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Updated: Mar 3

In the latter months of 2021, I was regularly browsing the online resources of an enigmatic German-Australian Vegan philosopher and writer named Markus Rehbach, both on his BitChute channel, and also his “The Realities Of Our Natures And The Natures Of Our Realities” (TROONATNOOR) compendium on WordPress. I had also downloaded copies of his many e-books and was beginning to absorb his position. In the background, I would write to him by email on and off, and he would reply with some extremely interesting points, as well as kindly promoting a few of my articles on his pages.

However, following the stress of some changes in my personal life, and indeed his own stated reluctance to retain any internet pen pals, our correspondence died out at his request. Since then, I have continued to follow his content, and to read his books.

I generally like the content but am beginning to get a little bit suspicious. I've worked through a fair percentage of the books and am coming away puzzled by the message at times. I notice he is gaining in popularity on BitChute so I can only assume more may be watching his clips than reading his books, seeing as by their cues and comments, quite a few appear to be European and White American nationalists of one stripe or another. I prefer Mr. Rehbach’s non-fiction works to his novels, but even that is beginning to jar a little with me and give me a bad feeling. If he is controlled opposition, it's extremely subtle, and the ratio of truth to spin is high.

The ‘shilling’ in the work I discuss below seems remarkably overt though. I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is an error in comprehension or historical understanding that has led to him writing some of these statements, as he comes across as both sincere as a man and one with little to gain through deceit, and, as he acknowledges himself, extremely conscientious. The standalone book-set in question is also more than 3000 pages long, so it is easily possible that I have forgotten or ignored a statement somewhere in it that adequately explains these ideas.

Perhaps I am completely wrong. That’s where evidence and argument come in. At the time of writing this, I have sent a draft preview of the following questions and arguments to Markus but have yet to hear him respond. I’m sure it will be interesting if he does.

Dear Markus,

I hope I can gather the boldness to interrogate you on an issue, and one that seems a core component of your vast, near-comprehensive life's work. I am genuinely curious, and do not mean any offence, and would love to understand the issue better.

As I see, you have written yourself:

"So, as I always say, correct me if I am wrong, with words, with arguments, with facts, and help me if I am right. There may be some cost attached to helping me. But it is for sure that that cost will increase exponentially over the next few years. If you fail to act now, and risk that relatively low cost, any future action will demand a massive cost of you, and very soon any action will become futile."

Please pardon me if I accidentally cherry-pick and point out if I fail to acknowledge a broader context.

I will begin with the acknowledgement that, in line with evolutionary biology and genetics research, I consider humans to be broken-down into distinct sub-species (or races), as is prevalent throughout the rest of the animal kingdom. For example, consider Dogs and Wolves, two canine species which remain distinct, but which can also interbreed and produce offspring. In the same manner we can consider the distinct human sub-species that, by race, we can refer to as Jews, and Europeans.

I notice that in your initial "Quadrilogy” set you write:

"Please, while reading this book, and any other book, blog post, essay, or video comment that I have posted, remember that we are seeking to save the ‘Jews’, as equally vulnerable members of the ‘human’ race, as we ourselves are."

I was wondering what, initially, puts you off the science of modern race research? I am not denying that humans require help, at least in theory, however, is there any distinct need to equally assist the Jews as you mention, or would it be prudent to let them sort themselves out, if they can? I understand that the doctrine of ‘equality’ that is at the core of Leftist thought, and indeed Liberalism, seems to make assumptions about our species that does not account for in-group preference, and evolutionary strategy, let alone the potential of Europeans maintaining a sensible racial unity. I am aware of the Naturalistic Fallacy, but I am also aware that, much as Jews may be suffering, they are not in the position of being systemically exterminated or bred out of existence, unlike Europeans, and thus it may be more practical to focus on White suffering, at least for the time being. We can of course, choose to save the Jews, as a distinct race, but we are not obliged to if that saving goes against European interests. I say this as one of European descent to another. The Jews are welcome to say the same, in a reversed role.

