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Updated Home Library/Reading List [part III]

Who We Are – William Luther Pierce

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race – Arthur Kemp

The Prehistory of Germanic Europe – H. Schutz

Prehistoric Europe – Barry Cunliffe

The Anthropological History of Europe – John Beddoe

The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe – Barry Cunliffe

In Search of the Indo Europeans – J. P. Mallory

The Indo-Europeans - Jean-Paul Demoule

Ancient Europe – Stewart Piggott

Aryans: Study of Indo-European Origins - V. Gordon Childe

Pre-Glacial Man and the Aryan Race - Lorenzo Burge

The Evolution of the Aryan - Rudolf von Jhering

Primitive Aryan Civilisation - James Colville

Aryan Civilization and Mysteries - John Yarker

The Origin of the Aryans: An Account of the Prehistoric Ethnology and Civilisation of Europe - Isaac Taylor

Race Life of the Aryan Peoples, vol. I - Joseph Pomeroy Widney

Race Life of the Aryan Peoples, vol. II - Joseph Pomeroy Widney

The Aryan Race: Country, Character, And Manners of The Indo-Aryans - Albert Pike

Palaeolithic Cave Art – Peter J. Ucko, Andrée Rosenfeld

Ice Ages: Solving the Mystery - John Imbrie, Katherine Palmer Imbrie

Prehistoric Painting - Raoul-Jean Moulin

Prehistoric Antiquities of the Aryan Peoples: A Manual of Comparative Philology and the Earliest Culture - Otto Schrader

Ancient Man in Britain – Donald A. Mackenzie

Ancient Ireland - Nick Constable

Warriors of Anatolia: A Concise History of the Hittites - Trevor Bryce

The Kingdom of the Hittites - Trevor Bryce

Life and Society in the Hittite World - Trevor Bryce

Metallurgists of the Central Black Sea Region: A New Perspectives on the Question of the Indo-European Original Homeland - Onder Bilgi

Armenia, Subartu and Sumer: The Indo-European Homeland and Ancient Mesopotamia - Martiros Kavoukjian

From Hittite to Homer: The Anatolian Background of Ancient Greek Epic - Mary R. Bachvarova

Rise of the Aryans: How Ancient Whites Influenced and Established Global Civilization - Patrick Chouinard

Our Aryan Ancestors - Fleming Howell

The Coming of the Greeks: Indo-European Conquests in the Aegean and the Near East – Robert Drews

Early Greece: The Bronze and Archaic Ages - M. I. Finley

The Origins of Greek Thought - Jean-Pierre Vernant

Studies in Ancient Greek Society: The Prehistoric Aegean - George Thomson

Greeks and Pre-Greeks: Aegean Prehistory and Greek Heroic Tradition - Margalit Finkelberg

The Man Who Deciphered Linear B: the Story of Michael Ventris – Andrew Robinson

The Tradition of The Trojan War in Homer & the Epic Cycle – Johnathon S. Burgess

Bronze and the Bronze Age – Martyn Barber

Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries - Michael B. Cosmopoulos

The Ancient World at War - Philip De Souza

The Origins of European Thought: About the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the World, Time, and Fate - R. B. Onians

The Discovery of the Mind in Greek Philosophy and Literature - Bruno Snell

A History of Greek Religion – Martin P. Nilsson

Greek Folk Religion – Martin P. Nilsson

Cults, Myths, Oracles, and Politics in Ancient Greece – Martin P. Nilsson

The Glory That Was Greece – J. C. Stobart

Musical Thought in Ancient Greece - Edward A. Lippman

Music and Musicians in Ancient Greece - Warren D. Anderson

Mode in Ancient Greek Music - R. P. Winnington-Ingram

The Art and Culture of Early Greece: 1100-480 BC - Jeffrey Hurwit

The Gymnasium of Virtue: Education and Culture in Ancient Sparta - Nigel M. Kennell

The Homeric Hymn to Demeter: Translation, Commentary, and Interpretive Essays - Helene P. Foley

Ritual Irony: Poetry and Ritual Sacrifice in Euripides - Helene P. Foley

Visualizing the Tragic: Drama, Myth, and Ritual in Greek Art and Literature - Chris Kraus, Simon Goldhill, Helene P. Foley, Jas Elsner

