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Marxism is a core component of the long assault to implement global communism. I placed Karl Marx on my recent promotional design as many of my “Insignificant Sacrifices” album’s poem-songs directly reference the Bolshevik revolution (I tend not to say Russian revolution, as those carrying it out were, in the vast majority, not ethnic Russians). I'd wanted to tie it into Judaism also, hence the menorah, and to international finance, hence the Rothschild shield logo (masquerading as the crest of the Russian Empire).

The Bolsheviks were, after all, funded their arms and supplies, and travel arrangements, and propaganda resources by Jewish capitalists in the United States such as (Rothschild affiliated) Alfred Milner, Olof Ashberg (the founder of the USSR’s first internationalist bank, the VEB), and Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., all tied into Wall Street banking and the Federal Reserve System. There's something unexpected about that if one is still regarding capitalism as the ‘opposite’ of communism.

Bolshevik just means 'majority' (as opposed to Menshevik). Bolsheviks directly referred to Marx’ writings though (in the same way Mao took revolutionary advice from the Jewish-Marxist Rittenberg in 1949, and as Nelson Mandela was trained by the Mossad in Ethiopia whilst the ANC received Soviet funding), through the 1917 Political Bureau work of Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamanev, Sokolnikov, Stalin, Bubnov, and especially Lenin. Of course, no one these days would openly say they were a Marxist (apart from Antifa and Young Communist League members, or the founders and ringleaders of Black Lives Matter, such as Alicia Garza, and the convicted terrorist and director of funding for BLM, Susan Rosenberg, who regularly confess) but I still think it's quite prevalent as an ideology.

What is Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum but a space to promote globalist communism? "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" is his tagline. His organization speaks of now as “the time to press the reset button on capitalism”. Presumably they wish to retain capitalism for themselves but foist communism on the rest of us. Same with the UN's Agenda 21 plan. The centralization of all state control into a world-spanning mega-collective of 'smart cities', with the abolition of private property and individual freedom, under a world government’s digital central currency, and with a social credit system like communist China. They want us as powerless, ignorant, uninformed consumer techno-slaves. The United Nations, itself founded by members of the British Fabian Society, also has long promoted the end of nationalism, and border control in its documents. The end of nations altogether. As of the post-Second World War era, it has succeeded.

Besides all this, 'cultural Marxism' (known academically as Western Marxism, through the doctrine of Critical Theory) is still prevalent. The ideological academic teachings of The Frankfurt School, and New School (funded by David Rockefeller), and the financers and organizers (including the CIA) of the 1960s Civil Rights movement in the US, have been rather successful. They didn't want a real civil uprising, they just wanted to push through Marxist social policies (to an 1848 level) and create a weak, self-entitled generation of clueless baked hippies with a ‘progressive’ utopian mindset, to use as useful idiots (in the words of Yuri Bezmenov, retired KGB agent) against nationalism, patriotism, and traditional conservative values, and who would be of utterly no threat to them.

The arts and literature of the West, along with our news media, radio and television programmes would be completely subverted. Even now, those on the Right are subverted by Duginism, Eurasianism and ‘National Bolshevism’ to consider that Liberalism (and by implication, the West) alone is at the root of our woes, and not the deceit and cunning of latter-day Marxists, just as modern communists deny Marx any relevancy.

The 'Woke capitalism' that panders to the glaring perversions of the LGBT movement, and to the aggressive demands of non-Whites, at the expense of most White citizens, arose as a direct fusion of Marxist ideology with Liberal corporate cynicism, the latter ‘corporations’ under the full control of elitist billionaires on the Council of Foreign Relations, and other Jewish-led think-tanks tied closely to the United Nations. It is hardly a new movement of thought. Normal behaviour, heterosexuality, and masculinity itself are dismissed with contempt. It is no coincidence that the raised fist of the Feminist emblem, and of Black Lives Matter, closely resembles that of the Soviet CCCP and its propaganda. ‘Whiteness’ itself is seen as the root of all evil by globalism and Western Marxism, to be systemically ‘deconstructed’ and dismantled in favour of ‘diversity’, which is no more than the total exclusion of Whites from any source of unity or power. Of course, this degrading process cannot reach fruition without the genocide of Whites as a race.

The whole drive of cultural Marxism is to obliterate the traditional Western European family unit, and system of morals and cultural values, and to shape the education system to corrupt our children irrevocably, thus destroying the West altogether, turning us into rootless “international workers” similar to the “international consumers” of Liberal capitalism. The Marxist dual principles I was referring to are called “Base” and “Superstructure” by Marx. Base is the economic restructuring policy, formed, ostensibly, around ‘grass-roots’ workers. Superstructure is the cultural deconstruction and re-shaping. Though restructuring the Base was seen as more foundational to success, the destruction of the Superstructure is the final aim of Marx’ theory. It is not strictly an economic theory at all. The latter is more prevalent these days as Marxists realized as early as the end of The Great War that nationalists throughout the countries of Europe rejected their economic policies outright. Apart from in Russia, of course, where dissenters were all tortured to death.

