Blight: An Overview

Updated: Feb 21

I recently self-published a short book of my poetic lyrics, also containing a few mini-essays of my thoughts on the wanton dismemberment of the Western world's disgraced music scene, veering off into much dissident political thought and revisionist history in the process. Names are named. Speculations are advanced. The Coronavirus hoax is blasted to smithereens. It doesn't really pull its punches (though could do with more citations). I've titled it "Blight".

I now have a dozen tester copies sat on the desk in my small bedroom office. I have no idea what to do with them. Filled with brutal optimism, I handed one copy to a local Labour Party Councillor, whom I thought might begrudgingly provide me with a few contacts, and heard no more, and my main distributor took his own life in January 2021. It's not really the sort of thing you could have sat on your coffee table, in an average household. You'd need a good lock on the door if you even considered it for your toilet.

Still, I'll get it out there eventually. I have a friend who likes to sneak books I suggest to her into a local charity shop in the city of Chelmsford. Hope is not all lost then.

A kind American commentator and researcher called Jim Rizoli was quite nice about it too. He suggested I place an electronic copy of it online, for safekeeping. I shall probably do just that, on this very web-page. It does go on a bit, soundly flogging a dead horse. It probably jumps the shark also, but, as the issues haven't really gone away - ever - I hope it can be digested slowly; cautiously, and yet with some firm patience. I'll write a better tract, eventually.

Note: this is the First Edition. I also commissioned a very good Western Fine Artist to work on the cover.


There we are then. Nothing to worry about at all.

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