Reading on, I see the lines:

"There are millions of Jews who have made more embittered protests against the destiny of destruction, forced on them by the Cult of Judah, than the Gentiles have made against the threat of destruction, aimed at them. Millions of Jews in Palestine come out onto the streets to protest actions the state of Israel has taken in their name."

Could the former not be because the majority of Jewish-orchestrated media full spectrum dominance hatred is directed against Europeans, thus stripping them of the potential to 'wake up' etc. Unless I am wrong, and they are targeting their own Jewish people with relentless anti-Jew propaganda telling them that they do not deserve to be alive and must deconstruct their culture whilst loving the abuse. I would love to know, specifically, what it was that embittered them.

Also, I was unaware of - though do not necessarily doubt - the millions of Jews protesting their government's actions against Palestinians. However, since we are not Palestinian, and can shy away from ethnopluralism, can we acknowledge that they were not - at least ostensibly - protesting the state of Israel's actions against America or Europe? Do they ever speak up in mass for Europeans?

The next part of this argument seems to hinge on our mutual attempts to understand Semitism.

Indeed, you write yourself:

"I, and no-one I know, hates Jews. They merely hate the ideology of Semitism. The Cult of Judah’s ruthless ambitions. Their Machiavellian lack of empathy for their victims, past, present, and future. And millions of ‘Jews’ hate this ideology at least as much as I do."

You go on to say:

"The ideology of Semitism, using my own words, is the political ideology of racism, racial supremacism, exceptionalism, genocide, slavery, and rape. And so clearly most ‘Jews’ do not actively and/or knowingly, support this ideology. They are not ‘obedient’ Cult of Judah practitioners. They are mere Cult of Judah-ism ‘affiliates’ and self-identifiers. They define their ‘Jewishness’ in ways that reject the Cult of Judah’s strict ‘laws and statutes’, and are as much victims of that Cult, as the rest of us."

That is not clear to me. Please could you provide me with some evidence (or a book recommendation), perhaps from research studies, of the common political-spectrum and sociological viewpoints of the three Jewish sub-races, and their popularity, by a graph or chart of some form. I am referring to the Ashkenazi, Mithrazi, and Sephardi. I am particularly interested in the Ashkenazi. I notice you focus on their self-definition as Jews. Do you think there is anything biological that makes them a Jew beyond self-identification, or affiliation with an ideology? I was thinking of haplogroups, with the understanding that the race we are discussing possesses a greater likelihood of carrying (by Y-DNA i.e., male lineage analysis) haplogroups J2 and J1, with a small amount of admixture with Northern Europeans. Aside from this, these haplogroups are found in Middle Eastern peoples. Their physiognomy also marks them as distinct, at least from Northern Europeans.

Much later, I read your comments on, with your emphasis intact, “AshkeNAZI” as being of Khazar-descent. However, they do not carry any haplogroups associated with Turkic peoples. Also, Ashkenazi just means “dwellers in the land of the Ashkenaz” i.e., Scythians, or, taken literally “the land of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed people”. It does not imply that they are Scythian. Besides, the Nazi reference is erroneous wordplay, as the term “Nazi” was used extremely rarely by the German NSDAP, in favour of the term “National Socialism”, “Nazi” being an insulting slang term invented by a Jewish journalist of the day and employed by Jewish communists in Germany, and then Jew-controlled Allied news media. As a sidenote, these same genetic analyses seem to also suggest that the popular theory that the Israelites were White and of what is now considered European stock is thoroughly flawed. Europeans are descended from the Proto-Indo-European expansion of Caucasoid tribes such as the Yamnaya.