Greek Lyric Poetry - M. L. West

The Greek Museums - Manolis Andronicos, Manolis Chatzidakis, Vassos Karageorghis

Greek Art – John Boardman

Greek and Etruscan Painting - Tony Spiteris

The Golden Bough – J. G. Frazer

The End of the Bronze Age – Robert Drews


Fragments of Parmenides - John Burnet

Heraclitus: The Cosmic Fragments, A Critical Study – G.S. Kirk

A History of My Times - Xenophon

The Expedition of Cyrus - Xenophon

Estate Management, and Symposium - Xenophon

Idylls - Theocritus

Prometheus Bound and Other Plays - Aeschylus

The Histories - Polybius

The Histories - Herodotus

On the Abstinence from Animal Food - Porphyry

Heracles, and Other Plays – Euripides

Orestes and Other Plays - Euripides

The Trojan Women and Other Plays - Euripides

Selected Speeches - Demosthenes

The Plays and Fragments - Menander

Jason and the Golden Fleece - Apollonius of Rhodes

The Library, Books 16-20: Philip II, Alexander the Great. and the Successors - Diodorus of Sicily

The Athenian Constitution - Aristotle

The Symposium - Plato

The Trial and Death of Socrates: Four Dialogues - Plato

Antigone, and Oedipus the King, and Electra - Sophocles

The Iliad - Homer

Guide to Greece, vol. I: Central Greece - Pausanias

Guide to Greece, vol. II: Southern Greece - Pausanias

History of the Peloponnesian War - Thucydides

Theogony, and Works and Days – Hesiod


An Introduction to the Romans - Lesley Adkins, Roy Adkins

Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic - Paul Chrystal

Uncommon Wrath: How Caesar and Cato's Deadly Rivalry Destroyed the Roman Republic - Josiah Osgood

Law and Philosophy in the Late Roman Republic - Rene Brouwer

The Roman Elite and the End of the Republic: The Boni, the Nobles and Cicero - Henrik Mouritsen

The Constitution of the Roman Republic - Andrew Lintott

Rise of the Early Roman Republic: Reflections on Becoming Roman - Thomas L. Dynneson

The Shape of the Roman Order: The Republic and Its Spaces - Daniel J. Gargola

Commanders and Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire - Fred K. Drogula

Divine Institutions: Religions and Community in the Middle Roman Republic - Dan-el Padilla Peralta

The Early Roman Expansion into Italy: Elite Negotiation and Family Agendas - Nicola Terrenato

Roman Republican Villas: Architecture, Context, and Ideology - Jeffrey Becker, Nicola Terrenato

Brutus: The Noble Conspirator - Kathryn Tempest

Inside Roman Libraries: Book Collections and Their Management in Antiquity - George W. Houston

Roman Infantry Equipment: The Late Empire – I. P. Stephenson

Roman Art and Architecture - Mortimer Wheeler

The Ancient City – Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges

The Roman Republic – Michael Crawford

Colour and Meaning in Ancient Rome - Mark Bradley

Myth, Ritual, and the Warrior in Roman and Indo-European Antiquity - Roger D. Woodard

Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic - Tom Holland

Roman Britain - Peter Salway

The Roman World: 44 BC – AD 180 – Martin Goodman

Daily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire – Jérôme Carcopino

Herculaneum: Civilization and Art - Kina Italia

Racial Contrasts: Distinguishing Traits of the Graeco-Latins and Teutons - Albert Gehring

Were the Greek and Romans Blond and Blue Eyed? – Europa Soberana


Latin: Made Simple – Rhoda A. Hendricks

Latin Grammar – James Morwood

Kennedy’s New Latin Primer – Gerrish Gray

Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes: A Companion to Wheelock's Latin and Other Introductory Textbooks - Richard A. LaFleur

