Stored WIP Letter To My Lawyer (03/05/2022)

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I began to learn Russian online in early 2021, on a wonderful free course provided

by Duolingo (which puts expensive – and often useless – university education

to shame), in the hope of gaining access to interesting literature, including some

rarer pieces by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. I couldn’t imagine I’d ever be going to Russia as I’m not in favour of the ex-pat mentality and think people should stick to their own ethnic areas, apart from short holidays. Also, it is highly likely that I would be murdered. The Kremlin does not have the best track record. I had wanted to talk more in depth about the Mossad interference in the overblown Skripal poisoning, and the KGB connections to Israel. Now is not the time.

However, I had to withdraw from my daily studies for a while following the usual stresses of life in a hideous country.

That said, I need to finish this session promptly, so at least I can return to these studies, hopefully. I’d also like to learn how to be an Electrician, as that feels useful as a skill, as well as an employment opportunity. Or just regardless, for the skills themselves, continuing instead with my music and arts mini business.

I say “hopefully” as there’s a criminal investigation being conducted on me currently by Counterterrorism, who were not as open-minded as I once considered a few of them might be, having been, prior to that, contemplating different ways to lure them over to the side of good, to establish if any of them were nice enough to be potential candidates for deprogramming, or indeed Europeans. I thought that action might have a trickle-down effect if they were at mid-management level, although I assume it would give their top echelon bosses the willies. i.e., it’s too complicated for the average rank and file to understand, but too true for the upper strata chiefsand top brass to allow. Perhaps not internally, but I do know that these organizations liaise with higher authorities, and, regardless, are often open to subversion, or the influence of foreign malevolent actors. I had to find a balance. It’s a shame there’s no material available to train a smaller side-movement for the purposes of Traditional-minded Nationalist-sympathetic espionage, but at least I had a go at a ‘solo mission’. It was not a gamble worth taking.

My house was raided in November by an armed squad at 5am, and, though Needle (my nickname for my personal Cobra Series Rx defence crossbow, following the defensive stance of “Jab for Jab”) was quite close by, unloaded, with the safety catch on, and with the bolts stored separately, I submitted totally and without resistance, in relief that it was indeed them (and not a ‘vaccine’ door-to-door team), and, admittedly still, not in complete surprise (I am rarely surprised). The rest of the crossbows and assorted airguns were for the rest of my family, for when they were adults. I considered it important that they had some means to protect themselves, in the event of a full societal breakdown. As I stated in interview when quizzed on my course of action if assaulted, any peaceful defusing option would be employed, up until the regrettable point at which it was a matter of life or death. If it’s good enough for Chris Langan, it’s good enough for me.

My electronic devices, including two desktop PC’s, one air-gapped long term,

and several external hard drives were confiscated (along with my armoury). Then

I was taken in by some rather intense and yet upbeat people, even jolly at times,

in a cynical, hard-boiled sense who subjected me to an extremely frenetic and

extensive set of interviews. I was glad to have been supplied with coffee.

Oddly, I quite liked them and their gruff little witticisms, and indeed the questions, and answered honestly (with the understanding given to me by the

lawyer that silence would most likely result in 25 years to life), albeit with this

rather fundamentally grounded axiom in place in my head that they were indeed

not automatically my friends and were indeed sent there to wreck me and break me with any technique they could, from charm, to disarming faux naivety, to threats and vocal tone changes, and I was not there to entertain them, or worse, to reward them by spilling the beans on anyone else. I think that’s sensible enough, given their track record.I think, in general, I’d never like to see them again.

One could almost wonder though if the (frankly gratuitous number of) files contained on my devices could serve as an interesting, neatly labelled and organized, after-hours study course to improve the efficacy of intelligent, hardworking professionals with open minds, yet not so open that the brains have fallen out and rolled away, and even, given the passage of time, encourage them to discuss this vast issue meekly and tentatively in quiet spaces of rest, and come to an interesting realization that may slowly and nudgingly propel them in a most interesting direction indeed, and on out from there. I don’t have to be right about everything. However, they might be wrong about one or two things regardless. It would be best if they started with the David Goldberg notes on Operation Pogo and Operation Zyphr. They may also like to view my assorted video files and in-depth documents on FEMA, British super prisons, including the private G4S connections, the US military industrial complex, the Australian camps system, the United Nations and The Rockefeller Foundation machinations, multiple examples of in-system corruption, and on the clandestine international Adrenochrome trade, from California and South Korea to the UK and Germany. There are further pieces on Globalism and International Banking, and on the CFR, and on The Bilderberg Group, and The Tavistock Institute, let alone all my usual anti-Zionist Judaic themes, and a multitude of ‘vaccine’ documents and videos, most extremely damning. You will find a range of illicit Big Tech patents relating to The Fourth Industrial Revolution of Klaus Schwab, including some Office of Naval Research papers on the dangers of high frequency electromagnetic radiation, and the Microsoft patent #2020060606 dealing with the use of human bodies as a cryptocurrency mining platform. More on cryptocurrency, BIS and the Federal Reserve. As memory serves, the bio-robots material is also there, as is quite a lot on quantum dot semiconductor particles, and bio-sensor nanotechnology. There will be a few FOI ‘black vault’ type PDFs also. The evidence is right before their eyes.

It would be best if my eccentric presence was swiftly forgotten by then in all the excitement. If not, they are not grade-A students in my eyes, and I will indeed be rather disappointed (if still not too surprised). There are less and less grade-A students these days, what with the state of the British State education system. I’m sure they’re outnumbered in class by total idiots, and even one or two (or a few more) who may not look (or be) very similar to them at all when push comes to shove. I'd asked about an MI5 presence on the ride down but was politely encouraged that that was not the case.

I assume Dolphin Square has its own priority set. Yes.

You never know though, it’s good to realize that you’re a European human with a conscience once in your life, and with primary responsibilities far beyond delicately safeguarding a writhing nest of ultimate traitors fallen to the powers of darkness. It seems your direct, top-level employers are committing treason. In the meantime, what would I know?

I’m on bail. I may face, at worst, 15 years in jail. At best, I will not be charged,

and may indeed be allowed to live for once. At least I have written this now

though, so my remaining lifetime is not entirely wasted.

Oh yes, and the CIA (with Mossad help, obviously, as well as Pakistan’s ISI) does indeed control ISIS. There was no need to scoff incredulously. If people would only broaden their research to more sources than Hope Not Hate, they might even understand this. You could start with “Every Spy A Prince” by Dan Raviv. It’s not particularly difficult to research if one is aware of Oded Yinon, and, to a lesser degree, of Belt and Road, and of the Bunting-Cloverleaf map. Libya too, in the post-NATO takedown of Gaddafi and the release from As-Zawiyah Detention Centre of imprisoned Wahabi criminals to be armed, funded, and cats pawed for proxy war use in Syria, where they have been photographed with friendly Israeli forces, and to sow unrest in the UK, thus upping the terror threat and allowing for a draconian response by authorities that affects the everyday citizens. Let us not forget the undercover IDF infiltrators. I found it disheartening that you weren’t aware of this. The Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies provides a few more clues. I am left wondering if you really were aware and were simply trolling me and feigning incomprehension in front of my lawyer, or if you have some more research to perform. Even the International Business Times has made mention of this fact, having shared a report by the UN itself.

A parallel is MI6 and the British East India Company, operating out of The City of London, and the long-term purposes in controlling the opium trade, the South American cocaine cartels, and the ultimate downfall of the Chinese Qing dynasty. There were also Cuban listening posts in relation to The Bay of Pigs. We could spend hours on the Rockefeller family’s oil empire, or on Mexico, or on the British machinations regarding Tehran, and the former Arabia (let alone The Balfour Declaration). You will surely be aware of their interaction with the major international drug trafficking outfits, let alone the complex human trafficking hotspots currently, and the illegal organ trades of ‘the Red Market’, or indeed the expanding Californian bio-fuel industry, with its ‘Soylent Green’ overtones, and the aborted tissue trade in the wake of Planned Parenthood. I decided it would be too much to delve into Black Nobility, although I did want to mention Ronald Bernard in more detail. You asked me about Babylon Codes. I didn’t really know how to respond on that. I expect you’d have to ask a Freemason (which shouldn’t really be difficult in your line of work), or someone high up in the Postal Service. Admiralty Law itself frustrates me terribly, though I am aware of the difference between ‘lawful’ and anything constructed in ‘legalese’.

Oh, and yes, I completely agree with the interviewer, following his brief chat on the bench outside. A decent British evening newspaper would be a superb idea. Unfortunately, all I see on that horizon is tumbleweed, given the unipolar monopoly control on the British press exerted by Richard Desmond, the late Rupert Murdoch, Israel Asper, Conrad Black, and Guy Zitter. You’ll find they all have something in common, as is a regular observation in my work, whether you like it or not. I would also remind you of my statement: “yes, but the existence or nonexistence of a virus has no play on the efficacy of a vaccine response”. Regarding the first half of that sentence, I was recalling Terrain Theory, a valid competitor to Germ Theory that, naturally, the pharmaceutical industry spends a great deal of time and money attempting to discredit. They certainly have that financial control, and they certainly have the connections in place.

