The Ultimate 'Hate Crime'

Updated: Apr 17

Below is a speculative essay which I initially composed on the 23rd of December 2001, and refined piecemeal from then on in. It has a dry, informal, almost conversational tone in places, but grows more serious as it progresses. Also, it is designed to serve as food for thought rather than a tactical plan to be followed, and thus deals exclusively with steps that could be taken only once the occupation of European nations by a fifth column of internationalist Jewish subversives, and specifically in England by a puppet government of UK traitors was dealt with in some fashion. Unfortunately, it seems most realistic to note that any attempt on the part of the citizens to bring about ‘regime change’ in the UK, no matter how successful, would still be under threat of long-term failure as, even with whatever loyal patriots remained among The British Army and The Police (and untainted members of the intelligence community) on the side of the people, we would still have limited options against the United Nations, or the mercenary forces of NATO, who would, under that scenario, likely be called in to quash any rebellion on British soil, and lead us straight back ‘into the fold’ through a state of martial law imposed by any remaining UK traitors, hanging desperately on to power, lest they be hanged. We would also be weak against Judaeo-Russo-Chinese (globalist/Eurasian) invasion to fill the power vacuum. Despite the (neo-)feudal system that we exist under, it is not the somewhat easier conditions of 1381 anymore, and any romanticized idealists considering the rebellion of Wat Tyler’s peasant forces would do best to keep this is mind, as much as to remember that even in that time, his movement was brutally crushed by agents of the ruling class. However, despite all this, I enjoyed writing my essay, and hope, by any small chance of fate that the ‘stage 2’ clean-up proceedings I have suggested may occur. ‘Stage 1’ is the hardest to work out, as, much as it may be a pain, we may have to do it all at the same time, on multiple fronts, albeit with some definite threat priority given to parliamentary traitors. Alternatively, and perhaps more sensibly, given the low European birth-rates and our present weakness on account of them, we can just settle back into small communities of like-minded folk, and gather strength, and try to just survive, hoping it is not too late, and that one day we may find a new opportunity, provided we raise a new generation of European children – as many as possible – to replenish our numbers, and who can be taught by us to understand our struggle and achieve what we, most likely, cannot.

“The Ultimate 'Hate Crime'”

The idea of forcing people to listen, and process information is interesting to me. I think my approach is certainly fascist in application, by definition, in the arbitrary (and thus accurate) sense of that term, and with the understanding that it can be good or bad depending on the people involved, and their vision - not that it's ever really been bad though, if we consider history. It’s not like Democracy is the best idea ever in the long run. A society of government-media manipulated morons blotting out all hope of sensible opposition from the overburdened minority of intelligent people. I have no problem with conceiving of doing something for someone else’s own good. The enemy claims that. I just don’t think they’re right, because I think our position, with a higher purity of logic and evidence and the rationality that arises of it, is right. Someone must be right. It doesn’t have to be them.

For truth to have any legitimate meaning, you’d have to believe in truth as an instance of objective reality. The glorious barbarism of nihilism and relativism is that they’re trying desperately to shoehorn themselves into an undefeatable position, a gross tautology, through constant neologism definitions and re-definitions, deflecting all criticism, and ultimately denying that they think anything at all in practice. I find it very frustrating to read modern Leftist academic theories, particularly the French ones. Sir Roger Scruton explained the respective flaws of their verbose pseudoscientific nonsense well in his book “Fools, Frauds and Firebrands”. I also find censorship, even of mere speech, to be very irritating.

I think, given enough of that sort of thing, they just cannot be beaten with words. Impossible. Language, as a meaningful interpersonal human act, has failed by now. Communication is dead. Since they’ve fallen to that, the only way left to persuade them would be to apply physical force. Yes, they could still be arguing back the entire time, telling you you’re wrong, and getting offended, and finding increasingly complex and intricate ways to weasel that nonsense across. I don’t think Mr. Axe cares about that though.

Hence why I like Aryanism. It promotes Action as a worldview. That’s quite a profound leap of thought for a people by Tradition rooted in purest anti-materialist idealism. It seems the best way to deal with the genetically insane though. If they just cannot counter your actions, then you have the evolutionary advantage. Best put that to practice, even unconsciously, as perhaps we just do. Of course, if they can counter them, that’s where the trouble starts. Thankfully, having recently bred a smug generation of argumentative, passive-aggressive, unscholarly emotional weaklings and biometrics-harnessed techno-slaves, they seem to have shot themselves in the foot. When the axe embeds in their spinal column, they could question the truth of that movement of will. They could doubt its validity. Alas, no, for shortly afterwards they would be dead.

I can only conclude that swift and decisive Action is the key to defeating a vast universe of intolerant and petulant crud. I think the point of order is being reached these days regarding these people that it’s basically convert (if you still can) or be washed away. Recognise, as it is, the objective reality, or those who do will put you out of it. Hypothetically at least, as no one really has achieved this yet on ‘my’ side. We’re too nice. I’m aware that everyone’s thinking it though. When the Saxon begins to hate…

I required legal aid back in November 2021. It turned out I was lucky as it’s usually (near always) solely given to foreign ethnic minorities in this country. It’s hard to express how seriously the UK system takes Marxist diversity and multicultural inclusivity. It’s the most zealous of any (pseudo-)European country in terms of its laws and legislative acts. In truth, I think we are indeed a European country and can’t escape that, nor should we want to. We just needed to escape the European Union – an unelected body of corrupt internationalist bureaucrats who don’t even recognise countries in the first place and who have a genocidal contempt for us.

I’d recommend spending a while researching White genocide and The Kalergi Plan. It puts things in perspective. See it as a continuation of the Hooton Plan and the Morgenthau Plan, just addressed to the whole of Europe as opposed to merely Germany. Another reason I’m a racist. I prefer the term racialist, or race realist, as ‘racist’ has been so deeply embedded in our culture as a purely pejorative slur. I’m racist in that I’m aware of vast supressed scientific evidence for the evolutionary biological phenomena of races, and the genetic differences, and the biases, and the struggle we face as Whites. I do not think it is acceptable to go out of one’s way to demean, insult or vilify another people though, at least not without sound evidence of their actions, and perhaps regardless. Never gratuitously, or without reason. It’s good to be polite. If only they could return the favour. If only they weren’t there to have to. That’s where it gets tricky.