Latin Language and Latin Culture: from Ancient to Modern Times – Joseph Farrell


A First Book of Latin Poetry - H. W. Flewett, W. E. P. Pantin

Lays of Ancient Rome - Thomas Babington Macaulay

The Works of Virgil Rendered into English Prose - James Lonsdale, Samuel Lee

The Aeneid - Virgil

The Eclogues, and The Georgics - Virgil

Catullus: The Complete Poems - Guy Lee

Catullus in English - Julia Haig Gaisser

Catullus - Elmer Truesdell Merrill

The History of Alexander - Quintus Curtius Rufus

The Civil Wars - Appian

Fall of the Roman Republic - Plutarch

On Sparta - Plutarch

Makers of Rome - Plutarch

The Rise of Rome - Plutarch

Greek Lives - Plutarch

Essays - Plutarch

The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives - Plutarch

Fasti - Ovid

Metamorphosis - Ovid

On Government - Cicero

On the Good Life - Cicero

Selected Letters - Cicero

On Living and Dying Well - Cicero

On Life and Death - Cicero

The Republic, and The Laws - Cicero

On Obligations - Cicero

The Nature of the Gods - Cicero

Four Comedies - Platus

The Rope and Other Plays - Platus

Livy, Book I - H. E. Gould, J. L. Whiteley

The Dawn of the Roman Empire, Books 31-40 - Livy

The Early History of Rome - Livy

Rome and Italy - Livy

Rome and the Mediterranean - Livy

The War with Hannibal - Livy

On the Nature of the Universe - Lucretius

The Conquest of Gaul - Caesar

The Civil War - Caesar

The Golden Ass - Apuleius

Selected Letters – Seneca

The Madness of Hercules - Seneca

Elegies - Tibullus

The Annals of Imperial Rome - Tacitus

The Agricola, and Germania - Tacitus

The Histories - Tacitus

Natural History: A Selection - Pliny the Elder

The Letters of the Younger Pliny - Betty Radice

Anecdotes from Pliny's Letters - W. D. Lowe

The Late Roman Empire (A.D. 354-378) - Ammianus Marcellinus

Epigrams - Martial

The Satyricon - Petronius

Civil War - Lucan

The Twelve Caesars - Suetonius

Lives of the Caesars - Suetonius

Catiline's War, and The Jugurthine War, and Histories - Sallust

The Sixteen Satires - Juvenal

Leucippe and Clitophon - Achilles Tatius

Selected Dialogues - Lucian

Chattering Courtesans and Other Sardonic Sketches - Lucian

The Poems - Propertius

The Roman History: The Reign of Augustus - Cassius Dio


The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire – Edward Gibbon

Christianity’s Criminal History, vol. I – Karlheinz Deschner

Christianity’s Criminal History, vol II - Karlheinz Deschner

Proving History: Bayes' Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus - Richard Carrier

Jesus from Outer Space: What the Earliest Christians Really Believed about Christ - Richard Carrier

On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt - Richard Carrier

The Jesus Hoax: How St. Paul's Cabal fooled the World for 2000 Years - David Skrbina

The Origins of Christianity – Revilo P. Oliver

Paganism to Christianity in the Roman Empire - Walter Woodburn Hyde

The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World – Catherine Nixey

Heresy: Jesus Christ and the Other Sons of God – Catherine Nixey

The Arguments of the Emperor Julian Against the Christians - Thomas Taylor

The Fragments of Celsus - John Patrick

Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind, 50th Anniversary Edition - Tom Holland

The Archaeology of Religious Hatred in the Roman and Early Medieval World - Eberhard Sauer

The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason - Charles Freeman

AD 381: Heretics, Pagans, and the Christian State - Charles Freeman

Pagans and Christians in the Mediterranean World from the Second Century AD to the Conversion of Constantine - Robin Lane Fox

Christianity and Paganism, 350-750: The Conversion of Western Europe - J. N. Hillgarth

Northern World: The History and Heritage of Northern Europe, AD 400-1100 - Christine E. Fell, H. Ament

Christianity & Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries - Ramsey Macmullen

Alaric the Goth - Marcel Brion


Myth and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions - Hilda Ellis Davidson

The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe - Hilda Ellis Davidson

Celtic Mysteries: The Ancient Religion - John Sharkey

The Survival of the Pagan Gods: The Mythological Tradition and Its Place in Renaissance Humanism and Art - Jean Seznec, Barbara F. Sessions

Teutonic Mythology – Viktor Rydberg

Dictionary of Northern Mythology - Rudolf Simek

In Search of Lost Gods: A Guide to British Folklore - Ralph Whitlock

Ice Age Art and the Bear Cult – Philipp C. Grote

The Old Rites of Ancient Europe 12,000 to 3,500 BC – E. O. James D. Litt

Aryan Sun Myths - Sarah Titcomb

Sun Lore of All Ages: A Selection of Myths and Legends Concerning the Sun and its Worship – William Tyler Olcott

Indo-European Poetry and Myth - M. L. West

On the Meaning and Origin of the Fylfot and Swastika - The Society of Antiquaries of London

The Chariot of the Sun: And Other Rites and Symbols of the Northern Bronze Age - Peter Gelling, Hilda Ellis Davidson