It's better than a Chinese tank rolling around the corner though. I wasn’t joking when I said that. I'd not sure what I'd do if that were to happen now. If, notice. I’m not saying it’s a given, or even particularly likely, but who knows these days, in our troubled global climate? I am not, as I noted at the time, suggesting that I think I would last particularly long. However, the more forewarned and forearmed one is, the better chance they stand. There is never an excuse to capitulate. I’m glad a least that you seem quite aware of Taiwan, and US and UK joint Naval operations in the South China Sea. It would be better if you understood the CCP long-term, from its foundation, and certain elements of Hong Kong.

Ali would indeed be safer out here in the long-term. Any militia potentially formed would be for protection of the citizens against hostile intruders of a criminal nature, and of resource distribution, and medical aid, and not of an ideological possession. ‘Militia’ is not even the correct term, as much as local supply depot and trading post run with like-minded acquaintances. My prepping, though it acknowledges the main ideologies of the forces most likely to cause disruption, has always been about protecting my family and the families I care about from hardship in coming years, and not about scoring political points. It was foolish of me to attempt to uproot him so soon, and as noted, I recognized my decision as rash in the interview itself and dismissed it altogether. I merely worried for his safety as he is sometimes slow to respond to global, political, and economic trends.

The videos I clicked ‘like’ on were saved to my expansive WTV collection so I could review them later. I have no interest in AtomWaffen and all such movements, as I understand they are substantially manipulated by federal forces in the first place, and set up as honey traps by the FBI, as well as to give pro-White activists a bad name. There is a heavy focus on Russian subversion and Duginism. Besides, they are, overall, an American phenomenon. I do retain an interest in the rugged survivalism of Alexander Slavros, but a good portion of that comes from the philosophy behind it, and the commentaries on Savitri Devi, René Guénon, and Julius Evola, whom I also read voraciously, and on Traditionalism in general, and Classical honour societies and caste systems.

As it stands, I take supreme pleasure reading Doctor John Coleman. I’m currently working through “Diplomacy by Deception: An Account of The Treasonous Conduct by The Governments of Britain and the United States”, having previously considered Patrick M. Wood’s “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order”. “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl springs to mind also, as do a great many contained on, including “News Twisters” by Edith Efron, “Future Shock” by A & H Toffler, “Behind Communism” by Frank L. Britton, and “Brainwashed into Slavery” by Kennneth Goff. I was also planning to start some research into Echelon.

I read from multiple sources that all my data is being collected (including physical actions on this useless new machine such as keystrokes). How very risible. I suppose my camera is on also, regardless of stated security settings, or at least, can be turned on. Good luck to you if you are obliged to watch all that. I am informed that no less than Mark Zuckerberg has been known to tape up his devices’ camera lenses and adjust privacy settings rigorously. That is becoming increasingly difficult on PC under Windows 10, an operating system touted as secure, but which both requires one to employ an external virus-checker, and yet remain totally impotent against corporate data mining, down to the level of the hardware, and to which no personal privacy remedy is ultimately afforded. Linux offers some last escape. His behaviour is quite rich considering the high-end DoD and CIA ties of his company, and the purposes of invasive Facebook data harvesting, machine learning, AI, and behaviour modification research. I am thinking of the initiative known as’ the selfish ledger’, among other advancements. I am also aware that you are tapping my phones and have control over the house Wi-Fi, and indeed have placed a sensor in Abby’s car. I chose 2G and 3G internet-free phone models for a reason. I wonder why I bothered sometimes.

Just to continue gently flogging my mare, am I to suppose that Mr. Gates is lawfully allowed to rape my every choice and action, just as, ostensibly, those under him (i.e. most everyone these days) can bash down my door and plunge irreversible transhumanist bio-tech poisons into my flesh, and yet I am not allowed to muse out loud on the nature of this gross assault, or indeed to legally purchase a legally advertised bayonet from a commercial Clearnet website? All my other digital files have been collected from Clearnet, available to anyone. I merely retain a periodic VPN for privacy, and 2FA, and so on, in purchases, and the former merely to access the media of foreign countries. A week’s concerted evaluation of my medical data will provide significant evidence that these injections are, even to the most hardened and dogmatic sceptics, not very safe.

As for being a prepper, you seem to have forgotten that factor. Perhaps you could look it up. ‘Hoarding’, I suppose you'd call it. So not partisan at all then. Yes, because given all my data, nothing's likely to go wrong ever, ever, ever in the entire future of humanity, is it? I suppose Joe Biden's televised comments on food shortages, soaring energy costs, and hyperinflation are a conspiracy theory also, let alone the impact on world farming and crop yields from drought and a grand solar minimum, let alone a war in Ukraine, a major grain exports country, let alone Vladimir Putin’s threats on gas imports to Europe (although admittedly it was Ukraine that actually switched off the supply), let alone the points registered on The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Sustainable Development’ handouts. Is Stephen Emmott, of Microsoft, a conspiracy theorist? Is Deagel forecasting? How silly of me to prepare in advance, just in case. Given that the first to be jabbed were medical staff, what are *you* planning to do when the system collapses and is overrun? I was informed by Ali that two of your officers prepare also, as they mentioned it when they interviewed him. Maybe they both live in a bigger house than me. If this is class snobbery, just call a spade a spade. I suppose we'd have to use one of your AI Global Simulators, such as the systems the DoD, MoD, GCHQ, and DARPA like. You know, the algorithms they use to help plan PSYOP activities and work out the possible outcomes and trajectories before launching tactical initiatives and operations. At some point, you may reach the conclusion that I do not think the State (despite its marvellous food banks) can fully handle this. Even if so, one may be required to submit to ‘vaccines’ or to digital ID of one form or another, to access State services, including the use of the proposed BIS central bank cryptocurrency set to replace the (deliberately sabotaged) Federal Reserve System by 2030, and to obliterate fiat currency altogether. Hoarding would be blithely and pathologically collecting 15,000 paperclips or McDonald's Happy Meal toys, or other useless objects. A moment’s observation of the natures and quality of the stored provisions and resources in my house would expose a different issue-set altogether, and, I would argue, quite a rational one. I hope we could see the difference here. If you could switch off your television for a few minutes that might become apparent. I have also prepped a large supply of bedding, fuel, warm clothing, medical supplies, batteries, candles and lights, solar equipment and a generator, and dental aids, and a modest sum of Gold and Silver. These can be traded and bartered, or given to others as aid, in the event of total power shutdown, as hinted at by Klaus Schwab when he talks of ‘Cyber Polygon’ and in the assorted cyber-warfare drills held in Israel in the aftermath of the original Operation Blackout and Dark Winter simulations.

I hope you don't mind me referring to you as 'counter-', as a term of endearment. After all, I have habitually referred to the Central Intelligence Agency as 'Socks'. I'm not so fond of them to be honest. They stink, and need changing, especially given the unrepentant quality of their irregular renditions, and the fierce illegality of ‘FunVax’ VMAT2. Their extrajudicial rap sheet is far longer than that, stretching all the way back to Willian Sargant and Donald Ewen Cameron, and MIT and Allen Memorial Hospital’s (etc.) torturous LSD and radio frequency experiments on the public, and then to the wartime OSS. They are not known for their good treatment of detainees. That’s quite an understatement. And yet British Intelligence still maintains close ties, which makes me wonder even more what this country gets up to. Much as the CIA (and NSA, and DHS, neither of whom I mention quite often enough) may be quite a worrying organization at times, I am under the impression that the seat of global intelligence remains with MI6, without whom none of these other agencies would exist.

I'd love to hope, as a British citizen, that you weren't all corrupt, and sucking on the teat. Surely. There must be someone in the office prepared to ask original questions?

I'm damned, aren't I? Straight into Cellblock ‘101’ for a little enhanced interrogation, London Cage style. I have no prior convictions. Seriously, stop using the term 'far right' in your internal documents (and trust me I've read enough of them, groaning slightly the entire time). It's inaccurate, and slanderous. My economic positions are distinctly left-wing, and most of my points are traditionally conservative, with small elements of Classical Liberalism and Propertarianism (post-Libertarianism). My philosophical aspect comes from a German Idealism, following the writings of Wagner and (sometimes) Heidegger and (especially) Nietzsche, and an analysis of the ancient world, referring to Platonic (and Aristotelian) Natural Law, and more so to understand it for what it is, developing my ideas into something better, in the context of the arguments presented in the book “Bronze Age Mindset”, supported by my genetic research into Evolutionary Biology, and in line with Traditionalism, and with some Catholic theology in places, slipping away over the past few years into a fuller examination of spirituality, as opposed to faith. I think Animism pleases me most and saturating myself in the natural world. Having been raised Catholic, there are a few difficult mental barriers remaining, but I am shedding those as time goes on. I suppose we could say I’m ultimately agnostic but leaning in the direction of pre-Christian expressions on religion. There are far better examples than Plato or Aristotle, with their pandering to non-Greek ideas, but I thought it best to keep it simple. I like to review possibilities, and will readily discard the ones I find, upon thorough analysis, as flawed.

To return to my point, the actual definition of 'right' would be closest to the American Republican Party, with elements of Neo-Conservatism (as practiced by Richard Billing Dearlove), and conventional Libertarianism. Oops. A distinct focus on Big Business Capitalism and Corporatism. Is simply using the term National Socialism openly too much for you? As Ali also pointed out to me, he confirmed your statement "but he's far right...” and followed up with his own suggestion "yes, but it's not illegal now, is it?".