If you are referring to the belief that Hitler was a Rothschild agent, or a Zionist himself, or that National Socialism was a Jewish movement, I can only suggest that there is a great difference between working (under intense international pressure) on the relocation of 60,000 German Jews, via the Haavara Agreement, to Palestine, and making (increasingly thwarted) plans to transfer the rest out of the country, and totally accepting Zionism as a worldview. Hitler was working to avoid bloodshed, and to be as fair as possible. His rise to power in the first place was in direct opposition to the Jewish Weimar government, to Jewish (and traitorous) Freemasonry, to Jewish internationalist bankers, and to the Jewish corruption of his society, going so far as to have a member of the Rothschild family arrested (and only released following a huge payment to Hitler’s National Socialist government).

You go on to say:

"I could list dozens of famous ‘Jews’ that I admire and are worthy of everyone’s admiration. However, they are admirable despite their ‘Jewish’ identity, and not because of it."

Am I correct in suggesting that, once more, the aspect that you are identifying as their Jewish identity is indistinguishable in your mind and in your writing from the ideology of Semitism, placed on them in cult-like fashion, and is, presumably, of no relation to Jews whatsoever, hence the long-term trope in your work of placing it in inverted commas? Do Jews, minus the inverted commas, in fact, exist, as a tangible, observable category of people within our taxonomy? I return to wondering how we can avoid race, or even why we should feel we have to. Also, r/K-selection, and other such demonstrable ideas in evolutionary biology would be useful to refer to. Race-specific traits, and such. If there is a race, Jews, and they possess a specific trait, or, more likely, a combination of traits, and, say, a more pronounced ethnocentrism and in-group preference than among others, such as Europeans, it could account for much of the behaviour that you ascribe to cult ideology.

In a further point, you say:

"For my best potential allies are the emancipated ‘Jews’ themselves. In reaction to the most intensive micromanagement and denial of liberty known to man, many ‘Jews’ naturally rebelled, and became the most liberal, free thinking, humane, humanistic, generative, iconoclastic, sceptical individuals humankind was ever blessed with."

Please could you qualify this statement with a few examples. I think I see the thrust of your argument, but, as before, I have to my detriment, never encountered much proffered information online from Jews that they wish to act as our allies. I would be of the belief that our best allies would be ourselves, united under the banner of being Europeans. I don't deny that the Western-aided emancipation of Jews that accompanied the rise of Liberalism in the late 1700s brought much interesting thought for them, but I struggle to see how they can be brought to the forefront in comparison to the triumphs of the West, seeing as most of the Jewish writing, to my knowledge, is a slow-boiling attempt to ridicule, drag down, lampoon and ultimately humiliate us. Dr E. Michael Jones has written (and spoken) extensively on this Jewish revolutionary spirit. Also, the eventual logical consequence of Liberalism for us is a grey, formless mass of identical ruin, stripped of European ethnic diversity and cultural variation. Just to briefly return to my request for statistical charts or graphs above, do you know how many Ashkenazim Jews are Vegan? I would find that very interesting to know.

I read, later:

"I detail all the religions of this world in my book ‘Religion’. So I shall not say too much about religion in general. This work deals with one particular cult, the Cult of Judaism, because it has succeeded where others have failed. This Cult has realised its ambitions to totally dominate and control this planet. This Cult has produced the ‘Jew’ World Order which is about to bring about World War Three, probably a combination of real and faked ‘wars’ and ‘crises’, and then steal the vestiges of our remaining rights, freedoms, and liberties. In a very short time you will be faced with one choice. ‘Serve the Cult of Judaism, or die’. Serve the ‘Jew’ World Order, or die."