On a side note, Ireland is a single island, to the North-West of the UK. There’s an artificial land border splitting it into two countries, with the North controlled as a vassal colony of the mainland UK. Donegal is above the Northern boundary of it but remains Southern as a county. Everyone English I speak to calls it the Republic though. I could equally call the North ‘The Six Counties’ or even the Ireland of free Irishmen. Then everyone in the British establishment can prick their ears up and experience a little shudder of consternation. Oh dear, another person speaking up for the Irish (as opposed to allowing us to continue our centuries long slander, abuse, and defamation of them). Must be a terrorist. Quick, fetch the heavy mob. Terrorist has become a useful word to those in power.

The British certainly did that to that country when they colonised it from the natives. True, they did build it up in an industrial sense, but they were also historically extremely cruel to the original Irish, and still are a little bit. Probably more than a little bit. I’m used to English Nationalists. I like them, but they’re quite naïve at times. Not as naïve as the British Police and Security services though, and nowhere near as brainwashed and inculcated with blind bigotry for what is another European people.

1845-1850: 5.2 million Irish genocided by the English as they stormed in, occupied Ireland (as per usual, dating back to 1610 and the ravages of ‘Seamus Cack’ as James I was politely nicknamed) with extensive military forces, and stole all their food, then invented a narrative for their own ignorant citizens about it being the fault of the Irish for relying on a blighted potato crop as their sole diet. Typical stupid Paddies. How very convenient. The British media spins it as ‘we tried to help but we didn’t do enough’.

Um, no. I think 67 regiments of British troops looting all livestock and grain and meal to fuel the British Empire’s relentless war machine and massacring any dissenters then packing the few ‘lucky’ survivors into ramshackle, under-supplied ships sailing to European-dominated Protestant America (who wouldn’t let them in) and then Canada, so they could die in droves in fever sheds along the edges of the St. Lawrence River is quite enough. There was indeed a blight, but an ancient agricultural nation plants more than one crop. I get annoyed when people whitewash it these days. Including the cuckolded and thoroughly sold-out Irish government itself. Don’t get me wrong, I despise the actions and mentality of our current Pope and the few that have preceded him – there’s far, far more to it though than the usual Vatican-bashing arguments, none of which I disagree with.

We could consider the Irish ‘famine’ as the tip of the iceberg regarding British establishment hostility. In a nutshell, what the Jewish-manipulated Allied forces did to Adolf Hitler’s Germany is quite similar in approach to what Jews in tandem with British Norman (and puritanical waves of imported Scots) aristocracy did to Ireland. You get about as much success in public pointing the latter out as you would the former. Perhaps less.

The British establishment are world bastards in general and have been for just under 1000 years. Perhaps I am slightly ‘subversive’ in that I speak with an English accent. Genetically, I remain Irish. My parents came to England from Derry in the late 1960’s to escape the violence of The Troubles. My father was lucky, in that he could quickly acquire a job with Marconi, and then with Nortel as a contractor. Still, they did not have the easiest time, and quickly realised that English citizens had been deeply brainwashed by British government propaganda. It’s okay, it’s understandable.

I should be more accurate. The upper-class nobility of our country remains of Norman descent. They’re the ones who let the Jews in in the first place. An initial party of Jews from Rouen that financed William ‘the bastard’, prior to the conquest. Harold Godwinson’s defeat at Senlac Hill was a devastating blow. Before that, it was a loose Anglo-Saxon, Celtic/Pict, and Viking conglomerate, itself a product of many years of exploratory and territorial fratricide.

Just to throw a spanner in the works, my father is of Norman lineage, mixed with Irish Celtic, and with some Scots influence. My Mum is pure Irish Celtic. Both are Catholic. It’s just that my father’s a Catholic atheist. Fiddly stuff. My indirect English-branch ancestor is Catherine Parr, of Henry VIII notoriety. Originally, Powers were Pohers, settled in Brittany under yet another horrible bastard called Rivalon who passed the family name along to Bartholomew, and through to Robert, who consolidated their lands in Blackborough and eventually shifted the clan up into Waterford. In Norman invasion times, the Power family (the Irish derivation) were known as ultimate unmerciful bastards to the natives. I hope this essay lives up to that trend.

At least they weren’t Jews though, just good at warfare. I was called a Jew a few times recently, in a concerted jolt of mass paranoia (akin to a Stalinist purge) over on another videos site, and on account of my large nose, dark brown to black hair and light brown eyes, slightly chubby cheeks and the fact that I wear glasses. I hope they get the wretched hint by now that I’m bloody well not one, and that most of this physiognomy is also present in those from Northern Ireland of a Celtic background and the rest is just pure bad luck from genetic abnormalities and bodily neglect. Regardless, not very nice people, those accompanying Strongbow’s continental mercenary armies. I can’t say it’s the top of the bragging rights heap when it comes to British identities.

In general, that indicates how complex it is in the UK trying to discern White identity and the roles of ancestors in the struggle. Hence why I leave it at ‘White’ usually. Or European, to be precise, as the term ‘White’ itself applies more realistically to Americans, and even then, remains a slight pandering to Leftists. I think, despite it all, all these sub-tribes have something in common. Normans came from Vikings in the first place, via a shared Norseman ancestry, and degenerated morally under Jewish manipulation. Vikings arose from this Norwegian descendant of Indo-Europeans. The Celts also lead back to Indo-European. We can refer to proto-Indo Europeans as Aryans. Or Yamnaya and Corded Ware and Bell Beakers. Bronze Age pastoralists descended from Neolithic farmers and, before that, Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. I’m perhaps mythologizing a little bit otherwise. I read a lot of Savitri Devi, Julius Evola, and René Guenon. There were indeed Indo-Aryans in the East though, on the plains of the Caucasus; a tripartite, hierarchical caste society of priests, warriors, and providers (craftsmen; famers; artisans…) who gave us the Rigveda, and whose descendants contributed to strict European development in the North and the Mediterranean, originating on the steppe themselves as a descendant of Siberian Caucasoids. There’s much more complexity to this matter of European origins. I’m just skimming the surface.