Would you like it to be illegal? I'm sure you would. I suppose it's all fine and good to politically censor opponents (the only true parliamentary Opposition currently functioning in this syndicate mono-party country) and destroy their lives because you disagree with their position, having not really put a great deal of thought into it. That's what this is all about, one thinks. According to the dictionary on my shelf, that would be... yes, an aspect of totalitarianism, and commonly found in authoritarian Communist regimes. Oh irony.

I am reminded of Melanie Shaw. Coincidentally, your officers never replied to my email regarding my own, ahem, small historical difficulties. I am informed that the world does still manifest coincidences. I see small patterns here and there though also. Increasingly recently. Much as we can all happily disregard ‘Q-Anon’ as a delay tactic disarmament PSYOP, in the exact methodology of the Bolshevik ‘Operation Trust’ that pacified the citizens with tales of benevolent reinforcements, up until the point that the Cheka and the NKVD could drag them off to torture (or execution) and eventual Gulag, it seems that you have also fallen for a variant of this psychological conditioning, especially regarding the pharmaceutical industry, whom I am sure you may occasional receive training from, much as with The Fabian Society, or indeed Common Purpose. The British Government certainly maintains close ties, as do its many orbiting think-tanks and policy distributors.

On the plus side, at least I didn't go crying to Brian Gerrish for aid, although I haven’t totally ruled it out. I noticed they weren't entirely kind about David Irving. Another man who never wrote back to one of my notorious emails. It's like Ted L. Nancy vs. Michael A. Aquino some days.

How can one persuade, change, and influence you on this matter? The Nuremberg Code perhaps? The Equality and Human Rights Commission? The UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (article 7)? The UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights? Common Law and the Magna Carta? Showing you the research data? You certainly have a substantial portion of it now. Having had my vital creative arts PC's *this* long, thus depriving me of the only remaining master copies of my entire music writing career, let alone my entire anthology of poetic writings, and many irreplaceable family photos, and archived pieces of art, and the postal addresses of my remaining friends, including a selection of my favourite letters from them, I should sincerely hope you have watched every other file on there, and read every single other book, as opposed to just tagging them under your flawed paradigm and seeing how many you can gather. If you still don't get the idea of 'back against the wall last stands under severe psychological pressure' (the broadsheet reports of Sajid Javid musing over releasing direct mandatory day-to-door ‘vaccine’ teams in December, shortly before the disappointing ‘Partygate’ scandal, and in the face of mass civilian and medical professional activism and non-compliance, validate me here) then I have absolutely no idea what to say. It appears you are less than human. Am I right or am I wrong? Once more, I would request that you review my medical data in full.

I do panic slightly now and again... and I do experience stress, and who would not, given all this?

Upon reading "Hitler's British Traitors" by Tim Tate, I concluded that not very much at all has changed over these pleasant years of internationalist nonsense. It came recommended by Dan Snow. Oh good. A landscape of grimy treachery, according to The Times. Perhaps The Observer could consider this bracing reappraisal: who's doing what and where and to whom here? Oh, I know, I suppose it's the 'far right' again, the rotters. It's not as if The Committee of 300, and all that, et al. etc. is fleecing me to pay your adequate salaries, or anything. To think I had an application form for an Intelligence Officer role once. What on earth was I thinking?! A paltry score of 3 sensible answers in case you'd like to wonder. At least they got me out of a psychiatric unit once. I had been sectioned for expressing open interest in a Military Intelligence career. The woman I spoke to looked me in the eye, asked me directly, and realized I was serious. There have been a few other discreet chats since, with other individuals. Then again, I hear someone from National Action was found in uniform, within the Police. I don't approve, on either count. Your vetting process is either inadequate, or you yourselves are partisan to begin with, as if blithe Radical Hitlerism were to be conflated with National Socialism’s economic, racial pride & genetic, and philosophical aspects, arguably of greater importance to our failing economy, and to the future of European natives, viciously excluded by the system. You are bending over backwards to accommodate people who, as supported by numerous demographic meta-analyses in respected journals, have nothing but contempt for this country.

I did not make for a very effective British Army Cadet Staff Sergeant. I was glad to be a quartermaster, and to encounter good leaders, and disciplined adult soldiers, many of whom I was very close to. However, one could draw from that that I have a fondness for this country. This country being England, obviously, and not Israel. It's an easy mistake to make these days.

An idealistic amateur IO, in this system? Unlikely. Very unlikely indeed. I suppose there's a very good reason for that when push comes to shove. Quite typical.

I decided to withdraw the application because I realized I wasn't smart enough, and thus would be of no use to them. Only a while later did I discover that they may be idiots, with somewhat of a conflict of interest. At least this shows my intents were pure. I wasn't very political at that age. Not in the same sense at least. For example, I had not yet read Nicholas Kollerstrom. I did watch Rik Mayall though, admittedly. Very funny indeed. Poor Rik. One wonders if he knew too much. I am sure someone will take my implication.

I attended public school in Felsted as a child. Quite nice. Glad it's over. When I was quite small, I remember a teacher asking me what I'd like to be when I grew up. "I'd like to be a mole, sir". His response indicated to me that the world was somewhat more frustrating than I had anticipated. I also realized I may have quite a way to go.

Having conclusively proved I'm a tactical sub-par when it comes to data analysis, I was rather let down. Fair enough. Reality is what it is. I noticed that universities (already long subverted by Marxist infiltration) require you to pay for a degree, and employers require that small piece of paper to consider you in most places, even if you possess the skills already, a mere IQ test having been ruled out as discriminatory, for political reasons, and not scientific ones. How droll.

I know, I thought, why don't I set up a small business of my own. I like self-employment as a principle. I'm not sure if my house could compete with MI6, but then again, with the joy of the internet, one can decentralize and re-establish the idea by approximation. It was that or attempting to temporarily convert my house into an embassy of sorts, or to employ Article 61 of the Magna Carta. If one is suitably willing, and prepared to establish an open environment of political, ideological, and strategic discussion, one could see what one could pass on to others, or indeed vice versa (I suppose). I'm not sure about forced diversity, social justice, or open Bolshevism though, as some mild ground rules may have to be observed.

Here's one such example of a group discussion point. It's not quite Advanced Strategic Studies Institute level, but it might do. This was my basic framework in November, thwarted slightly.

Hypothesis: Can I get someone to look at something?

Evidence: It seems from the example of Mark Sexton, and all that stuff with the Met and an ostensible crime number recently regarding the dreaded 'vaccine’ damage and a mass appeal from the public to close injection centres (all to no avail), let alone the German chap working on 'Nuremberg 2.0', that some people are rather reluctant to look at things; evidence and such. A mild-moderate irony there.

Potential solution: Put it right under their noses.

Setup: [redacted] for remaining privacy.

Law/legal perspective: You'd think now they have it they might have to look at it all to see if the person has a reasonable point. It's hard to find the annoying, irritating wretch guilty without having the evidence. What is this evidence again? Hmm... there's certainly a lot of it.

Suspicion/assumption: There are three main categories of worker here -

1. Loyal/Outnumbered/Subtle/A tad depressed.

2.Loyal (whatever that means, dur...)/Majority/Dogmatic/No questions asked/'only following orders,'

3. Disloyal/Outnumbered/Subtle/Sneaky bastards/Subversives/Foreign Intelligence plants.

I would like to hope category 3 was outnumbered at least, otherwise we're all damned anyway. Of course, category 2 does not account for ambivalence, or mild outliers in either direction.

I would like to hope the right evidence was allocated to the right person, under good supervision if necessary, and then analysed correctly at team level. I do not automatically assume that that is the case though.

Conclusion: I think we have the basic idea here. Regardless of whether I'm ultimately found guilty or innocent, at least the next person in line silly enough to conceive of this sort of feckless scheme can have a go, having assimilated this methodology. I'm sure there's more sophisticated ideas by now.

Best start small though. As a Cadet NCO I had to co-design a field exercise once. That was quite fun, especially when it worked in execution. This is an entirely different medium, granted, but I think the basic underlying impulse is there.

Oh, and yes, how does one define traitor?

I always figured that I was a patriotic British subject.

Drawing on that point I suppose a patriotic British subject would be unlikely to molest and traffic British children and then hide behind the Data Protection Act.

It’s lucky no-one does that then, everyone being good, patriotic British subjects. My book, of which you have a copy, dwells on this topic in places.

