's a choice someone makes based on the impact of their early environment, that choice being a criminal one, and subject to the criminal justice system. I resent the fact that it is being normalized in society, and validated, a result, perhaps, of 30 years of aggressive, all-inclusive LGBT political lobbying and an increasingly gormless general population, neutered by Liberalism and secular Christian ethics. The propaganda method of legitimizing paedophiles is no different to the prior method of legitimizing gender dysphoria sufferers, and homosexuals before that. We are informed that if they are not allowed to act out on their "uncontrollable" and "innate" sexual impulses then they will lead unfulfilled, unhappy lives. It is odd that these pro-paedophilia activists do not consider the greater unhappiness of millions of abused children. One is not born with the 'right' to cut the heads off new-born kittens because it stimulates them to do so, and we are not obliged to accept and facilitate them in fulfilling this sickness. One is not really born with any 'human rights' at all. However, seeing as no one prevented the previous two 'movements' and their collapse of our society down into total degeneracy, I can't see this latest civilization-wrecker not being assimilated. Given my comments above, these disgusting subhuman predators seem to be everywhere. Once they infiltrate academia, the game is up. Peer-reviewed journals justifying child-rape and downplaying the harm. Lobbying to lower the age of consent. Child-brothels in every city. Schools teaching 7-year olds about the practical beauty of adult love. Adjusted hate speech laws to discourage open dissent against the molestation of infants. Psychiatric evaluation and drug treatment for nay-sayers. I expect bestiophiles will be coming out of the closet next. What next? Open snuff movies? The end of the Western world, definitely. It's a shame I fell out with my new friend, a good 20 years since we last fell out. I regret my ridiculous pseudo neo-pagan rant and rambling documents of mania and dark humoured nonsense. It had been a hard few weeks. As a non-vaccinated individual, I'm definitely one of the people she would like to deny medical treatment to. That's okay, I hate the useless NHS. Still, it's good to clarify on the nonce issue. I almost fell for it.

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