We could root Europeans in Palaeolithic Cro-Magnons up to the ending of the Ice Age, and as far back as 24,000 BCE, provided we are sticking to a reasonable ‘Old Earth’ hypothesis. That’s not a cut and dried matter, and I have the suspicion, gently, that it’s something I’m wrong over, as the modern, cultic obsession with science (or scientism) hides a great many interesting, and perhaps necessary questions and tars all unorthodox inquiry with the same brush, censoring it through smug ridicule. At least we can openly say that the Earth is not flat, not that it’s really the most pressing concern either way, given our predicament, although, again, it is easy to be wrong, and automatic dismissal on account of the familiar online canard of ‘it’s a Jewish PSYOP and thus you are a fed or a Jew’ seems to dismiss the nagging feeling that 17th and 18th Century revolutionary thinkers are difficult to trust, for the very fact that they are revolutionary. For example, Galileo was an upstart heretic in other ways than just presenting unusual and tantalizing approaches to astronomy and physics, as, with his slanderous lampooning of Pope Urban VIII, and, by extension, the infallibility of the Bible and accepted Aristotelian thought, his work damaged Christian cohesion and validity. Despite his professed faith, he did pave the way for the Enlightenment, and the scientific view of the world that, centuries later. gripped Leftist Jew Albert Einstein. Of course, one could initially acknowledge the unhinged Liberal degeneracy of Martin Luther, who has a great deal to answer for, having near single-handedly (and on his own authority) set Western civilisation on the path to self-destruction and sectarianism. You never really know with heretics and Jews, and those that European historical texts suggest were insane. Heliocentrism requires a trust of NASA and SpaceX these days. I don’t think that’s recommendable. It would be like trusting the European Union’s research at CERN. We have stepped a long way from our tribal roots in any case. Much too far. I should return to my argument, and to our present difficulties.

Sub-Saharan Africans do not arise from any European ethnic group. If I go to Nigeria, I’d still be an Anglo-Irish person there. Thus, if they come here, I find it unusual if they call themselves English, purely on account of having stepped into our country in a physical sense. Unfortunately, they do, all the time. Then they start complaining, and being hypersensitive, and overreacting with no sense of humour, and ‘chimping out’, and exploiting the System that has been designed so they can exploit it, all provided they fulfil the roles, consciously or unconsciously that the traitorous Norman-Jewish nobility of this country, at a supra-governmental level, want, which is, basically, to outbreed, or otherwise kill off all White natives, thus clearing them a stretch of kosher ‘Eurasian’ lebensraum equipped with a more manageable, less threatening slave population of Africans and, eventually, identi-kit lowered-IQ African-European mongrel hybrids that they can exploit relentlessly for the rest of time once we’re all snuffed out. That’s the main drive of The Kalergi Plan, in a nutshell. It’s worth reading. As is Agenda 21.

I grow tired of people framing racism as cruelty to ethnic underdogs without noticing that those ethnic underdogs are White people. I just see it, more realistically, as ethno-centrism and an in-group preference that exists fundamentally through genetics as a survival condition of evolution (and natural selection), across all races. It’s usually when people start to analyse Natural Law to the degree that they can’t hack it, and thus rebel against it, that things get difficult. White people do this a lot. The natural desire to question and establish fairness and justice shoots them in the foot. They’re innately higher in empathy and trust traits, as would accompany intelligence. Scarily high. It’s understandable. It remains their Achilles’ Heel though in that they make the mistake of thinking other races see it the same way or could always reciprocate. By establishment design, in-group preferences are conditioned propagandistically out of us, and us alone, by Cultural Marxism, and its successor, Critical Race Theory.

I don’t much care if someone’s smart or thick, provided they are not dangerously stupid in such a way that they also have been awarded (or awarded themselves) power. As it stands, Jews (who make up the majority membership of Global Aid programs, government think-tanks, and NGOs & charities) have shown themselves quite willing to use Black and Muslim people themselves as a bio-weapon, composed of proxy warriors, encouraged, incentivized (or bombed out by the dumb, brainwashed, jingoistic troops of Zionist Occupation governments), and boated relentlessly into more advanced alien-to-them cultures with the sole purpose of destabilizing those racial groups internally, long-term, in such a way as they cannot recover their own culture, and indeed may be violently attacked. These foreign races are most certainly not sending their best. These working age, fighting age, predominantly male criminals would be best left handled by the penal systems of their own countries. The needy female ‘free-riders’ that tag alongside them, likewise.

Controversially, I think racism, as a term distinct from in-group preference, may exist. I think it remains, at base level, a pathological cultural (and perhaps genetic, to be uniform in thought) trait of Jews alone, much in the same way as Nordic peoples are known for an increased likelihood of blond hair and blue eyes. It’s up to Jews to resist it. The more noble ones. I don’t imagine that that’s too many of them. If Whites beat on Blacks without provocation, it could be mapped by other terms like just being plain belligerent, as they could be to anyone. Rather like bands of chimps behave to other bands of chimps in the wild. Who knows, they may even have a motivation. There’s certainly an evolutionary biological basis. Blacks certainly act belligerently towards Whites also, and to a greater degree, probably on account of their r-selected traits such as low impulse control (or their increased likelihood of possessing Schizophrenia), it’s just that the media tends to whitewash this. The Western media is predominantly owned by Jews, by the way.