My father, as an extremely competent telecommunications software engineer and project leader at times, had the good fortune to sign the Official Secrets Act. Thankfully, despite my occasional piercing whines, he has the good sense to tell me absolutely nothing whatsoever, bar some occasional glimmers of defence contracting in line with satellites and, I occasionally suspect, some facet of Reagan’s Strategic Défense Initiative, or which I discern he knows more on than he lets on. He has also worked on the Mars probes, and some projects in line with NASA. I had wanted to interrogate him on Alaska’s HAARP ionospheric technology, and something on Tesla. The theoretical applications of as-of-yet unrealized Dyson Spheres came up recently, and a good deal on Nuclear Fission. We’ve touched on the paradoxes of SETI, even. The nuttiness of Michio Kaku has been tentatively discussed before. Unfortunately, he is somewhat of a Liberal. Thus, he sends me ‘global bestsellers’ to read, one after another, everything from Yuval Noah Harari to Cass Sunstein (!), to large piles of National Geographic magazines. Formerly it was Christopher Hitchens. Sometimes I wonder how gormless someone can be, and if it’s more the case that he’s trying to silence me, or at least carry out some form of excruciatingly patronizing cognitive infiltration. If not, there’s certainly something near-pathological about presenting me with this sort of reading material. I usually sigh quietly, and read them anyway, although do get frustrated when he seems unable to reciprocate when I offer competing volumes, or to cope with me pointing out the bleaker aspects of Mr Harari’s anti-human technocratic agenda, Sunstein’s dystopian and subversive ‘nudging’ and or National Geographic’s Globalist basis, in line with the writings of Coundenhove-Kalergi and The Frankfurt School, or indeed my limited interest in totalitarian forced behaviour modification. It’s like two opposing propaganda departments trying to counter each other most days, except he’s my father so he won’t take no for an answer. He also loves to dissect Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, maintaining the cultic worship level of Arthur Eddington, and seemingly unaware of Einstein’s plagiarism from De Pretto, Poincare, and Lorentz, let alone some of the ethical ramifications of his work in practice, or indeed merely any critique of the equations themselves. I have always assumed that it’s more of his love of mathematics that drives him, but I wish he would keep out of politics, and especially history. Einstein was also known for his resounding Liberalism. By the way, if I find out someone deliberately brainwashed my father to impede me long-term, I shall be quite displeased indeed.

I see a trend developing here. I’m not sure if my father acknowledges my serious, driven, long-term ambitions, and I’m sure health matters would imprint him with a confirmation bias that any desire on my part to approach these ambitions is some form of ‘madness’. Poor little Benjamin, back in his box. Frustrating that. I’m not sure how to get around that issue bar to notice that though my father is increasingly Liberal, perhaps though the validation of his peers and much as a ghastly nativity and optimism, as much as the visual radical leftist propaganda of The Guardian, it is not all his fault. He can be more than a little authoritarian at times and is unaccustomed to providing me with an independent platform, preferring to, in his eyes, shepherd me, at the expense of my free decision making. Mental health staff love him. He seems to have monopolized the handling of this case so far.

I love him very much, and it will be a shame to be parted from him for so long, as I suspect that, if convicted, I will never see him alive again.

I suppose I'd better put my money where my mouth is, and simultaneously test my meta-hypothesis on all this. It's darn hard hiding in plain sight. I'm aware I must stumble in soon. Not long at all. I hope you realise that, bizarrely to some, I'm an extremely sensitive person, and quite shy at times. I am under the impression that Abby is utterly unaware of all of this. I like it that way. I've always felt the need to maintain, beyond my overt mannerisms and unusual fashions, conscientious subtlety, at least when offline (and not in bouts of ill health). I read that that's the correct protocol also.

My hair can only really be described as psychiatric chic. That goes for the rest of my 'look' also at times. Not denying I have severe 'off days', but I hope we can ascertain that I am not as mad as all that. I also don't like being patronized, or subjected to gaslighting, and being in these contained State punitive spaces, such as Police stations, gives me the willies. Some issues will be of psychological health, granted, but it does not seem logically sound to equate my every opinion, suggestion, position, and reaction to ill health. Unsound of the State services, and yet terrifyingly convenient.

Oh well, it's not exactly like I get to make demands. I'll just take what comes. I would believe that was justice, and I am fond of trusting other people, at least to a degree. Regardless, justice is justice.

Just for some type of personal point. If the entire world for at least 29 years, has been irritating the nonsense out of a rather patient repeat-case ritual abuse victim, who has never been able to release most (if not all) of his actual struggles (bar in extensive, cryptic music composition, and private diaries, that have always laid unexamined) as the inept medical system has no time to care, eventually they might lose faith in the State. Regardless of prior trauma, a person who is open-minded regarding critical thinking, reasonably intelligent, and dedicated in their reading, and from a stable family background will also come to this conclusion given the opportunity.

I had a thought there. I should mention that I like Cryptography. I don't mean quantum computer-based encryption there, or its antithesis, in the manner of the ‘Penetrating Hard Targets’ system, or of Tempora, or Shield, or PRISM, and so on. I do mean classical Cryptography, from the perspective of a Cryptanalyst. Simon Singh has written interesting books. Usually fascinating mathematics, with one recent read devoted to Fermat’s Last Theorem. One stood out though and left a lasting imprint. I gained an interest is subtle Codes, as much as my previous interest in Lambda Calculus (and Lambda Notation in Formal Linguistics), and in the foundational basis of Robotics and Telecommunications, and before that in Philosophical Logic, in the manner of Bertrand Russell (who should also have kept out of political matters, most definitely) and Ludwig Wittgenstein. I also enjoyed reading and assimilating “Codes and Ciphers”, by Robert Churchhouse, on OUP, and similar textbooks. I have been known, for reasons of privacy as much as eccentric carnage, to experiment with implementing Simple Substitution Ciphers (and that general grade) in my own writings, essays, and diaries. My music is rammed full of that sort of thing. Not just metaphors and allusions, but anagrams and numerical ciphers, usually with some multiple choice afforded, and often down into layers that I have also forgotten the references to, annoyingly. I had the keys written down somewhere, but it all gets too much after a while. Someone described my music as “psychotic Industrial Surrealism” once. I coped with this, despite openly sighing at the sheer double-whammy insult of that, but I wish he’d had a second look. What I read about Francis Bacon ages ago stuck with me. I am not sure if this is apparent to the outside world. I feel it adds an extra layer of depth for those equipped to have a little crack at deciphering my texts. I was disappointed at the underlying ideological paradigm in “The Oxford Companion to National Security Intelligence”, and considered it both partisan and outdated, but found it an interesting read, nonetheless. The Potomac Books compendium on “Cyberpower and National Security” was slightly more to my tastes. The writings of Bill Gertz and ‘John Douglass’ also interest me, and indeed ‘Mencius Moldbug’ (despite his proposed federal agent ties). I would consider “The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference” series to be invaluable in, as Shoshana Zuboff puts it (with a slightly weary Globalist/Marxist Liberal spin) an age of Surveillance Capitalism. There are quite a few books of interest. I just mentioned a basic set.

I am disfond of Maoism and the like, and extremely disfond of Bolshevism, no matter what its modern label. An awareness of (sometimes deliberately) shielded historical context, as much as of the erosion of freedom of speech, and of privacy, in the face of Big Tech advancements, and the developing UK dictatorship, lies behind much of my decision-making. I am aware of the disquieting corporate reach of BlackRock and Vanguard, and the individuals they serve. And of their grasp on industry, and agriculture, and food, and tech, in line with the Israeli Talpiot program, and media, and on the housing market, owning majority shares in every single company I have researched so far. Finally, although I disagree with the actions of its author, I have considered the “MindWar” trilogy, and many Strategic Studies Institute guides, and also “PSYOP” manuals from a British perspective, and themes relevant to the British 77th Brigade and the Israeli Unit 8200. My philosophy interests rest with Logic, Natural Law, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Ethics. I also have an interest in the writings of the Queen Mary University Linguist Paul Elbourne, whom I studied under, and in Montague grammar.

Regardless, seeing as it's early on now, I thought I might crack on. I must admit, there's been a slight headache on my mind these past few months. I am referring to the strange case of Andrew, the estranged husband of my partner Abby.

He hates me. I've certainly noticed. Not a day goes by recently when he’s not making some rubbish or other up about me or poisoning the children against me through fictitious biographical lectures he pulls out of his rear and then passes on as fact, knowing they are at an age to believe anything they are told. Consequently, though I am usually distasteful of this action, my partner recently encouraged me to report him for Hate Crime. It’s unsettling to know that he is a Police officer. The fellow officer I made the report to didn’t give a damn.

I wouldn't be surprised if he scans all my shared online work, on a regular basis, and then just lies his behind off regardless.

Threatening, in tacit fashion, to beat me up for teaching my stepdaughter critical thinking skills, impartial history, and world politics (neglected by the local secondary school) was a good example. An extremely sneaky and vindictive person. No sense of humour either.

I had long assumed that he may be familiar with Northern Ireland, or 1970’s Irish politics in general. I expect he is somewhat reversed in inclination though. Incidentally, I have no opinion on Republicans whatsoever, bar noting that I don't think I could support them as I'm not a Communist. My family has no ties to that movement.

Those times are long over. Or are they? What's the word for PTSD that means you don't have any symptoms of it but are left with undying, burning hatred regardless, almost as if it has once been drilled into you.

Possibly not in Dubai, although he was formerly stationed there.

