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My local mental health services phoned me up today. I'd missed the second appointment they'd arranged to meet with me. I'd also told the health worker who initially contacted me about my new appointment that he was "basically a whore... a prostitute for GlaxoSmithKline." He didn't ask me how I was, but leapt straight into that familiar double-inquiry: "Hello Benjamin, are you attending the upcoming meeting? Are you taking your medication?" He put the phone down on me after hearing my response.

The caller today was female, and seemed a little more patient. I told her, no, I would not be attending any more meetings, for their sake as much as mine, and that they had done absolutely nothing to help me in the seven years that I had been under them, and that psychiatric medication in itself was a dangerous for-profit scam preventing honest investigation into the mental lives and legitimate traumas of patients, and that it would be best if the entire system was razed and re-built from the ground up so as to foster some sort of genuine empathy, indubitably required if the organization was to actually succeed in helping people heal.

She replied that she wasn't sure what I meant, and asked me if I had been taking my medication. I replied by asking her if she was conceited enough and narcissistic enough to interpret any criticism of her profession as a product of illness. She didn't know what the word 'conceited' meant, so I had to phrase it a few different ways before she clicked that I wasn't insane.

A final question to me: "but what if you get ill?" I answered that in that case I get ill. It's not as if any medication they have ever thrust on me has ever prevented that. It's also not the case that their intervention has ever made the situation better. I'll take my chances on my own, thank you. With the entire Big Pharma-bought NHS mental health system geared up so as to exploit and demean patients long-term, and with most private therapists out of my price range, and certainly likely to be of an unhelpful counter ideology regardless, full of their own prejudices, biases and limitations, I don't think recovery is particularly likely. That's provided I can even get someone White to talk to in our increasingly 'diverse' and thus anti-White medical workforce, as foreign staff lack empathy for White clients for empirically demonstrable evolutionary reasons. Don't get me wrong, that's all in all a terrible frustration, and it digs at me most days, but the situation is what it is.

Thankfully, she seemed to understand. I got the subtle feeling that she was feigning incomprehension a little to preserve her job as all calls are recorded by them, although I'm sure a lot of my speech was new to her also. I was told "okay, I think it's best if we discharge you then." I agreed, and said thank you, then put the phone down. Do I think they will take me off the system? No, not in the slightest. It would be easier for a benighted resident of the DDR to have the Stasi clear their file than for a modern UK citizen to worm their way off the extensive electronic book-lists of the vast, stinking bureaucracy of the British State. Still, it stops them nosing around for a while.

I sent my friend in Austria a short note later. As far as I remember he studied psychology at university. I think I put him off around the point I confessed to dreaming of disbanding the entire profession of psychiatry, driving them from their offices with flamethrowers, and machine-gunning their flaming corpses into pits. I don't think that's very likely these days. It would be about time though. For realism I had added that they would probably shout "we were only trying to help people!", and that the fire-teams should ignore this feeble and cynical excuse and instead focus on the centuries of cruel, abject pain and throttling, often fatal despair brought about by the cold, authoritarian actions of idiot psychiatrists, i.e. all of them. If the soldiers of the Seventh United States Army can happily gun down 560 innocent, unarmed German camp guards at Dachau despite their attempts to surrender fully, then they shouldn't have much of a problem with turning their rifles on a tightly-bound fluster of whimpering quacks, although admittedly that would probably take slightly longer, and require more fuel and ammunition as, as of 2021, there are 13,130 practicing psychiatrists in the UK alone. The liberators could always save face by lying to the public about it afterwards. To close the matter for the moment, I wrote a short, condemnatory story:

A Modern Cautionary Fable

Little Johnny is not very well. From the age of 1 and 3/4 his parents have locked him in a small steel box and played Harsh noise music at him through their PA system for 16 hours a day whilst they scream obscenities and beat the box with thick wooden clubs. Occasionally, he still cries, and his father holds him against the wall with a spiked metal pole and fires tasers into his kneecaps. At weekends, as dusk is falling, he is dumped in the centre of the family's private forest, and pursued for many hours by their packs of well-trained, poorly fed mastiffs. His sister is casually immolated in front of him. As he grows older, his parents allow him to open his bedroom curtains, so he can look at the grey brick wall outside. He learns not to tell tall tales about the claws in the night, or to empty the red bucket. Eventually, little Johnny's parents take him to see a psychiatrist. It's official, he has a severe chemical imbalance, likely present from birth. With a severe chemical imbalance of this nature, no wonder he has begun to break the digits on his hands and feet, and to pull out his own teeth and fingernails. The psychiatrist can help little Johnny though. All he has to do is allow himself to be forcefully taken into hospital in a small steel box by taser-armed Police, and promise to take the expensive brain-healing pills every morning, noon, and night, for the rest of his life so his abnormal brain can recover from this awful genetic abnormality. Look at him now, happy as ever, rocking back and forth in carefree tardive dyskinesia, eyes mellow and glazed, thinking nothing too much at all (according to his official notes), staring alone out of the locked window of his little dark, bare room, watching the rain drip down the grey brick wall. If that's not treatment, then treatment be damned. Far off, over the horizon, banknotes gather in their wallets, tight as a pack of freshly-sealed Zyprexa.

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