I think for racism, in its pop-usage, to be semantically valid, it must be systemic. As it stands, the only systemic racism (i.e., genocide) currently perpetrated on this world, and on the European peoples comes from Jews and those serving Jewish interests. If White privilege (I can never spell that usually – that indicates how much I type it) existed, we would never be in this situation in the first place. Apart from all this, we can throw Leon Trotsky’s wretched Marxist weapon-term out the window altogether as a guilt-tripping pejorative that has served its malign purpose very successfully indeed. Rather like the CIA-coined term ‘conspiracy theorist’. Ignore the bogeyman ‘racism’. It’s natural, and it’s called in-group preference. Ants have it.

I got quite confident and wanted to write ‘quod erat demonstrandum’ there, but I do have to remind myself that not a great many people on Earth would agree with me on this notion. However, the planet, and particularly our homeland, does remain a degenerating, dysgenic sprawl though. I wish they would agree.

Talk about sub-species, I’m not even sure if all humans are conscious. I’ve seen presentations that use the euphemism bio-robots, or organic portals. NPC’s, basically. No inner monologue. Purely reactionary in response to external stimuli. I’m not even sure if it’s a euphemism, and not just a descriptor.

My other semi-insight was that I’m not in disfavour of eugenics, I just re-analyse the criteria. First, I don’t think it’s wise to systematize it. It would have to be on an individual case by case basis. As I said before, just because someone’s stupid doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be alive. Hamsters are not known for their vast intelligence. They’re still lovely. People are a little higher up the evolutionary hierarchy. However, if they’re criminally stupid, criminally dangerous, and criminally belligerent about it, utterly ideologically blinded, and beyond the point of re-conditioning, I can’t see a problem with removing them from life in the long term by removing the potential to continue their racial struggle with descendants. If they’re just, to any reasonable high level adult thinking, wrong, in every conceivable way.

I just don’t want ‘conventionally’ disabled people to be treated like this. No harm to those with Cerebral Palsy, severe Autism, or Downs Syndrome, or the deaf or blind, etc. Or indeed the more reasonable appreciation, stripped of modern stigma, of what ‘Mentally ill’ people are, in a better world (i.e., innocent trauma victims). Ignore the DSM. Psychiatry historically downplays that and makes the lucrative sole treatment model one biochemical reductionist free for all. They have, by their own reluctant admittance, never cured a single patient this way. We may have the entire paradigm of Mental illness incorrectly assumed. I’m not denying poor genetics exist, but I think the real people who suffer need more than that to flip and go mad in a way that affects them and their health more than it just annoys and inconveniences others. And destroys civilizations. To be genuinely in need of assistance, rather than contempt. That’s where all forms of child abuse come in. They’re not the ones at fault. Poor genetics alone may not even be the correct aetiological conclusion. It’s like there are two definitions of Mental illness these days, only one genuinely worthy of sympathy. I think this requires some elbow-work in the common-sense department.

My definition stands as follows.

Mentally ill: Leftists/Marxists/Bolsheviks (including Alt-Right Duginists and Strasserites)/Anti-White Whites/Traitors.

Savagely Hurt: child-rape and abuse victims.

Savagely Hurt people have a treatment model, although it would be better if they were given immediate priority care, and indeed satisfaction under the Law that their abusers were convicted. People who are both Mentally ill and Savagely Hurt can still be treated for the Savage Hurt aspect, in time to save them devolving, and with kindness. I do not think the Mental illness aspect goes away though, in their case. It may be too late. A sobering thought.

I’m not against the concept of genuine pharmaceutical medication in theory, provided it did what it said it did, and didn’t just destroy people. I’d only administer it to the Mentally ill though, following my definition of them. Perhaps it would be researched and developed to pacify their warped brains such as they were less inclined to destroy Western White society. A kind of neurological chemical gag. Or something better than that. I don’t think it’s good to forcefully hand it out to everyone dogmatically though, as the Savagely Hurt would require compassionate listening therapy and drugging them would have no real tangible impact. You can’t just artificially force someone to be a facsimile of happy, damaging their brains in the process, and wash your hands of the matter, as current SSRIs appear to do, without doing a single thing to address the underlying cause of their valid unhappiness. I am convinced that (Jewish) Psychiatry refuses to acknowledge this. Is that deliberate, maybe? At least when we purge our nations of sub-humans and savages, we can reduce the potential of Savage Hurt occurring at all. If it is therapeutically unaddressed, and festers, and is not nipped in the bud by compassion and prompt Action, it can even lead to such untreatable horrors as paedophilia. A death penalty for that group, I’d think. They have run their course.

Oddly, the latest iteration of the American Psychological Association’s bible, the DSM-5, describes paedophilia as a sexual orientation. Despite every single disorder in that lengthy tome having been decided upon for inclusion by a vote of APA members alone, seeing as there is no test in pathology or neuroscience that can prove the biological presence of a mental condition – which calls into question the entire theoretical model of chemical imbalances the underpins the pharmaceutical industry – it is still important to recognise that they are lending child-rape legitimacy, and thus simultaneously damning huge swathes of our population to despair and discrimination (through erroneous diagnoses declared so as to collect their Big Pharma pay check), at a level of State medical policy, and also letting paedophiles off the hook from a legal perspective the entire while. I would suggest that psychiatrists, who are not medical doctors in a traditional (true) sense, despite their institutional hubris, and the gravitas they are awarded by the government, should be disbanded at a professional level. Their entire lucrative field of senseless, mercantile cruelty is a Statist farce, enacted to maintain the status quo of a satanic ruling class, and no different nowadays from the horrors of Soviet punitive medicine.

I’m highlighting these ideologies in the first place, as, as shown in many studies, they strongly correlate with all the personality traits and behaviours that make people self-destructive, regressive, and nihilistic.

I predict from my reading that as we spiral as a race and as a species, there will be more stupid people. Professor Edward Dutton phrases this well. I’m about to make a pig’s ear of it. So far these people may have quite high IQ (though probably don’t, and increasingly won’t), but they’re still unbearably dense. Relatively high IQ at least. I wouldn’t imagine in the looming future that anyone super-smart would be too bothersome unless they were bought out or manipulated. Do we think there will even be anyone super-smart by then? I won’t dwell on Jewish intelligence as I think it’s fundamentally different to White intelligence in the first place, and quite alien somehow in a way distinct from our common analysis of IQ itself.