I am informed that he keeps a mere two books in his house, one being a copy of The Holy Bible, in what I assume is some KJV equivalent, and one fantastical and severely overrated pulp fiction tract by Dan Brown, which really doesn’t cut it on the whole issue at all. I am glad that there is a large screen television though, and a few smaller televisions, to play his video games on, or to listen to the BBC news, or to watch movies, such as the crass and sometimes borderline pornographic films he presents to Ruah, despite her distaste, whilst he allows Morgana to play the seedy, immoral, hyper-violent Grand Theft Auto video game series, unsupervised. I have observed him slapping them before as punishment. I can assume that he is unaware of the manipulated nature of the Western press, and its ‘yellow journalism’, or even such past behaviour modification, psychological conditioning, and propaganda distribution ventures as Mockingbird, or MK-Naomi. I shall leave scripted consensus, deep fakes, and False Flag reporting aside for the time being, or indeed the evidence for a demographic majority of Liberals and radical leftists in Journalism. It is a shame that until recently there were no furnishing of a decent nature in his house for the children to sit on, merely beanbags on the barren floor. I’m not entirely sure why the Social Services did not notice this. I say ‘entirely’, as I generally go on the assumption that, though severely dogmatic, they are none too bright either, or are lacking in initiative, preferring to rely on templates from above, and certainly open to errors of judgement, or indeed secondary agendas.

There is something near Jacobin about all of this. Fabian proto-Marxists also spring to mind. “Liberalism” is a flawed 250-year-old idea to turn good, bright men into feeble weakling traitors. It is nothing but civilization destroying propaganda for naïve minds that seem unable to fully mature.

I've often heard that conservatives can understand leftists more than leftists can understand conservatives.

Thus, I think I can say, clearly, that National Socialists wearily tolerate (nicer) Liberals far more than the other way around.

Odd that. I suppose there's a reason The French Revolution is not generally taught at GCSE. I would imagine that it is not actually taught at all to most adults. Self-study remains the only clear way to perceive this. A similar understanding can be taken to textbooks that insist on referring to the Bolshevik October Revolution of 1917 as the ‘Russian’ revolution despite the non-Russian ethnic makeup of its political leadership, and its Capitalist Wall Street funders, let alone the actions of Bruce Lockhart and Arnold Toynbee, and the decisions made at the former Wellington House.

I've heard from numerous sources that NS cannot be rehabilitated. I'm inclined to agree. Just in case though, I always hold out a small hope.

It's only a word, you relentless pansies! If you’d like, you can replace it with ‘Nationalism’, upon which it is based in the first place.

It's what you do with it that would indicate the validity of your philosophical framework of being. By modern inclination, there is more of totalitarianism, and blind authoritarianism in Liberalism and its consequences, than in anything of that former philosophical worldview.

In a nutshell, I suspect Andrew is really, really, rather ‘racist’ against the South Donegal mountains, and down from there. Hence his refusal to allow Abby to consider taking the children to my parents, despite them living some miles away, in the calm, peaceful, scenic, crime-free village of Eglington, where they would find decent playmates, and helpful adults. We had wanted to make a fresh start, in an environment with better economic potentials, and closer to the rest of my family. Harwich, by comparison, is known for drug dealing, criminality, delinquency and anti-social behaviour, littering, human trafficking, violence, poor schooling, and severely limited job prospects.

I used to like playing hide and seek with my cousins in Creggan as a child. Very fun times.

I am informed that Andrew lost his virginity at age 9. None of our group though, as we had quite a pleasant youth. Until my late cousin Brian was assaulted, and my cousin Paul badly wounded and subsequently traumatized in unprovoked attacks from sectarian yobs.

I just can't quite work out who's been educating him (if that's what you'd like to call it) in the interim. The same holds for most of the UK Police Force. Whilst in my cell, at Clacton, I spoke to one of the guarding officers, who informed me that he would like to visit Ireland, but “just not Northern Ireland, as it’s horrible there, I hear”. Outside of small Belfast estate enclaves, I would suggest that this territory remains safer than mainland Britain these days, and considerably more cultured, with a higher quality of life, and friendlier people. Research on the UK Government website itself, and on Pew Research in the US shows that most of the 21st Century Terroristic crime, by a wide margin, originates from Islamic sources. Violent crime, especially knife crime, is also higher in the BAME community, even given their demographic insignificance compared with White natives.

In yet another one of these glorious nutshells, unrepentant Statists (lower middle class; State school education; ‘midwits’ in the words of Professor Edward Dutton, at best, etc. etc.) hack me off, especially when they don't know why they're Statist. Back to our fascinations with the glory of Liberalism. So what? I don't care if you call yourselves Liberals or Plains Antelope, and it makes limited difference.

To implement a classic example, take the modus operandi of the Great British Social Services who claim to care about children (not because they care about children in the majority, but because they have learnt the useful phrase "we care about children" and can thus use their corrupt, self-serving, punitive job roles and institutional power to fling that idea about, regardless of personal actions and decision-making). I suppose I don't know anything about organ harvesting, or a pipeline to Establishment child molestation, naturally, or Bonnie Lewis, or Hollie Grieg, or Helenor Bye, or indeed the complexities of Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, Luton, or Cambridge. You’d think I’d be aware of falsified evidence, or of perjury in court, and outright lies and corruption in the judiciary, sometimes of a Masonic crony nature. Brian Gerrish and his team have indeed covered this topic in detail, as have many other whistle-blowers from within the civil service, let alone the victims themselves.

Who sent you, Lorraine? I would hope you do not expect me to believe that you are a flawless paragon of virtue solely because you are wearing loose NHS-esque business-wear, and a small name badge. Your uniform does nothing to impress me, and I often wonder what you might be doing on your days off. It's not entirely unreasonable, is it? If someone put you up to writing that sloppy, litigious, rushed, cherry-picked report that Andrew is utilizing to take us down, then I'd certainly wonder about that. Your organization has been abysmal in the levels you've patronized me to over the years. I am very sure that you would nor appreciate an audit, or an internal review. The Non-Molestation Order that Andrew has concocted based on your writings and his underlying prejudice is obscene and littered with lies and distortions. If it were true, I cannot understand why he is so quick to break it, and to leave the children temporarily with Abby again, a woman who he, presumably, has stated he is so afraid of that he must request a glass screen to sit behind in court. He does not seem to have been so afraid of her when he punched her in the face, leaving a large black eye, and facial fracturing, before rendering her homeless, as he committed adultery, and got away Scot free. He really shouldn’t be phoning Abby up repeatedly, knowing she’ll be arrested if she answers. We’d prefer it if he hadn’t tried to come to the door.

As a gentle example, I once had a 15-year-old friend in hospital as a teenager whose father was a Social Worker. He liked pimping her out to his friends and professional colleagues for parties. Of course, she told the unit staff this, but they both dismissed her outright, and played it down, allowing him to visit regularly and collect her, taking her off to weekend atrocities, even under the direct care of the NHS! If there's an organization, I hate more that the Social Services, then it's Mental Health staff. Scraping the barrel this time, aren't we? Between poor training, burnout, and the hiring of low IQ staff whose disposition (and culture, let alone genetic factors) renders them unable to provide adequate sympathy or compassionate care, let alone the barren, funding-stripped punitive environment of modern units, mere holding cells to contain you whilst medications are foisted on you, at the threat of indefinite incarceration, compounded if you do not accept their narrow definition of the ‘status quo’, limited of course by their own bias, and by their own limited knowledge, and courtesy of middle management in the NHS and endless red tape bureaucracy, there is not much hope of reform. That poor girl had enough and swallowed broken glass in the end. She also drunk bleach. The result was, naturally, most unpleasant. Trust me, I'm aware of that sort of mentality also. Of course, he got off Scot free also, without ever being apprehended. It was about then I realized... "right, this country is damned". And you think these "clients" alone are mentally ill? Have you once in your life ever had a moment of self-reflection?!

To give a better example, I consider my recent interview. Although all three appeared Liberal, I noticed the Irishman was most open to dry humour. I also found his accent and exasperation quite amusing. I liked the older British gentleman also, as he seemed enthusiastic, and genuinely rather pleasant. I'm still not much of a fan of Spitfires though, although that is certainly not to do with the marvellous design engineering, secondary only to Russian tank technology. I prefer the exquisite and yet functional German workmanship to either of those nation’s military industrial outputs though. The youngest chap, being closest to my age, seemed the *most* Liberal though. I realised I might have problems. That said, I realise he has a serious job to do so it doesn't really matter that much if he's Liberal or not. Or does it?

As my prints were being taken, I briefly scanned the desk in front of me and saw a report linking my case to an initiative designated “Operation Tussocky”. Maybe that was placed there to distract me. In general, were it me, I wouldn’t put that sort of information within easy reach. The Middle Eastern gentleman in the mask seemed both snotty and rash in his conclusions. Quite arrogant, treating me like I was a simpleton. I can safely assume that the entire building has been ‘vaxxed’. Whether you believe me or not, it is too late for you. The heavily censored science stands, overwhelmingly, directly in your face, and you are too dogmatic, and too cowardly to even have the time to regard it. I am sad for that, but it is too late. I will hope you have been given saline placebo batches. Of course, if you continue to accept the full quota of booster shots, then I cannot vouch for your safety.

I do apologise for my use of "n****r" in that stupid comment. I was indeed trolling Ali. I like to see if he's paying attention sometimes, and cognitively prime him regardless, and it has been known to get gratuitous. I suspect I would not make a very good ‘mechanic’, as I'm quite fond of people, and besides, I suspect you'd need a license in this darn country. That said, I'd be a liar if I didn't also wonder why more was not made of the fact that they're running a hard drugs op just down the street from me, in full sight of small children, and under the presence of both the NHS and the local Police now and again, and no one locally seems to give a toss. I know this as I was myself solicited in passing. Hmm... which idea do you find more offensive? I think it's a taste test this one. Well done, Neighbourhood Watch... that's it, stand 10m away and monitor the traffic to prevent speeding. Meanwhile, down the other end of the street... well, I've certainly heard things on the grapevine. Notes of a Chinese led cocaine operation, with the pub itself acting as a complete front for the purposes of money laundering, much as I don’t think that many of the local customers are aware. Much as I would never say that to a Black person's face.... I would imagine a private phone conversation (and a YouTube alternative filled with hardcore activists and their hasbara observers) is not going to be quite as bothered by it.