We're reaching 'peak degeneracy' these days, far beyond the decadence of the Fall of Rome, or of Germany’s Weimar period, aided in no small part by the reach of modern technology, leading to our interconnected and yet meaningless lives, over-socialized and made even more meaningless by the design of the System. At the end of that slippery slope (referred to by Marxists as “the long march through the institutions of power”), even paedophilia is now starting to be normalized, and promoted, by the likes of the (Jewish) State University of New York at Fredonia Professor Stephen Kersnar, who stated in a 2022 set of videos posted to his social media account that “the notion that it’s wrong, even with a one-year old, it’s not quite obvious to me” and compared a child’s lack of understanding, and thus consent with regard to paedophilic abuse as similar to their lack of understanding when “showing up and participating in Bar Mitzvah lessons”. His viewpoint is also supported by Maimonides, and other rabbinic writings in the Talmud. This normalization may also be a move to soften the blow to the public perception were the intelligence community’s political blackmail networks that run on paedophilic video recordings of notable figures, such as Bill Gates (according to retired Mossad agent, Ari Ben-Menashe) and those connected to the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell case ever to be fully exposed.

I think Marx is more relevant that one would always expect (sadly). His genealogy is interesting to study also. Not entirely unexpectedly, he came from a long line of Jewish thinkers, and aristocrats, and had close blood ties to the Rothschilds, through the marriage of his ancestor Levi Barent-Cohen. Indeed, in the words of the esteemed rabbi, Stephen S. Wise, the leader of the American Jewish community in his role as president of the American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress, and adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the May 15th issue of The American Bulletin, 1935: “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism”.

Interestingly, Baruch Levy wrote in his June 1st, 1928 ‘Letter to Karl Marx’, published in La Revue de Paris: “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time comes, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” Despite being vocally rejected and ‘debunked’ by ‘Fact-Checkers’ and other strands of Israel-affiliated Zionist media this letter may be a genuine article. However, regardless of its validity, Marx, as an opponent of religion, instead noted, with some clarity: “Let us not look for the secret of the Jew in his religion, but let us look for the secret of his religion in the real Jew. What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.”

Marx was suggesting that utopia is reached in a workers' paradise, where they own the means of production, having ‘thrown off the chains of capitalism’ placed on them by the bourgeoisie. Regardless, it's the internationalist bankers and financiers who own everything in truth, as they control the money supply, and from many a historical example, the financiers and the puppet government figures in debt to them turn out to be despotic and cruel. Complete totalitarianism, with the citizens placed under constant surveillance and simultaneously encouraged to report on each other to officials of the state. The rest is a sham to confuse, mislead, and ultimately brainwash the impoverished citizens into overthrowing their original governments or rulers, thus allowing these scheming, ‘bourgeois’ internationalists to gain power and complete control. There is no historical example that shows otherwise.

Also, 100 million total combined deaths are not to be sniffed at (National Socialism failed, once, faced with the full might of an alliance of powerful countries under the control of these same banking families, and repeatedly sabotaged internally by high-ranking military traitors of their own nation, and we haven't forgiven *that* after all, so I can't see why the other side gets off the hook). Of course, as observed in the Constitution of the USSR under Stalin, one of the first Bolshevik policies to be pushed through following the seizing of power was the death penalty for displays of antisemitic ‘hate speech’. This remains a galling unlearned lesson from history, as we are not usually informed that the Bolshevik leadership, as with so many of these internationalist-led political organizations, was overwhelmingly Jewish. The Russian judiciary, and the native Police, as in the West today, were bought out and warped by Marxist conditioning, or installed as controlled agents, thus ensuring that conservative-minded citizens would receive unfair arrests and trials.

In Britain today, the Online Harms Bill is designed to tackle content deemed “harmful but legal” and the Home Office has considered the report of The Commission for Countering Extremism, as lobbied for by the World Jewish Congress. These motions sit alongside the British government’s “Digital Identity” plan to strips citizens of all online anonymity and thus enable them to pick up all they deem to be ‘Right-wing extremists’, similar to Google’s “Jigsaw”, which runs Project Shield, a platform that analyses ‘cyber phrenology’ meta data (in order to aid their technologies’ machine learning) such as a user’s keystrokes, search behaviour, touch screen interactions, analysis of sentiments, and friend networks. With the lessons Silicon Valley has gleaned from military-grade mimetics, PSYOP, and cognitive warfare, and with developments in the Robotics industry, in partnership with the global military industrial complex, a terrible Cyber War is coming against the citizens of the West (provided the globalist powers do not decide to shut down the Internet for a short span of time – a looming possibility).