I’ll qualify that and rephrase it: their approach to ethnocentric game theory borders on paranoia and mass psychosis. True, they seemingly (unless they are lying about that also, as some evidence suggests) have higher intelligence than Whites on average, but in their choice to genocide us, in favour of these proposed African-Eurasian hybrids, and in their Machiavellian long-term use of Africans and Muslims to aid this process, they’ve knocked out an intelligent race who could well, due to the empathy factor, co-operate quite well with them in terms of trade and science. Better than Africans and Muslims, at least. Are they all just naturally high in disagreeableness? True, they would get more blunt cooperation out of exploiting lowered intelligence African-Eurasians as slaves, but it just seems odd that their eternal Talmudic anti-European revenge fantasy appears to override the potential of a productive future alliance between Whites and Jews. As it stands, they’ve utterly blown it. Enough is enough.

Regardless, we’re getting more stupid every generation. It’s the mid-wits I’d worry for. Liberal types, and the slippery slope that extends from that into the Leftist world. Stupid under a whole new postmodernism-wrought definition set, based on my perspective on my hopefully sound application of totally unforgiving anti-Bolshevik principles. That ideology is indeed unforgiveable. It’s the factor that changes a mere stupid person into a dangerous one. Epigenetic conditioning by their parents (and by the State) through Leftist ideological brainwashing has left them unable to repair themselves at the level of their DNA.

At some point it could be good to whittle the herd. Excise these quite-high IQ leaders of the new post-human (and anti-human) tribe designated Homo Consceleratus. Ironically, the higher in IQ they are whilst remaining Homo Consceleratus, the more of a danger they’d be. I can’t say I’d want a planet with too many more of these monstrous spiteful mutations. I’d let the weak, pathetic, truly non-dangerous ones live on, so we could study them. We can blame the relaxing of survival pressures that emerged in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution for much of this.

It’s a bit rich coming from me. I’m infertile from birth. XXY. A mutant myself. Left-handed. Premature. 6ft 4 inches in height. An abnormal (though commonly linked) combination. Hence why I appreciate being a stepfather to White children. It’s the next best thing, and a distinct duty at this point. I am also, with hope, starting a weights-training program to help address some of the consequences of these bodily defects and to improve my strength.

When I said ‘whittle the herd’ regarding optimal genetics and eugenics, I’m stating this hypothetical decision in the context of a proposed ethno-state i.e., Whites on other Whites. Not just superiors on inferiors, but superiors on the absolute dregs. First, we’d have to get all the other races out. I don’t find it fair to make them into us, so to speak. Let them have their own space (as indeed they well do in the first place on account of the functioning countries that we built for them through the expansion of our colonial empires) and let them sort out their own problems. Their lack of intelligence will naturally control their population levels, and their expansion, faced with disease, malnourishment and a lack of free Western technology, a ceasing of continuous Western medical handouts, and no effective foreign logistics planning.

All future planning skills in general are lacking in them naturally. Some African tribes don’t even have precise words in their languages to describe time and space, or mathematics. I think that’s quite telling as it implies that they cannot even think these concepts in the first place, let alone map them against the physical world. A race without that abstract ability to interpret and manipulate higher frameworks for reality and thus to plan, would remain forever as children. They are not Bill Gates’ adopted children, to be pitilessly moulded by him and negatively engineered as guinea pigs for Big Pharma biological weapon research, at a continental level.

Of course, (if we felt kind) we could pay them a small individually allocated sum in aid to re-settle back to their homelands, but not indefinitely. They’re not our fucking children either. Enough fetishizing and pedestals. Forcefully remove the criminals and illegal immigrants down the barrel of a loaded gun. If they resist, blam. Give the more willing and reasonable members 6 months to leave, and that one-off financial bonus. If they refuse, put them in a border detention centre until they decide to get out. If they do, regardless of prior detention, pay them that resettlement aid afterwards all the same. If they don’t do that, of course, they’re totally at will to just sit there forever until they die. If they’re genuine highly skilled people, keep them if they’re desperate to add to our country’s regeneration, but class them as non-citizens. Don’t punish them. Don’t exploit them. Just acknowledge that they are not us legally in ways like not allowing them to vote in our elections and not allowing them to be entitled to any of our state disability support benefits. There would be no other form of welfare awarded, in general, even to citizens. Economic welfarism does not seem to be a good long-term strategy. Anyone who did stay under those conditions you’d know was genuinely loyal to the vision (and quite altruistic). Marriages arising out of miscegenation are either to be annulled, or, alternatively, if funds are available, travel arrangements made for both husband and wife to be returned to the origin lands of the non-White partner.

Of course, if our country sinks any further into bankruptcy and ruin, we will, naturally, need all the funding for ourselves, and so will be unable to raise resettlement funds. In which case, tough – the rest holds. I am trying to be as fair as possible here whilst still avoiding ethnopluralism. There is no obligation to be fair to foreign races at all.

When that’s done, or shortly afterwards, whittle out all the traitorous, subversive Homo Consceleratus people and individually process them. I suggest we proceed in this order to maintain the psychological display of numbers before a foreign horde and allow the possibility of ‘defectors’ back to the European side at the last moment, although, in reality, it is unlikely that many Leftist minds would do so out of sense as much as a few might if they were afraid enough, having lost the blanketing support of their non-White buddies. It’s a shame they don’t notice that glaring lack of respect in the first place, being total wimps.

In terms of processing, I’d start with pure Bolsheviks and ‘Woke’ Leftist brigades and the worst excesses of overt deviant depravity and homosexual perversion. If homosexuals wish to acknowledge that they are acting as outsiders who are otherwise destroying the structural success of nuclear White families, and ultimately that their activities will bring down the race if left unopposed and continually granted increasing power, allow them to exist by law provided we do not know about it. I do not think a ban on sodomy would be effective. It could require invasive surveillance, to monitor behaviour, which may negatively impact on normal citizens in practice. Also, there is clear evidence now that HIV-AIDS is not sexually transmitted and arises instead because of long-term drug use, poor diet, and bodily neglect, and indeed the effects of AIDS treatment drugs themselves. Remove all LGBT political power though, and the very concept of ‘gay marriage’ and ‘gay adoption’.