Again, if we are to define Jews via religion, or indeed, by your own system, to form the construction: 'Jews', which posits the existence of an innocent, benevolent, free-thinking, Promethean people stripped of everything Western society traditionally understands as being Jewish or a Jew, we inevitably run up against the problem that most Jews are secularists, and already freed from Judaism, in a manner of speaking. This secularism ascends to the level of religiosity in its zeal at times, but they remain a firmly materialistic people, despite the ostensible holiness of the Talmud, and indeed the Torah. What is it that separates what you define as 'The Cult of Judah' from being a behaviour of Jews in general? How many of them, as accurately as you can say, are not displaying this behaviour, or would not be likely to display it if they had the chance? Do you think there are any other ways in which they could pose a threat to us, bar the ways you listed above, when you claim that Semitism is a political theory? I would suggest that deconstructing our culture, and our race, is also a form of genocide, as much as simply killing us outright, as it leads to the same end over a greater timeframe. I remind you that the term ‘racism’ itself was invented by a Marxism-schooled Bolshevik Jew who went by the adopted name of Leon Trotsky and was primarily designed as a weapon-term to stimulate guilt in Europeans and pathologize in-group preference.

If I was given knowledge that a group of 30 people were to be comprised of 25 good men, and 5 psychopaths, I would make a note of the ratio of good to bad people. This is the same were the group to be comprised of 25 psychopaths, and 5 good men. However, I would still be more wary of the second group, as the chances are that it would be more of a threat to me, despite the good members.

As far as I am aware, Jews make up about 2% of the population of America, and it is roughly the same in European countries. However, that 2% does, overall, seem to harbour a great many psychopaths compared to the rest of the American population (and indeed certainly harbours more individuals with other mental afflictions and personality disorders, by documented research, than are found in peoples of European descent), and we can say from its behaviour that it may well be disproportionately unpleasant in character compared to White Americans. There may still be good members within the group, naturally, but it would make more sense to me to be equally wary of them rather than to be too trusting of them, at least until their nature was better understood. I think this hinges on the “millions” of good Jews that you refer to. If their population is “16 million”, and a few million are proved to be pleasant, as you have written, it is still the dominant remainder that I would prioritize in terms of threat reaction. It may be safest, if the numbers prove that enough are unsafe companions, to use the working model that they are all, at least potentially, to be considered unsafe.

I am open minded to the possibility of there being good Jews. I do not think "irrational hatred of all 'Jews'" as you write, is a good idea. However, I think there is such a thing as a rational distrust, based on what I have written above. I also think that, if that situation devolved, and they were to do something negative to damage us, it would be perfectly rational to feel hatred towards them. As to feeling hatred towards all of them, that would depend on how we had calibrated our working model. It would not be the finished, full knowledge of all aspects of the situation, but then again, it seems more rational to save one's life by considering a majority threat as a total threat, than to spend too much time optimistically delving into the majority threat in the hope of encountering the minority of non-aggressors, and thus wasting defence preparation time, and also risking being exterminated were they too to prove less friendly than anticipated. I think that's a sensible survival decision at a very primal level.

I will end this here. I hope you have found this stimulating. I will conclude with

the summation that, without race considered as a potential factor, it seems difficult to fully engage with every aspect of this discussion as to deflect it totally into the realms of ideology (as cult or religion) may lead us to miss subtleties.

Much as I too am an atheist, I recognise that Christianity in the West was indeed

tied to the flourishing of great European empires, and a direct and visionary inspiration for their success, and for their artisans, thinkers, and creators. I do not accept it spiritually, but I can respect it for what it drove us to achieve in past times. I really cannot say the same of Judaism, much as the two are often closely linked in popular thought (despite the historical and rabbinical hostility towards Jesus Christ, as displayed in their open mockery of him, both in their holy texts’ mention of him submerged in a lake of burning faeces whilst proclaiming that the Virgin Mary is a whore, and also on Israeli television, including children’s entertainers, and via such Jewish ‘comedians’ as Sarah Silverman), as Islam is to a lesser degree despite being quite distinct. I can’t think of anything truly positive that Jews have ever created or built. I notice your drive to promote rationality, and to do away with faith in favour of secularism and scepticism, with a belief that destroying this monotheistic ‘triad’ of Middle Eastern religions will free us, and indeed the Jews.

