Turning Human Waste Into Next Generation Biofuel

Updated: Apr 20

Sometimes the best ideas require left-field thinking (such as the ball-point pen, the staple, or the mighty paperclip) and a thorough desire to give not a single damn if anyone finds it offensive, so I think I might stand a chance with this :). It's no sillier than anything else going on.

I can only assume that this will be an ongoing article, as I constantly update it and work on it. I've been thinking this for quite a while, having mentioned it once when I was on GoyimTV, as well as in the PA Telegram group (where it was immediately censored by moderators). I'm not sure if either group thought I was taking the piss.

However, I remember reading somewhere during 2021 that in America, some corpses, supposedly from 'coronavirus' deaths, were being recycled and used in the Big Agriculture industry, I think by Monsanto. Some form of GMO fertilizer. To me, that seems a little cynical of them considering ‘viruses’ don’t exist, if one is taking Terrain Theory on board in full, much as it's a pain to read it all and not a popular or recommended pastime among Pfizer employees.

I was sat outside McDonald's last week, as my partner ordered one of their grotesque 'burgers'. I saw one of their company lorries pulling out. It had the legend "our used cooking oils are recycled as bio-fuel to run this vehicle", or something similar. I assume the MRC-5 lingering in the oil following the cooking of their 'burgers' may be a useful chemical constituent.

In a nutshell: is it possible to use the legally harvested corpses of convicted paedophiles as a biofuel also? There seems to be a plentiful supply of that resource these days. I asked my friend Dave about this, and he said he'd find it distasteful to know he was sharing a vehicle with the reconstituted essences of frankly evil nonces. I told him they'd be quite, quite processed. He still wasn't sure. I'll leave him to think about that for a while.

In the meantime, I'll go and do some reading, and get back to this...

According to Genomic Science, over at the US Department of Energy: "The Solvent Disruption of Biomass and Bio-membranes Science Focus Area (SFA) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory aims to provide fundamental knowledge about how solvents alter the structure and arrangement of critical biomolecular assemblies that comprise plant cell walls and microbial membranes. Efficient and economical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into advanced biofuels and bioproducts requires pre-treatment of biomass and microbial fermentation, processing steps critical to achieving high product titers. Improvements are needed to address key limitations in these conversion processes. The SFA seeks detailed information on the extent of disruption of biomass or bio-membranes and will elucidate the molecular forces involved. This information will help determine the ultimate biological limits of microbial tolerance to high levels of specific solvents. Comparable information will aid in the choice or eventual design of co-solvents best suited for pre-treatment. The design of co-solvent pre-treatment regimes will thus be rationally informed, permitting the use of bioenergy feedstocks to produce bioproducts with properties tailored to desired downstream applications. Solvent disruption phenomena will be studied at multiple spatial scales using neutron scattering and high-performance computer simulations complemented by expertise in bio-deuteration, bacterial membrane engineering, and plant cell wall physical chemistry. The SFA team proposes that the disruption of biomolecular assemblies that form biomass and bio-membranes can be understood through mechanisms of amphiphilic co-solvents interacting with different hydrophobic or hydrophilic regions of these structures. Amphiphilic solvents like ethanol, butanol, or tetrahydrofuran have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. The overarching hypothesis is that amphiphilic solvents are well suited for maximal disruption of biomass and bio-membrane structures. Specific SFA goals are to integrate predictive computational models, biophysical characterization (neutron scattering and nuclear magnetic resonance), and synthetic biology to understand membrane resistance to solvents, identify the solvent properties best-suited for biomass disruption and fractionation, and determine whether amphiphilic solvents are the most disruptive."

Hmm... also: "Alternative fuels from renewable biomass (plant material) have the potential to significantly reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil. Several scientific breakthroughs, however, are needed to make biofuels a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels. Building on advances in DNA technologies resulting from the Human Genome Project, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Genomics: GTL systems biology program is creating a new generation of biological research. This research will accelerate the understanding and application of plant and microbial systems central to producing biofuels, cleaning up the environment, and managing the global carbon cycle."