Eventually, it may be possible to offer Conversion Therapy to homosexuals, with the emphasis on therapy, as opposed to dogmatic force and punishment, provided there is some traditional religious framework to bolster that, as much as a sad acknowledgement that, statistically, many homosexual men have been Savagely Hurt in brutal organized fashion before being seized by the forces of the Mentally ill, and corrupted. Their rates of depression and drug use would indicate that they do not like how they are. I would suggest that Catholicism may be of use to them, despite the horrible irony of institutional paedophilia, initially validated by the Post-Vatican II Church through their introduction of homosexual paedophile priests. The Savagely Hurt victims would stand a chance to recover their initial childhood path, having, by means of confession, taken personal responsibility for their wrong choices, many of them having been altar servers in the first place, and thus open to religion by their own choosing. It was not God who hurt them, but human weakness and perversion. The modern Catholic Church has much to answer for. Homosexuals legitimately deserve justice for how they have been shaped by these unforgivable perverts and can learn to make peace with themselves following that and recover. However, despite the constant Leftist promotion of the idea that the Church is solely responsible for child abuse, it is more realistic to consider that it is currently endemic throughout society, to the highest levels, including in just as many Protestant churches (if not more, seeing as there are far more Protestant sub-denominations than Catholic), and among the Police, the Judiciary, and the Social Services, let alone members of parliament, and a consequence of total establishment corruption and Jewish power.

The destructive Judaeo-Marxist ideology of Feminism is also to be abolished. To achieve this swiftly, albeit with thorough, rigorous discussion and agreement, one may regrettably be forced to apply the death penalty to the most egregious and unacceptable 4th Wave Feminists, publicly. It would not be pleasant at all for me to watch that either. I reason though, that despite causing me some psychological malaise, it would not be as pronounced an effect as would manifest in the female psyche, particularly if they had even a modicum of agreement with this ideological and economic weapon-theory. I expect word would spread fast. It would be a shame to fail, and be forced to repeat that process, and a bit of a horror. Intuitively, I do not think a third round would be necessary.

Unrepentant morons of this broad Bolshevik stripe are chemically sterilized but otherwise unmolested unless they perform a criminal act. It seems prudent to pay the closest attention to transsexual perverts, provided they are not already sterilized by hormone therapies. They’d have to be kept under community observation though, in the public realm, until the last generation of them died off. Perhaps through shared housing projects, or sheltered accommodation with an armed warden. Repentant morons. if such a category is even possible, get worked back into the general populace, under the tutorage of more enlightened minders.

I wouldn’t call this whole prior approach racism or homophobia or misogyny or transphobia either. Let us not be twee as we fall full-on into the blame-game that is historical Marxist labelling. I’d call it the protection of true diversity: the diversity of peoples, not just the smaller scale egalitarian diversity of individuals. From individuals come groups in the first place, and then peoples anyway. Hence, I class all individuals of a closed set as equal in worth to that set, in totality (genetic aberrations excluded), but not necessarily equal in worth to every other set as complexity develops. It just happens that our set has an evolutionary head-start in that.

As it stands, from the predictive models (which are still updated as compound Accelerationism is brought to bear), if we do not achieve this, Whites will be a minority in their own countries of ancestry by the late 2060’s, and by 2100 or soon afterwards, there will be none left. Not enough to recover. It’s not just Polar Bears that we have to focus on. I’d argue that we’re in considerably more danger. No wonder the State doesn’t like us discussing any of these issues. The opposite of this has been their plan all along, and in recent stages for at least 99 years since the publishing of the first of Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s writings, and his subsequent patronage by the establishment.

I hope that clarifies a segment of my personal vision. You’d hope all peoples in their discrete nations would do this eventually. Then we could remain discrete, with each nation containing nothing but the best of its race, but still trade and get on, and let some of them come over with a travel ‘VISA’ for limited tourism holidays, and such, either to observe regeneration of a society, or to learn techniques that they can return to their own lands with, as much as for our natural beauty. Or just cordon them off and contain them if they turn out to be too short-sighted or regressive. Much as there was a time for colonialism and the expansion of empires and trade routes, and will hopefully be again, we are, in these cold latter days, too weakened to plan for that, and may have to settle instead on merely segregating our races, giving us time to recover.

I think Whites will achieve this first though, in this new Dark Age, if they have the community will and united spirit. It will not be easy. It may not sound pleasant, but it’s considerably better than the other option (the one designed and implemented by the powers that be), and for more races than ourselves. The other option being our death and their eternal slavery. I secretly suspect that they’re for the chop also, just after us. Or human-on-human hunting for entertainment purposes. Or a cheap supply of subjects for forced medical experimentation, to transhumanist ends. Or something worse. The Jews despise Europeans the most. That does not mean that they respect Africans though.

Just for completeness’s sake, I thought I might round off my theory/manifesto/vision with two arbitrary paradigms to population management and wellbeing here. I can’t see why they’re not arbitrary, at least. They could both be rubbish. There might be a better option yet:

1. The globalist/EU/Jewish/Communist approach: the world is one big space, one unit. Pile everyone in everywhere they want to go, regardless of consequence, and no matter what they do, and let’s have a big genocidal party at their expense.

2. My approach: racism has been grossly misapplied as a term, with some mendacity. The world is lots of little spaces. Different type people in each little bit. Give them each their respective bit. Stop trying to steal someone else’s stuff, you stupid commies, and stop teaching morons that it’s okay to do that. Take out the planetary overlords also. 3000 years of total control is quite long enough.