I think Liberals sometimes project their fragility a little.

The British State School approach, 1995-2022 exponential: Henry VIII was a Tudor king. He had lots of wives, all of whom were probably people of colour, as was everyone else. Please turn on your computers class and draw a blob of contained nothingness. Well done, you are all bisexual astronauts.

So next time you offer to pop around, threatening to 'have a little chat' with me for educating Liberty, Andrew, perhaps you could f**k off instead. By strange coincidence, an indirect English ancestor in the Power family is Catherine Parr, King Henry’s 6th wife. Judging by his treatment of the rest, I hold him in limited regard, even before I consider the dissolution of the monasteries under that fat idiot’s rule.

My care coordinator, sent by Dovercourt/Harwich mental health team seems extremely normal but also quite patient. That does not mean that I find her trustworthy, or adequate to my needs. It does not seem that many independent thoughts cross her mind. She also seems quite low in IQ. She asked me the other month what I do in my free time. I explained that I don't often feel I have much free time these days, however, if you must ask, I like invading decommissioned bunkers, sometimes those that remain unopen to the public, and walking far out into the wilderness in search of interesting forensics regarding potential criminal cult activity. Burnt Bibles and strange graffiti in Beacon Hill, and the occasional odd moment out in the woods. I also like to keep track of political changes in an area, and general industrial developments, including observations on any new technology. Past a certain point, you know when to turn back (and try again a few days later). If you would like an analogy on the first point, consider the semi-fictional situations analysed in SCP. On a more realistic note, consider the cases in Franklin, Nebraska, highlighted by Ted Gunderson, or the West London sex crime rings discovered in conjunction with the Savile case, or the huge sweeps of parliamentary MPs, and the trials of Jeffrey Epstein, and of Ghislaine Maxwell (the latter having mysteriously dropped off the RADAR recently). Or the autobiography “When Rabbit Howls” by Truddi Chase. There are hundreds of European examples, notably Marc Dutroux, but many more across France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, and Germany (with particular focus on the Black Forest). They are not usually treated with the proper reverence or precision, and justice is rarely encountered. We could call my interest in this some form of amateur investigative journalism, partly arising from anger at a lack of State intervention in these matters.

I'm not actually sure if she noticed anything at all in my first remark. I found that quite amusing. I am well used to this country. I certainly expected that she would consider me crazy though. If I was to talk to a standard State psychiatrist about Raytheon armaments, or about Hitachi theragrippers, or IBM and Microsoft technologies in the 2020’s, and their CIA ties, or anything of advanced Transhumanism and bio-medical developments, I would expect a similar response. The old canards “my monitor is watching me”, or “the Russians are out to get me” take on a whole new meaning in this ridiculous modern world. It is as if psychiatrists are programmed to find madness everywhere. They also have an anti-theistic bend, and one can be interrogated intensely on religious positions. One could briefly consider “voice to skull” manifestations also, and the methods employed by the State against targeted individuals. A cursory analysis of spycraft reveal a great deal of unusual potentials.

I expect Theresa thinks I'm a soft touch. I don't mind that - it shows she's nurturing, and a little protective. I’m sure she bends to authority from above also. I was disappointed in her initial report of a few years back which led to me being placed on a British Police watchlist, after sharing with her that I would defend my life from mandated injection teams, and that I did not trust the orthodox position on Coronavirus, having poked numerous gaping holes in it. I ask you to re-read my letter to MP Sir Bernard Jenkin, and to review the data contained in it. I also grow tired of the term “conspiracy theorist”. I would suggest a deranged conspiracy theory was along the lines of “Elvis lives on the Moon in a golden pyramid operated by Reptilian wizards”. That one cannot differentiate this nonsense from my research into State corruption, and the Intelligence community, and Big Tech, and the pharmaceutical industry, and the nature of Zionism and Marxism and Globalism and Transhumanism, is very enervating. I would remind you that the censorious Fact Checker network is funded by the same NGO’s, Globalist organizations, think-tanks, and political movers-and-shakers that it proports to report accurately on. I would also remind you, as firmly as possible, of the Warren Commission’s blackmail of Earl Warren, and the 25th of November 1963 memo to Bill Moyers by US Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach that attempted, quite successfully, to discredit Warren’s report into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I mention this as you’ll find it contains the first pejorative use of the term “conspiracy theory”. If you cannot grasp that this term is essential to Operation Mockingbird, you are either dumb as rocks, or you’re deliberately going out of your way to be as unhelpful as possible. I can see why it’s caught on. It remains a terrible pain. To paraphrase media professor Mark Crispin Miller: is there a chance this material is true, and you just can’t handle it? It’s rocky territory out there.

It's a pity she’s too busy at work signing forms to get people put away or drugged-up or sectioned, or otherwise stigmatized (and gathering her salary from State taxes, such as the mild amounts I accrue in my online music sales on the digital distribution platform DistroKid), to observe the database which shows, as of April 22, 2022, that there have been 2,111,246 reported ‘vaccine’ adverse reactions, including 27,532 deaths. That’s not an insignificant number, and is unheard of in medicine, where protocols are usually in place to end drug trials past a 3 to 10-person death threshold. I think we can agree that you will be unable to name any other drug that has been pushed so thoroughly by the State, up to the point of mandating, and yet carries such a cost in human life. The FDA and the CDC should never have let these through. No Gold Standard is met. The vast datasets on the lack of conclusive proof that the virus has even been isolated in the first place, revealed under repeat international Freedom of Information Act requests are unnerving.

Given that VAERS, in line with the Harvard Lazarus Report, is only showing the 1% of adverse reactions, including deaths, that are reported at all, I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to take measures to defend my life, and the life of my family from what, really, if these calculations are analysed in depth, and taken seriously, is no less than a continuing global democide on par with a Holocaust, and for supra-national and supra-governmental interests. If that sounds sensationalist, do the maths. Bill Gates has openly commented in public lectures on his drive to control Carbon emissions through depopulation measures. You will find that clip on one of my computers also.

At very least she could have considered the information stored here: (as could everyone else of an official nature). I am not anti-science, but neither do I think that every scientist ever is a god who must be worshipped and believed, no matter what the media tries to thrust on me. One does have to remember that this discipline is beset with morons, and the easily paid-off also.

Theresa took it because her bosses said so, and because she didn’t want to lose her job (which presumably matters more to her than her health), and because it said so on TV, and in the newspapers, and because her friends were doing it. She wanted to tow the line. She thought that would make her a ‘good person’, along with roughly 70% of the British population. Without the constant news cycle distractions of Ukraine, it is possible to still chart the progress of this Transhumanist act of Bioterrorism (in the recorded words of Bill Gates himself).

I expect by now that her immune system will be beginning to show small signs of wear and tear. From my data, and depending on batch, there is much worse to come. Being an ostensible member of the medical community, perhaps she could review the research of the late Dr Andreas Noack. You’d think it would be worth her while. Also, perhaps she could consider Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition, which defines ‘A Mandate’ in the following way:

“Under Roman and Civil Law, a written command given in principal to an agent, specifically, a commission or contract by which one person (the mandator) requests someone (the mandatory) to perform some service gratuitously [voluntarily, willingly, without charge], the commission becoming effective when the mandatory agrees.”

A mandate is a contractual agreement and only ‘legally’ becomes valid once the subject of the mandate agrees.

It seems that Theresa has no mind of her own. I would prefer it had I not been thwarted by her in the process.

I think we can admit freely that there is something very bizarre about this situation.

Personal Ambition Designation:

APIIW* Agent/SSgt.

I like to investigate the fall of SIS under their ‘Mission Critical’ directives (written by Sir Stephen Lovegrove) on diversity (seemingly without noticing the security risks posed by recruiting foreign-born spies, or the total irrelevancy of discussing the Sociology of personal pronouns and “White privilege” and the Western Marxist doctrine of ‘intersectionality’ and Critical Race Theory), and their inadvisable change to open recruiting, let alone the obscene and illegal materials found in the personal diaries of ex-Deputy Chief Sir Peter Hayman, and the botched coverup of abuse at Kincora Boys Home, and to specialize independently. I could briefly mention Sir William Stevenson also, regarding the Kennedy assassination, but I assume that’s old hat now. The MoD seems more content to virtue-signal on LGBT literature also, than to invest in the protection of our foreign and domestic interests, and the well-being of our soldiers. Veterans are left homeless in favour of anti-British immigrants. The British Army recruitment campaigns are a world laughingstock.

*Aryan Practical Idealism Information Warrior, in the manner of an independent counter-subversion field agent with a foundational desire to counteract the European Union’s frameworks of forced Kalergi-inspired cultural genocide. A preference for infiltration, intelligence gathering, and audio anti-propaganda.

Stuck inside most days, bar limited exploration.