I acknowledge the disastrous egalitarianism at the roots of neoconservative Christianity's teachings, and the corrupt, ecumenical globalist institution of the modern Catholic Church operating out of the Vatican that exists to advance democracy and which forsakes our people (and abuses their children) in favour of barbaric hordes of imported enemies, and also some of the textual inconsistencies of Christian moral doctrine as drawn from the Bible (in its post-Reformation lay form, seeing as though I read some Latin, I am not schooled enough to be able to comment on earlier texts, preferring to leave that to the wisdom of better men), but at the same time, speaking as an outsider to that, I recognise that though it remains a breakaway development from some Jewish thought, it has a distinct European quality as a religion, rigorously studied, discussed and pondered within our many nations for well over 1000 years, having been diligently preserved by Christians since the Fall of Rome, and faithfully carried through the Dark Ages, and that still there are many brave and resolute Europeans and White Americans today who find solace in it, despite these flaws, and no matter how much it is actively disgraced from within as a faith, mocked relentlessly by hypocritical atheists, and manipulated by the cynicism of callous internationalist traitors and naïve, Liberal do-gooders.

The Traditional (pre-Second Vatican Council) Catholic movement (via such groups as the Society of Saint Pius X, the sedeprivationists, and the sedevacantists) in particular, seems to do much good, especially through the anti-Liberal, anti-Communist, anti-Freemasonic principle of Integrationism, in both working to protect our nations from hostile foreign influences, and also encouraging young European men away from degeneracy and drug-addiction, and indeed protecting European women (and their unborn children) from falling to the horrors of Feminism and the (Jewish) abortion industry, much to the chagrin of the Jewish SPLC. There is an argument that a genuine belief in God, and the vital hope that it nourishes, as well as the objective morality it provides, however antiquated and removed from pure rationality, is less harmful (if it is even harmful at all) than the secular money-worship of a deeply satanic and decidedly evil pseudo-religious supremacy based on solidifying their worldly materialism.

I acknowledge the Inquisition but seem to remember a Judaic political influence regarding the actions of that cruel movement behind the scenes, carried out on the part of ‘Conversos’ and not true Christians, and I do keep in mind the infamous burnings of European witches. However, as Professor Edward Dutton has commented on in far greater detail, it is perfectly reasonable to consider that these delusional women may indeed have been promoting degeneracy, or an early form of Feminism and misandry, in the same manner as those we call Leftists today, or sowing genuine criminal discord in their communities, and thus would face the harsh punishments typical of those times for their dysgenic actions lest the entire community was subverted by them.

As you write yourself:

“It is the peaceful, harmless mass of ‘Jews’ that ‘cloak’ the repugnant, festering, oozing, disgusting, loathsome, inner ‘core’ of ‘true believers’ from their host nations.”

However, I am not of the mind to try stripping European Christians of their faith if it brings them courage to resist destruction. I merely suggest that maintain racial loyalty also. The danger of casting this off altogether at this present time is that it seems almost Marxist, or at least disadvantageous given the despair that would follow. We would be weak before our enemies.

I realise this despair personally, as I was once a practising Catholic, and the loss of my Faith took a long time to heal, and was near unbearably painful, destroying quite a lot of me in the process, and never fully resolved, leaving an open wound. I am still unsure on the matter, and consider myself, though atheistic regarding the modern teachings of The Church, more of a troubled agnostic who would much rather be a believer again, as it was the short-sighted ignorance of the Catholic parishioners I encountered in the UK (let alone years of Protestant ignorance and bullying from the simple folk of this country), and their tolerance for an ex-Anglican priest’s approach to Leftist political sermons about ‘social justice’, and ‘climate change’, and the presence of snobbish, virtue signalling rung-climbers, and even Christian Zionists in the congregation that disheartened and demoralized me far more than anything that I experienced in my prayers and spiritual reflections, having once had a religious experience that touched me deeply and which lies totally beyond my comprehension bar acknowledging that it temporarily healed my physical pain from a severe long-term skin complaint, and brought me to tears, feeling, in intangible relief, the presence of God and His care, although I admit that I threw the baby out with the bathwater in the end, in the agony of total defeat and disappointment at humanity. I know you have respect for King Herod and his actions against Judah, and beyond that have a passionate drive to find goodness in Jews, and to lead us to a position where we can improve ourselves. There is a glaring issue though.