Analogy: I have a house and you have a house. There’s one of me, and 25 of you. I’ll choose to let you round to visit in bunches and be nice to you. I’ll treat you fairly throughout your stay. You might even learn something. I’ll certainly be paying attention to you. I don’t particularly want all 25 of you piling round at once though, against my will, drinking all my beverages, raiding my fridge at 3am, ‘borrowing’ my debit card, trashing the property, and refusing to get out, insisting that my house is your house, and then beating me up and raping me in the arse before killing me with machetes and a blowtorch. I think that’s only fair. I don’t particularly want the landlord mandating that I pay out of my own pocket to have you do all that to me either and reporting me to the Police if I complain.

Conclusion: The nation is our family house. Your nation is your family house. Our race is our family, and extended family. Your race is your family, and extended family. If you understand the fundamental reasoning behind private property at all, it should be easier to apply that reasoning to sovereign territories and national boundaries.

A big world is made smaller if treated as one unit. It’s expanded if treated as lots of little discrete ones. Some ‘houses’ will be nice, and some awful, granted, but that’s up to the occupants. If the entire street turns awful, and no one’s interested in following the example of the better houses, at least my house has a good lock on the door. As soon as it doesn’t though, as the landlord has banned locks, or the neighbours have lockpicked it and sneaked past, there goes my dream of kicking back with my laptop and my books, and my dog, and Liszt’s Faust Symphony playing on the stereo, and in charge all the junkies and pimps and thieves and gangsters and nonces and debris of everywhere else. Then everywhere is awful, no exceptions. I suppose it’s indeed thoroughly equal and levelled and the same. So what? It’s still remarkably awful.

Thus: equality, as dictated by the establishment, is awful. It needs impassive understanding of it in the first place, and what it implies, without automatic submission or agreement. I’ve had some consternation over the way ‘racism’ is used in our cultural vocabulary for quite some time. Same with all the other Marxist ‘-isms’ and ‘-phobias’.

I hope you like my arguments. If not, I’m up for corrections. I don’t invest emotionally in this topic, beyond the hope that the White race, of which I am part, does not perish but I do consider it quite a serious one though, and love discussing it.

I gave my friend down the road a copy of the full version of my recent book, “Blight”. She’s Black, or at least, she is mixed race, with a White parent, but looks distinctly Black, and indeed identifies as such (although she prefers the company of Whites). She read it and seems, with a little stoic detachment, and a small note of poignant acceptance, to genuinely agree. Admittedly, I haven’t run it past her to this level of detail on race, but I must do at some point if I get the chance afforded to me by the State. It would be painful to lose her. She’s quite atypical. Quite intelligent, especially mathematically, and with empathy. A weary dose of humour. Not stunningly beautiful, but certainly not as ugly as some people. And no, I am not thinking that. Different races are not for my pleasure in that regard. Regardless, she agrees. I do not think she belongs here, at heart, and I think she feels the same. She doesn’t like other British Blacks either, or the way they behave. Had she been male, and around in his time, Adolf Hitler might have considered her for the Waffen SS. Shame about all that. Too late now. She’s a rare, noble example in a race of increasingly savage primitives. She knows the score though, just as I do. A valid friend, but she can’t really stay here. The fact that she understands that at all, without automatically dismissing it, makes her a very rare, and good, person. I do not think I am a race traitor for stating this. Besides, she is quite depressed. I think bright sunny weather and tropical beaches would please her. It’s extremely difficult for mixed-race people psychologically, as one is forced to decide on a fixed racial identity and the (often opposing) cultural trappings that accompany it (unless they are a Mentally ill Leftist). Denied roots. In her case, I don’t think anyone else among her friends has any idea about the devastation wrought by Kalergi or has even noticed any of this. It’s a great pity. She remains a nice person, with a lot of deep background stress. My thoughts on miscegenation partially stem from conversations with her.

Now to get all these guilt-ridden, timid, defeatist, self-hating modern Whites i.e., most of them, to leap on the bandwagon. And to dispose of that abortive segment of the rest, as they serve no valid purpose whatsoever.

As final remark, I personally think a good step after all this would be for Whites to, by step-by-step consensus, firmly adjust their animal welfare policies, up to and including a potential withdrawal from meat unless certain conditions are met. Don't worry, I'm not Klaus Schwab, so I don't suggest 3D-printed maggot-paste burgers laced with soy.

When I initially composed my draft of this essay, I had written that Veganism was pretty much necessary at this stage in our history. That could take a certain explaining. I had been considering the 2018 documentary film “Dominion”, which exposes, in harrowing detail, the cruelty of what I can only refer as the animal produce industrial complex, or indeed Big Meat. Enough was enough. I had myself been practising a Vegan lifestyle for a couple of months previous, inspired by the sincerity of my partner’s passion over the matter, as much as her family food shopping choices. Following online conversations with a strict Vegan acquaintance, I had been led to believe that there was no morally acceptable reason to consume meat, and that protein was overrated, and that there was no dietary value to that form of nutrition.

Following my viewing of the documentary, I made the argument to my friend that I think there are indeed ‘useless eaters’ on this planet. I could almost sympathize with the powers that be. However, I am aware that they control the corporatized slaughter industry, having bought out the independents. They also mask the true horror of this operation behind thick propaganda, and slick marketing, as well as having desecrated the impartiality and open-minded rigour of the medical industry. We may have to use our intelligence to find a way around that problem on moral grounds, whilst considering Natural Law.

Neolithic Indo-European peoples were known for their innovative nature. Animal husbandry served its purpose, once. Those who could develop and maintain their bodies, and their minds (even in the rise of human consciousness in the first place?) and preserve their mental wellbeing with the flesh of other creatures have long done so.