1. Upstairs Library/Office/Bedroom

2. Back Garden Logistics and Food Storage Segments/(former) Armoury/Training Dojo/Observation Post/Fruit and Vegetable Garden.

Less than droll. Constantly updating the spaces available.

The term ‘Cliveden Set’ springs to mind. I suppose to be more with the times, I should say ‘Shield’-esque.

Would prefer to self-assign constrained tactical prerogatives:

Start small. Map territory as a Forward Observer. Liaise with potential contact groups. Gather candidates.

Important point: works best alone.

Success rate: very unlikely yet regardless. Just in case.

I had a look into Mr. ABB. I don't think a Norwegian secure prison run by Feminists, and Marxist Statists and under total Psychiatric lockdown as wave after wave of analysts tries to profile him whilst continually insulting him with Psychiatric labels was the kindest option, given his backstory, and the compound trauma and abuse he suffered in early life. NLP, NLP, NLP. That's an education for you, in the manner of that famous campaign speech by New Labour’s Tony Blair. As London types, I don't imagine you've read the canon of Fredrich Nietzsche, or Arthur Schopenhauer, except in pre-selected quotation, let alone understood the resolute mega-horror of stepping beyond good and evil. I imagine you more satisfied by The Daily Telegraph, or The Times, or merely The Evening Standard. I knew a little bit about him. Not much. It has never particularly interested me. On your crass, insulting prompting, I looked up a bit more. Every drop I could find. Then I made my aetiological conclusion and pathological analysis.

You encapsulated that as "oh, but he killed a lot of people", and went no further. ‘Mr. Liberal’ dispassionately whimpered in his head and looked cold and twee.

"I studied the techniques and methods of Anders Breivik...". Wrong knee-jerk conclusion there. That does not imply to what end. I was genuinely curious about his case, from an outsider’s perspective. There’s very little in the world I’m not generally curious about, as you will have noticed. I didn’t get the chance to learn any more until later.

All the "I went and picked poison berries..." and “I scouted the area for people I don’t like…” = direct lies, as I did no such thing. As I say, I love baiting Ali. The woods are indeed poisoned slightly, on what some gathered background evidence and reference, and personal leaf testing points out to be electromagnetic cellular damage, and the water supply around here needs some analysis on account of both the soil, the processing additives, and other factors. No berries were picked, bar some late blackberries from the hedgerows the day before, to improve the crops I am growing in my garden.

At least no one died on Ruby Ridge, I suppose. Or Waco, for that matter. Or the victims of Jim Jones’ Blackwatch fiasco, prior to his sheep-dipping. At least Daniel Shaver and Duncan Limp and Tony Timpa were treated with dignity and respect.

For my sake, I can see why he did it, I think. It would not have been my choice. Inscrutably courageous. I suspect he knew it would not end well. And yet he took that. Bloody hell that's a genius for you, albeit one at the end of his tether, who went much too far. It seems like a personal grudge more than a grand tactical view of the problem. I don’t approve of the Freemasonry or the Zionism either. I can safely assume that you are either unaware, or entirely disinterested in that Marxist training school that masquerades as Labour, and its purposes. I see you are none too fond of Mr. Putin (as indeed I am not myself). He was a Young Global Leader graduate, under Klaus Schwab’s WHO tutorage, as much as Angela Merkel (who herself is subverted by the foreign intelligence machinations of the GRU and Alexandr Dugin). I would not have chosen the actions of Mr. Breivik myself. It’s chilling to comprehend. However, if that island had been a school for future agents of Putin, I would be interested in how you would have responded. If you wanted a more popular example of a man in uniform killing children, you could look to Jalazoun refugee camp in Palestine, or, to ramp it up a notch, Marion David Pettie (who seems to have fared significantly better than Anders), or merely some of the interrogators at Abu Ghraib. If you rely on the mainstream press for your research, or the word of Marxist academics, or Communist internal advisers, or worse, do no real research whatsoever, you will get what you deserve.

I was unaware in interview of what you meant by ‘is direct action the only response to genocide?’. I thought for a moment as to your context and acknowledged my underlying position that violence is not a way forward. I was not familiar with the term ‘direct action’ until then, so had to assume what you were asking. However, your acknowledgement that there is indeed a genocide of some nature is unusual. I would find it interesting to know your own position on that question. I cannot trust your organization, and The State at large is, clearly, unable to handle this, if you remain unaware that you yourselves can be either uninformed, misinformed, subverted, or ideologically blinded. I am a keen student of Yuri Bezmenov, the profound KGB defector. Aggressive violence is never the response, no. Under there parameters, a tactical defence, with comprehensive analysis of world geopolitics, is not out of the question though. I repeat to you, what can a free citizen do to preserve their life in your absence, non-committal stance, or avoidance of these fundamental questions? Despite some CIA compromise (the limited hangout feeling, plus the data dump link highlighted in my book), Edward Snowden has remarked similar. What recourse is there when Government is wrong on a particular issue, or when its ministers act illegally or against the interests of the British people?

I would suggest that if every single analysis of this letter is not assimilated that those assimilating it at all were below the IQ necessary to make sound judgement on it. Keep anything that seems salient and do take your time. Small, bitter, sardonic encapsulations of far strange ideas, and of my political and meta-political analyses, and of my private business.

The Globalist sock puppet Russian military forces are closing in, and the equally Globalist sock puppet President Biden threatens a June/July pushback which may lead the whole world into war, and the United Nations has moved on in Agenda 2030, in line with Fabian transhumanism and Silicon Valley technocracy, and I am not obliged to trust every single person on the planet, no matter their regalia, or their adopted profession.

I remain on the boundaries of shedding Catholicism for Cosmotheism, with some private open-mindedness to proto-scientific esoterica (i.e., not for reasons of theology or politics). I have never considered myself placed here to be liked. My role is to make steps to increase my family’s chances of long-term survival, however strenuously, and within a fixed timeframe. My enemy have desecrated sacred spaces, aided in the destruction and vandalism of national relics, and works of sculpted art, harmed children, broken families, lied and robbed and betrayed their wards, and forsaken their oaths and bonds, all the while humiliating and demonizing the citizens. They have forsaken their country, their nation, their ancestors, their tribes. They are so less than human, all pigs in wimples, and flashy garb. They are traitors, and I will address them accordingly. This new postmodern, anti-human ‘Dark Age’, stripped of faith, and honour, and of reason itself, will progress into the dusk.

I am sincere in my convictions. It is a pity most have nothing at all to ascend to, and no transcendence beyond.

They have gone too far this time in labelling me as ‘Schizophrenic’. Punitive Psychiatry, in the manner applied by the Soviet psikhushka system to political dissidents, and to Orthodox priests, and as documented by Solzhenitsyn in “The Cancer Ward”, displayed at its finest, to invalidate my position, and stain my good name. It’s like something Wilhelm Reich would concoct. I will not be accepting that analysis. Not from Statist dogmatists in league with Big Pharma, and in direct financial partnership with government health agencies. The recent batches of anti-psychotics tested on me rendered me impotent, dissociated me from the world around me, leaving me cold and dead inside, and added substantial weight-gain. With the full weight of PubMed quality journal research behind me, available on demand, as well as the reports of Amnesty International, I would suggest that, provided we are to acknowledge Biomedical Psychiatry as a legitimate framework at all, beset as it is with corruption, poor academic rigour, and internal scandal, any extended symptoms were long-term reactions to these drugs themselves, or in withdrawal from them, on top of compound stress, and insomnia, and despair at a broken world and its methodical hypocrisy, all accumulated in my body, perhaps to some epigenetic end on top of transient neurological conditioning. The stress of lockdowns, and of mandate threats did not make this easier. Personally, if we are to employ these internally voted-in APA tags at all, I feel I would rest somewhere closer to a harrowing C-PTSD, with bouts of Psychotic Depression since around 2011, long untreated, and increasing in frequency as I have become more politically aware and attuned to the degradation of our society, and of which the system has shown no interest whatsoever in even noticing, let alone making steps to treat effectively or compassionately. At one point about a year ago when I did put forward the suggestion to discussing previous trauma I was brushed aside by a psychiatrist with the statement “I don’t think it’s the best idea for you to discuss it. It might bring up old memories.” The stress of remaining for so long unheard and unacknowledged by medical services has taken its toll. They lack all context and impartiality and seem content only to prescribe ineffective medications that do nothing to prevent these bouts of ill health, perhaps administered for their own financial gain, as much as to fling labels at me when it is politically expedient to do so. Making assumptions about my case based on extremely limited observation and interaction, never once delving into any analysis of historical trauma, and only noticing me at all in my episodes of ill health, which are sporadic (but which you seem to think are constantly present), whilst disregarding any extraneous symptoms I experience behind closed doors (and especially during the night) seems to have led you blindly into mis-diagnosis, even before the political factors are roped in. Do I think my writing here will have any impact on pompous psychiatry? No. At my Christmas hospital stay, a primary condition of my release was to wearily pretend that I did not hold the views I do indeed hold regarding Coronavirus and the ‘vaccine’ program, otherwise I would have incarcerated for far longer. This suggests that this entire agenda is not about health, but about control, and you are merely forcing me to agree with you, and with your sloppy data analysis and blind, cultic naivety. You are no different from Andrei Snezhnevsky in your approach. Where is the Hippocratic Oath? You would do well to read Alexander Podrabinek. Having reviewed the conduct of doctors James Mitchell, and Bruce Jessen, and Michael Gelles, I acknowledge that the medical community is not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m not sure how prevalent this viewpoint is, but the dull-minded, sociopathic medical handling of the years 2019-2022 did not give much optimism. I don’t think a single mainstream doctor that I’ve researched would pass the Asch Experiment. That’s quite pathetic.