You write:

“The ‘Jews’ we ‘know’, are the Hollywood comedians, actors, directors, the pop stars, and singers, the ‘humanists’, the animal rights activists (my favourite), the television presenters, the writers, and the ‘Einsteins’. None of these ‘Jews’ (public personas at least) are representative of the ‘Jew’ World Order. They are ‘emancipated’ Jews. Their ancestors escaped from the Cult of Judaism generations ago.”

Those Hollywood comedians and film industry employees, and especially pop stars, let alone the writers, continuously push a disgusting and degenerate anti-White message, designed to destroy European culture and our formerly high standards of Aesthetics and Beauty, and are totally in line with cultural Marxism. Hollywood also churns out a great many fictional movies for Western consumption that focus on the Holocaust.

Perhaps it is not so much that they escaped a long time ago as much as that they were always here in one form or another promoting their inversion of Western values and culture, and that all the escape did was in fact fuel them to rage harder against European civilization. What exactly have they gained in their escape, bar free reign to defecate on our hope of similar freedom?

Perhaps it is not similar, even. I am not sure that those great men who gathered in the brief period of peace that followed their gruelling and bloody War of Independence would understand freedom in the same way that modern Leftist types do when they stroll naked in public, or urinate on the bonnets of parked cars with the word ‘slut’ painted across their bare breasts in menstrual blood, or dress in rubber dog outfits and expose themselves to small children, or murder their babies without remorse, or openly push for the normalization of paedophilia as a legitimate identity whilst denying the suffering of these tainted individuals’ victims, or mutilate their genitalia to appease their sexual fantasies before their bedroom mirror, or openly brag about how many STDs they have acquired, or convince little boys that they are little girls and then sterilize them with hormone treatments that lead to their suicides from despair in later life.

The Western mind, historically, does not seem to think like the Jewish mind. They may not believe in God, and they may not be following the strict Judaic laws and statutes, but they are no better for it, and their emancipation is a mockery. I am not a moral relativist, or a Liberal, or indeed a Secular Satanist. I do take heed of Natural Law. There may potentially be an argument one could make that the Jewish proclivities that have sprung up in the wake of this emancipation were a consequence of Traditional-minded Europeans’ lax response to their subversion, but that does not excuse these actions, and the case is generally to be made that the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the Civil Rights movement’s impact were not to our benefit, and did in fact destroy our nations and warp our citizens, once more leading to a destruction of stable White families in which to raise stable White children, and an overall drop in European birth-rates (far below the level at which they can be easily recovered), and that we were undone by our own open-minded and welcoming nature, as well as great effort on the part of a vast Jewish enterprise to see us laid low.

I am glad that they have animal rights activists, as do we, as a historically compassionate and empathic race, but I grow tired of hearing their praises being sung and what seems like a lot of apologies being made for them. It is not the best way to improve European morale, seeing as they sing their own praises very well in the first place.

The discussions regarding Einstein, both in his obnoxious and unfaithful personal life, and in his committal of scientific plagiarism and fraud, let alone his participation in unethical Zionist occupation government research and development that, once more, led to the defeat of what may have been the last great Axis of hope for European peoples, are best left for better minds than mine to consider.

I think that without the points I have raised today, it is hard to tie up loose ends, and indeed understand the idiosyncrasies of White genocide. I leave with the suggestion that until European issues are stabilized for our race, in its various ethnicities, among its occupied nations, we must focus on our own preservation foremost, or risk the evolutionary consequences at the hands of a race who most certainly do.