Finally, the Law Commission proposes a reform of hate speech law that removes the qualifiers “abusive” and “insulting”, thus outlawing hatred itself as a stand-alone emotion. Under these laws, as irrational as they are, and as much as they uphold false dogmas, and award special – exclusive – privileges to some, we will inevitably find it much harder to facilitate a peaceful de-escalation of hostilities between groups. You must love your captors, and their occupation government, and you must love their ranked minions (there have been unlikely suggestions made by Liberals that the ‘civilian’ robotic assets slowly being phased into our employment sector should be awarded rights equivalent to that of a human*), otherwise you will face severe punishment for your mere speech or writings. There is no room for opposition. In truth, there can scarcely be anything more Orwellian. We have not been free for a very long time.

Sir John Glubb wrote an interesting book of essays called "The Fate of Empires". It considers 8 great empires from history and antiquity to the relatively modern, and notes than each one, no matter the cultural differences, lasts approximately 250 years (10 generations) before collapsing into decadence, anarchy, and ruin. We do not seem to have learned from history (nor do history teachers and their books usually afford us that opportunity). I can only assume that our own civilization, Marxism or not, is in its last days. Hopefully those strong enough who do survive will create something better, and thus start the whole process again. However, seeing as it is suggested that, from 1889 to 2005, IQ scores have fallen on average in the West by almost one standard deviation, and we can predict a continuing steady drop, we may no longer have the brainpower to fix a future for ourselves. A 2022 study has shown than the environmental factors that were put in place alongside the COVID-19 ‘scamdemic’, such as lockdowns, compulsory mask-wearing, and social distancing, have impacted on babies born during the period that these measures were active, and that, according to cognitive tests, this new generation can be shown to have IQs averaging at two standard deviations lower than those born before these measures were enforced. It seems that Millennials are the last generation of any real practical use to our survival. A sobering thought.

As to the art, I don't expect that the branded (as if by patented transhumanist whim), pale-skinned beast of burden on display could drag that fused contraption of assorted junk – the ugly, destitute remains of what was once architecture – too far, or at all, given the proportions. I'm sure it could have a go though, for a while. The right wheel of the carriage is bogged down in dung, to the point of practically being stuck. We could see this as a metaphor if we liked. Both regarding the Right in itself, and with the wheel considered as an ancient Traditional spiritual symbol for death and rebirth, and the cycles of history. Marx slouches; a rag and bone paedophile clown, offering his blood red balloons to our gathering children. Below him, iron manacles jangle.

*Not that human rights are worth anything. They may well be in theory, it's just that I don't think they make any difference in practice. Reformist bureaucrats can sign pieces of paper as much as they want, and spout the words and promises, when it is convenient, but no one in control really has the force placed against them to have to listen to our demands and act on them. Churchill's Lindemann Plan did not obey the treaties of the 1929 Geneva Conventions when it fire-bombed the tightly clustered houses of working-class civilians and refugees. The unnecessary, illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the destruction of Libya, and the war in Syria, all to aid the Greater Israel Project’s completion and their Bunting-Cloverleaf map ‘Belt and Road’ alliance with Russian and Chinese Eurasian globalism were much the same in the devastation they wrought, not only on those nations’ citizens, but on the young fighting men of Britain and America. Israel itself does not concede Palestinians inalienable rights when it torches their children with white phosphorus bombs. The globalist-orchestrated Russia-Ukraine conflict does nothing but threaten to sacrifice more White men, dragging them in and playing them off against each other, with both sides ultimately funded and directed by the same internationalist source. Even in the US, the Bill of Rights does not stop the constant threat of Second Amendment-violating weapons confiscation, or First Amendment-violating mass censorship and de-platforming, or arrests on phoney charges of Domestic Terrorism or Hate Crime. The Nuremberg Code is systemically violated by modern 'COVID cult' enforcers and no one in power bats an eyelid. The UN can suspend its own charter at whim at the announcement of a ‘global pandemic’. Hence, I just don't think human rights matter, or even can matter. It would be more prudent to understand that rights come with strength, and what we can claim, rather than what is intrinsically in us as a passive award for being alive at all. We cannot feel self-entitled, crying out for our 'rights' to be respected, without the due force to back up our cries. Otherwise, sadly, the System just will not listen, as it has no reason to, and will continue with its own agenda regardless. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: "those who will not fight Tyrants deserve the Tyranny".

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