I have been diagnosed with many things over the years. If I am to assume that they were all incorrect up until now, I can infer that the medical professionals ‘treating’ me are incompetent in their diagnoses and would simultaneously question the validity of yet one new label, as it too could equally be incorrect. My symptoms have not changed in the nearly 8 years I have lived in Harwich, and yet my diagnosis has, suddenly. It is not long since homosexuality was still entered in the DSM, until the 1965 Marxist activism of the Sexual Revolution. It would be very convenient for them to make this diagnosis of Schizophrenia true, by whatever means. I consider myself now placed an ‘enemy of the state’, and a potential political prisoner. The best I could expect would probably be something like what happened to Beate Bahner.

If one can tolerate transsexuals, who, supported by Government, and by the NHS, remove and mutilate their genitalia surgically to appease their sexual fantasies, and paint their faces with expensive cosmetics, and dress in garish feminine clothing, and expose themselves to small children in fetishist routines in schools and in libraries and on television, and yet consider them totally sane, despite the glaringly obvious observation that they are lacking in XX chromosomes and ovaries, and a menstrual cycle, and a womb, and any hint of a true feminine nature (as indeed many despise genuine women) beyond their relentless narcissistic perversion and orchestrated drive to cultural hegemony, and despite the proven statistical prevalence of child molesters, and despite them remaining near 2-3% of the population, and yet awarded such preferential treatment and attention, then I am sorry to be British at all, and do not understand this country anymore. If you, the very sworn defenders of this country, find that observation offensive, then I have no hope whatsoever for you. I’m sorry, you’re idiots.

If court is necessary, in the manner of Roe vs. Wade, I can encapsulate this case as Power vs. The British State. Even Kyle Rittenhouse prevailed in The States and was acquitted, perhaps for his defensive understanding of the 2nd Amendment and The Bill of Rights, having not actually done anything wrong in the face of unending (and unendingly vindictive) Democratic Socialism, leftist instability, and gullible Liberalism. I would hope there was one good judge left here who is not irrevocably bent. Given my political leanings, I would ask that, if possible, he or she was not Jewish, as one could certainly see why there would be a potential conflict of interest then, and indeed a good deal of bias.

My arms and prepping manuals (including those that have been deemed unsuitable, such as the explosives compilations of Ragnar Benson, who writes on a great many other defensive tactics also) at the time of my arrest were prepared for the approximate period 2024-2050. When the State and the military can no longer protect us, we must acquire the means to protect ourselves. I would expect any threat, from local hooligans right the way up to foreign military forces. Volodymyr Zelensky has recently approved of Ukrainian citizens arming themselves for exactly this reason, just as the governments of Switzerland and Germany have encouraged their citizens to prepare stockpiles of fuel, alternative energy, and warm clothing. From 2022-2024 the Transhumanist aligned injection batches will start to take effect, in accord with the designs of Albert Bourla (et al.), Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab of the World Health Organization, and in line with the measures proposed by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at “Event 201” in the Winter of 2019, in alignment with Operation Cygnus. The first anti-human batches have already long taken effect. Do you even realise that there is a drive at the highest levels to cover this up? Any excuse possible bar acknowledging deaths due to the injection. All in line with the Global Public Private Partnership. It is a shame you did not monitor VAERS and The Yellow Card Scheme more closely, and listen to independent epidemiologists, Big Pharma and NHS whistle-blowers, The Great Barrington Declaration, and all non-bent and non-bought out scientists, and the worried public themselves. Just because something, by deliberation, drops out of the News cycle does not mean it has gone away. The multi-purposed distractions in Ukraine have totally blinded you to the exponentially escalating deaths, just as you are probably unaware of the implications of the full-scale revolution recently underway in Kazakhstan. I notice you didn’t ask me about the Kazakhstan Pentagram either. I thought that would have caught your eye, seeing as you’ve read my book also, and checked every printed link.

If you can’t even protect the children of your nation, or safeguard the innocent, you are unlikely to protect adults from hostile invaders, or from the ramifications of civilizational decline. I grow tired of appealing to your better natures, as so few are decent, and worth appealing to.

You have torn my family apart. I will expect justice.

If my lawyer finds himself unable to take on this case, I would appreciate being pointed in the direction of a firm who can. I do have faith in him though. It is a shame up until now that my father, and my partner have both stood in the way of me making a direct appeal to him. Both, historically, have been known to be quite controlling, and certainly dismissive.

I don’t like Bernard Jenkin’s cowardly, unconservative political behaviour, and strange perverted private life, no, but my piece online was to expose him and troll him, following dissatisfaction at his team ignoring my meticulously researched letters on the contradictions of the Coronavirus, and the lockdowns, and the dangers of the ‘vaccine’ program. The montage picture of his house, taken from a standard internet search, was to solidify the notes on his expenses scandal, one of the worst in British parliamentary history.

I am not in favour of Accelerationism in the context you are suggesting it, no. The country is bad enough as it is, and there is no need to speed up the decay. I remain interested in the theoretical and philosophical writings of Nick Land, and those tracts put out by Freedom Alternative, a Romanian vlogger channel whom you would expect to be more familiar with the nature of Communism than the simple folk of Great Britain.

I keep my books for reference. I have a great many of them, on a vast multitude of topics, and read 5-6 a week, on top of my journal and paper analysis, and my online media consumption.

I continue, on and off, to practice my fledgling Russian, through the Oxford Pocket Dictionary, and through “Drawings from The Gulag” by Danzig Baldaev, a former Soviet camp guard, who provides a fascinating, and yet devastating visual analysis of Leninist, Trotskyist, and Stalinist propaganda, and of Bolshevik State torture and incarceration. My preferred dialect remains that of Moscow, at least according to some Linguaphone tapes I have in my possession. I have quite a long way to go. I have developed a fondness for the eerie chants of Melodii Tuvi, and Churgilchin, and Huun Huur Tu, in combination with yet more visual language practice, and for Mongolian traditional music such as Black Horse.

As final note, I would direct readers of this letter to the writings of the psychologist Rollo May, and, particularly, to Stanley Feldman’s paper: “Enforcing Social Conformity: A Theory of Authoritarianism”. Ervin Staub’s “continuum of destruction”, writ large. In the words of Viktor Pestov “we must do something about this.” I would suggest that those who are unable to recognise “Left-Wing Authoritarianism” may encounter this problem because they themselves are leftists, and thus are overcome by a coruscating bias, and a distinct lack of self-reflection that seeks to sweep their own misdoings under the rug in favour of scoring yet more political points for those who think as they do. An understanding of the takeover of academic institutions, and of society in general by the left, post-1945 should be recognised. It’s not surprising that, given those conditions, there is now a far greater body of research on “Right-Wing Authoritarianism”.

I would suspect that the British Police, for reasons best known to themselves (although certainly of interest to outsiders also) have made a concerted push over the past few years to re-frame Terrorism, itself a fairly woolly phrase, as a ‘far right’ issue. I would wonder if this was because of their unquenchable fear of being called ‘racists’ by certain planted members of the Islamic community, who, as I have noted above, seem to harbour individuals and groups who do indeed carry out legitimate acts of terror (as well as a great many leftist activists, and indeed those with firm connections to government), and who go to great lengths to shield their own from criticism of any sort. I don’t blame everyday Muslims honestly. I’m aware of Operation Gladio/B (let alone the fact that Western military forces obliterated their countries). Opium production has gone up, one notices. I would expect nothing less of Liberals. National Socialism was known for publicly burning books of Jewish pornography. You may refer to the research of Caroline Yeager for confirmation on this. Simply owning defence manuals (in my case with a view to all-bases-covered prepping in case of catastrophic future disturbances that may endanger my family, my community, or society at large) has been rendered more heinous than actual attempts by those who genuinely hate us to (sometimes successfully) destroy the lives of British people. If there’s one thing I resent more than conformist moralizing, or political virtue signalling, its brazen hypocrisy. This is moral cowardice.

At least you can’t pin Duginism on me, as I despise that man and his flock of worthless morons.

I didn’t get to attend any Jubilee celebrations recently. There was a poster up locally. Unfortunately, it was invite only. So much for Tendering Council Socialism. I wondered why they bothered pointing it out at all. I can’t say I’m looking forward to Charles. I propose an alternative. I’d like to name it Operation Let’s Go Malthus.

My printed leaflet letters, though surely unpalatable to some (the individuals in question remain Jewish regardless, as any honest search would recognise), were intended to warn the Police of GPPP technocratic machinations and provide an overarching analysis of the entire Coronavirus scandal, and its overlaps with loxism, and with the machinations of the UN, to help them safeguard their own families, and ensure their personal well-being, regardless of their jobs. Beyond their intimidating uniforms, their military weapons, and their general fascination with COINTELPRO, I am sure they are just as human as the rest of us, despite their narrow training, and the compromised psychological profiling interviews of their seniors that have selected for unfortunate traits.

I had expected more from them.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Power

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