To pass the buck onto a cult-like religion, in an abstract, all-encompassing totality and with the term ‘cult’ taken in its negative context – and which subtly places more pressure and blame on European Christians, who are not acknowledged for their contribution to our civilization and our race – as being the sole cause of whatever has made Jews as they are, in the face of all other evidence to the contrary, and then to deny that they possess any independent agency, as a valid and distinct category of people at all, absolves them of all responsibility for their actions, and then covers their tracks very well indeed, to a complex and often confusing level of linguistic deconstruction. I would suggest to you that this drive may not be rational, unless there was some small incentive to espouse it, just here or there. I know that you are proud of your rationality.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Power

PS. I remain aware that there are many White traitors. There may be more White traitors than Jewish aggressors. However, there are also more Whites than Jews. We would have to analyse the fine detail of our respective population levels to know for sure if, proportionately, one race was more decked with enemies. That the Jews who have wrought this have managed to bribe, blackmail, seduce and subvert this many of our former kin is truly disturbing. Still, I reserve the opinion that the traitors are more worthy of disgust. Shabbos goy is a good title. That does not mean that I am fond of Jews though, having met a fair few face-to-face, and individually researched a great many others. It always seems best to treat them with as much caution as possible and prepare for the near inevitability of the worst. If you too consider that you have skin in the game on this topic, I should hope that it is at least White.

Note 1: I have a couple of other points to raise from a few of the other PDF e-books by Mr. Rehbach. However, I think it best to proceed one at a time. I hope the stimulating Western tradition of philosophical debate can be honoured in this instance. However, seeing as that seems unlikely, as Markus has made no effort to reply to me, I must note that, much as I am loathe to develop a slanderous confirmation bias in this instance, I am still aware that, as Markus informed me himself, he received, not so long ago, a generous donation of over 1000 Euros from an Israeli donor whom he acknowledges with the greatest cordiality and respect in his presentations. He is also fond of writing extremely graphic sexual fantasies in some of his fictional literature, one of which centres around a precocious and promiscuous teenage girl, in a Lolita-esque fashion, with some emphasis placed on her undisclosed age as a titillating narrative device, or, in one instance, an apocalyptic scenario in which it is necessary to impregnate young teenagers, with the aid of non-White felons, and indeed himself, in order to continue the ‘human race’, as a means of questioning, and indeed critiquing the European laws regarding the age of consent. I am sure there are other instances of this kind of writing which I could, with some effort, discover tucked away in these lengthy books. In the meantime, I hope it is not obtuse of me to gently wonder, in the manner of Jeffrey Epstein’s prosecutors, just what exactly is going on.

Note 2: Following my writing of this short rebuttal, I pondered the ideas contained in it more deeply, and, taking a day or so to reach my conclusion, composed a short, apologetic prayer in the sunshine, for the first time in over three years, and shortly afterwards pulled my head out of my backside (a place where Markus recommends, in great detail and with apt technical diagrams in yet another one of his books, that one should insert their finger, in order to facilitate prostate massage orgasms) and inched slowly back to Christ. I was glad to acknowledge that I had been wrong, particularly in using race as my grounding factor, and not Catholicism. I have a long way to go yet, and remain fallen, and with the potential to sin. I appreciate this return to God though. I read that the sense of total weariness and failure I felt prior to my decision is described in the Bible itself via the Greek word “ekkakeo” and is a sin to be avoided. I pray, actively, that I do not lose faith again.

Note 3: Markus experienced an appallingly cruel childhood at the hands of a sadistic mother and an absentee father, and though he attended a church, he did not seem to enjoy the experience. He has also worked as a state schoolteacher, having been dismissed from an Australian school quite early on, and thus continued his lessons abroad, in East Asia. You couldn’t make this stuff up. If we can see the implications in this, it almost comes across as a tragic case. However, I pride myself on not being a total cuck.


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