We seem to have had enough of it though, and it serves the rest no good – poor-quality meats, sliced from tortured animals deprived of real grass, sunlight, and free movement, repeatedly force-mated or artificially inseminated in insensitive fashion, and then separated from their offspring, cannibalistically fed on appalling GMO recipes, and systematically mistreated throughout their short, miserable lives. Sometimes the hardest innovations are knowing when to let go. We cannot continue this practice any longer in its current form. It has become thoroughly corrupted, and there does not seem an easy way back. Cruel, mechanized, industrial-scale milking, shearing, egg-harvesting, and ultimately slaughter, with a contempt for animal life is vastly different to the natural, contained tribal practices of our ancestors. Instead, we have become fat, lazy, indolent consumers; blighted in body and mind; entitled in granting ourselves exclusivity over the lives and bodies of the creatures that inhabited our lands. The herds are long gone from the open fields though, beaten with thick clubs and shock-prods, and born instead in cold, bent pain, corralled in the cruel dark of a senseless concrete and steel nightmare, awash with pitiful howls and mewls, and long walls of blood.

I would suggest that, though I have returned to meat myself, having acknowledged that I was wrong regarding my nutritional research, and accepted that it is a necessity for others also if they wish to stay healthy and free of mental disturbances, it is still necessary to source it correctly and with what compassion can come of this ancient, complex trade-off between species, picking real local family farmers and small butchers, and demanding that they can prove with evidence the good treatment of their animals, and show that they are fed exclusively on fresh, unmodified grass, and allowed ample space, light, companionship, warmth and shelter from the elements, and freedom of movement. To devour cheap, mass-produced, plastic-packaged, reconstituted, additive-laden GMO meats indiscriminately, and as a genuine thoughtless addiction of sorts, is to risk severe health implications for ourselves.

Those in control of the meat most of us consume are reaping huge rewards financially for themselves in this process. Kosher (ritual) slaughter is also prevalent. Intelligence is important. If some of us lack the intelligence to notice, absorb, process, assimilate and accept the selfish evil we commit, and continue to make excuses, and refuse ultimately to change, for reasons of denial or stubborn cultural conservatism, and the adherence to traditional country ways (as if the modern mega-farms and mass slaughterhouses that dominate the meat industry in any way resembled that!), it is up to those who can notice this to shepherd them, or indeed to shape them to be better, in a very clinical manner. I prefer the idea of sterilizing these people, if they ultimately refuse to desist, to culling them outright. Then at least they have a life at all, for their sins, and remaining reflections. The rest of my eugenics principle revolves around shaping the race to be the best it can be, bar this example, which is probably closer to a punishment akin to the death penalty. The Mentally ill are intrinsically warped and broken, to a criminal degree, but to mass torture animals for the profits of their flesh, even given information and evidence of the futility of this widespread suffering, fits closer to the Dark Triad of remorseless crime. It is, damningly, nearer to a cold sanity than a moronic naivety, and so very evil.

I repeat, unless we dismantle and destroy the Big Meat industry, and return to a small, scrupled pastoralist community system, we cannot eat meat. We have done enough damage. Under that grim condition, we would have to find genuine fruits, berries and vegetables that could sustain us, until we were in a position of enough strength and unity to try again at reclaiming a decent food system.

It is well known that the artificial ‘real meats’ meat-substitute companies make use of aborted foetal cells referred to as “MRC-5” to grow their bio-engineered sludge cultures, and then market their finished products well as a tasty and inexpensive alternative to meat, which they then thrust at naïve (and often misanthropic) Vegans. A lucrative industry of death has sprung up around this process, as demand for MRC-5 is high, and yet there are also many Mentally ill Feminists available and more than happy to commit infanticide. To put things in perspective, in America alone, since the decisions of Roe vs. Wade, over 62 million babies have been aborted. The abortion industry was created by Jews via the intelligence community puppet and negative eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood (her initial role being to give women access to birth control pills that would, in the long-term ruin their egg production and thus irreversibly destroy their fertility, and lead to depressive illnesses as a side effect, let alone destroying the traditional Catholic approach to family planning, and ‘liberating’ sexual morality into a new culture of loose, vapid, promiscuous degeneracy), and nearly all abortionists are of Jewish descent.

To know if there was any core principle behind the totalitarian medical psychopathy of the Covid-19 problem-reaction-solution scam, and the bleak push to lethally inject vast swathes of the population, or otherwise alter them genetically in line with the Orwellian utopianism of transhumanist technological ‘progress’, I would have to know how many people of African and Muslim descent have been harmed, and how many Europeans. If the Europeans were dying in greater numbers compared to a numerically equal set from each other race, with no other mitigating factors, then I could presume that the forced ‘vaccine’ plan is tailored to align with the Jewish-financed Kalergi Plan. If so, I do not expect there is any tangible morality to these predominantly Jewish psychopaths at all, and that this is indeed a final push for White genocide, or just the declaration of an all-out planetary war for absolute supremacy, genetic and ideological, and at the expense of all else.

All they’d have to do to effectively wipe out Veganism, even, would be to declare with sound, systematic review evidence that plant life is equally conscious to us, or indeed rivers and bodies of water. I think by that point it would come down to the lesser of two evils, and we would, for self-preservation at all, be obliged to change the entire framework of acceptable dietary ethics, or we would be thoroughly screwed. Thankfully, I do not think that plants and water are conscious. If they merely passed this as legislation, and enforced it, we would surely starve regardless, and be rendered invalid as an organism, a victim of our own empathy, and credulity, and the cynicism of tyrants. It is unlikely that they would pass such a legislation, unless they intended their own destruction also, or could get away with fully public exclusivity (not to mention handling the complexity of a psychological operation of that nature). That said, a river in New Zealand has recently been granted official rights equal to human rights. How very silly. I smell the subtle stench of loxism in all of this. I shall hope that the rest does not come to pass.

Note 1: if, ultimately, we are to shy away from this new revision of eugenics altogether, an alternative would always remain, which is to class these European Anti-White traitors to our race as honorary Third World citizens, and thus forcibly expel them, along with the rest of our alien invaders, to stretches of land historically claimed and occupied by true Africans. Given their neutered belief systems and behaviours, that would even seem more appropriate somehow, as they could grow to understand the pitfalls of survival in the very society they are trying so strenuously to bring about within our own lands. They would also then be of no tangible threat to us and would be unlikely to prosper and thus mount a counterattack in generations to come, as the chances are that they would go extinct.

Note 2: what can be done to make this happen? Discuss.

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