It's for the good of the planet then, or so I read. Good good. That's what I was thinking also. It'll probably annoy Putin too, and thwart his plans a little regarding cutting off European and American energy and fuel supplies...

There was me thinking it was just plant material, but it seems you can do wonders with faeces also. I think I need to slowly focus in here.

According to Science Daily: "Researchers affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, have found a new way to convert human waste into renewable energy sources. A brand new outdoor laboratory has been recently launched at UNIST and this is expected to convert human waste into renewable energy sources, and possible to a monetary value. The major research facilities of this pavilion include "Waterless Energy-producing Toilet System" and "Microbial Energy Production System."

It goes on:

"The waterless toilet system, located on the first floor of the pavilion treats human excrement without using water. The system utilizes a natural biological process to break down human waste into a dehydrated odourless compost-like material. Then, at the microbial energy production system, this compost-like material is converted into biodiesel or heat energy. Once the grinding system inside the toilet converts faeces into a dry, odourless material, it will be transferred to a digestion tank, containing thousands of different microbes. The microbes inside the tank will, then, biodegrade the powdered human manure to generate carbon dioxide and methane. Using high pressure and membrane, carbon dioxide is extracted to culture green algae for biofuel while methane is stored for later use as a heating fuel. The project aims to reduce urbanization's negative footprint on ecosystems by safely converting human waste into viable renewable energy and possibly to a monetary value. Professor Cho states, "Our ultimate goal is not only for the new toilet system to save water and operational costs for wastewater treatment plants, but for us to establish an ecosystem that supports technology innovation and drives economic diversification where human waste literally has a financial value."

Surely faecal matter can include digested meat. So at least we know meat of some source does not render the process invalid.

I hope this brainstorming abstract is beginning to solidify. Of course, if the death penalty was somehow reinstated, I think good progress could be made all round. That said, I suppose that also opens up the opportunity for its misuse by the Schwab/Harari 'NWO' against political dissidents. A tough question, that one. I suppose one could always decentralize their research. Of course, Professor Cho goes on to helpfully suggest that he has:

"developed a smartphone application that can determine the monetary value of the treated human excrement. Using this application, people can soon trade their waste for a virtual or digital currency to use. At the pavilion, the team plans to expand into selling salads made with barley sprouts, which can be only purchased with such virtual currency."

Yummy. l like salad. I like it more than I like paedophiles at least. A capital idea all round. I wonder if this fledgling hypothetical research lab could compete with those 4th Industrial Revolution central bank digital currencies currently suggested by the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, VISA, the BIS, and the usual Bilderberg morons. I'm sure this new crypto-coin would appeal to a certain broad demographic of people.

Just as a brief aside, never in my life has a medical professional ever told me I have Schizophrenia. I'm fairly convinced someone will at some point though. It would be very convenient for UK Punitive Psychiatry to try that approach. It worked in Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward, and the Bolsheviks got quite far with inflicting this political persecution on Russian Orthodox bishops. I can't really imagine that too much has changed these days. I may have to do an Assange. Seeing that he's fallen to disinfo these days, especially concerning 9/11, though it certainly gets worse, and thus probably deserves everything he gets, and much as Snowden has been corrupted and co-opted from the start as a CIA plant, I'm not really sure what potential for success I have. Oh well, someone had to suggest this eventually. Monkeys on typewriters certainly could, or so I am illogically informed.

Also, on a slightly more serious note if we refer to the site I found archived the other day we will see that a clandestine crypto-token website was once set up as a trading platform for Adrenochrome. I imagine this technique might be the general ballpark I'm going for here, just from completely the opposite angle, thankfully, with a little flourish of poetic irony. I had a great many receipts on my other (air-gapped) PC, showing proof of a range of UK and Germany based modern companies that have ordered this malignant bio-chemical, the original receipts document being an American invoice from the Californian 'company' responsible for sourcing this ultimate horror. A novel read. It's a pity I don't have that PC anymore courtesy of the SWAT raid on my property the other month. Oh well. Odd how life goes.

So there we have it: The Protocol of the Semi-Literate 36 Year Old Nutter of Essex. It'll probably take just as long to get this right also. To be continued…

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