Jupiter: The Supreme Aryan God - F. Max Muller

Myth, Cosmos, and Society: Indo-European Themes of Creation and Destruction – Bruce Lincoln


The Upanishads – Juan Mascaró

The Bhagavad Gita - Juan Mascaró

The Ramayana – Arshia Sattar

The Vedas: Rig, Yajur (White and Black), Sama & Atharva – Ralph T. H. Griffith, Arthur Berriedale Keith, Jon William Fergus

The Laws of Manu – Brian Smith, Wendy Doniger

The English Settlements - J. N. L. Myres

The Saxon Age: Commentaries of an Era - A. F. Scott

The Vikings - Else Roesdahl

A History of the Vikings - Gwyn Jones

The Vikings in England: and in their Danish Homeland - The Danish National Museum

The Vikings - James Graham Campbell, Dafydd Kidd


The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, New Edition - Michael Swanton

The Gododdin: Lament for the Fallen – Gillian Clarke

Heimskringla – Snorri Sturlason

Saxo Gramaticus: History of the Danes, Book I – IX - Hilda Ellis Davidson, Peter Fisher

A Little Book about the Runes: with an Ancient Nordic Rune Poem - Bjorn Jonasson

The Vinland Sagas, The Saga of the Greenlanders, Eirik the Red's Saga - Keneva Kunz

The Saga of the People of Laxardal and Bolli Bollason’s Tale - Keneva Kunz

Njal’s Saga - Robert Cook

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney – Unknown

The Saga of the Volsungs - Jesse L. Byock

The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki - Jesse L. Byock

Egil’s Saga - Bernard Scudder

East Anglian Yarns – H. Mills West

The Mabinogion, Revised Edition - Gwyn Jones, Thomas Jones

Early Irish Myths and Sagas – Betty Radice

The Tain - Ciaran Carson

The Nibelungenlied - A. T. Hatto

Beowulf: A Verse Translation – Michael Alexander

The Poetic Edda - Carolyne Larrington


William the Conqueror - David C. Douglas

The Normans and their Myth - R. H. C. Davis

The Norman Achievement - Richard F Cassady

The Normans: A History of Conquest - Trevor Rowley

The Bayeux Tapestry - Charles H. Gibbs-Smith

The Mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry - David J. Bernstein

The Domesday Book, England's Heritage, Then and Now - Thomas Hinde

The Normans in Ireland - Richard Lomas

An Historical Memoir of the Family of Poher, Poer, or Power - Gabriel O'Connell Redmond


The History of the English People 1000-1154 - Henry of Huntingdon

The English - J. B. Priestley

The History of the Kings of Britain - Geoffrey of Monmouth

The Magna Carta - King John

The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307 - Sir Maurice Powicke

The Fourteenth Century 1307-1399 - May MacKisack

The Black Death - Philip Ziegler

The Black Death - Rosemary Horrox

The Great Revolt of 1381 - Sir Charles Oman

City, Castle, Cathedral: An Introduction to Architecture - David Macaulay

The Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts, and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages - J. E. Kaufmann & H. W. Kaufmann, Robert M. Jurga

A Medieval Miscellany - Judith Herrin, Linda Falter, Michael Falter

The Medieval Establishment - Geoffrey Hindley


Leonardo da Vinci: the Flights of the Mind, a Biography - Charles Nicholl

The Borgias - Marion Johnson

Dictionary of the Italian Renaissance - J. R. Hale

The Age of the Renaissance - Denys Hay

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, Complete & Unabridged - Jacob Burckhardt

From the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation – Charles Howard Carter


The Tudor Age – Jaspar Ridley

The Reformation - Pierre Chaunu

Reformation: Europe’s House Divided 1490-1700 – Diarmaid MacCulloch

The Voices of Morebath: Reformation & Rebellion in an English Village – Eamon Duffy


The Stolen Village: Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates - Des Ekin

The Forgotten Slave Trade: The White European Slaves of Islam - Simon Webb

The Siege of Derry 1689: the Military History - Richard Doherty

To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland - Sean O' Callaghan

White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One Million White Slaves – Giles Milton

Most Poorly and Cowardly: Hartlebury Castle and North Worcestershire in the Civil Wars 1642-1660 - Douglas H. Smith

History of the English People, vol. IV - Puritan England, 1642-1660; The Revolution, 1660-1683 - John Richard Green

The Thirty Years' War - Herbert Langer

Europe’s Tragedy: A New History of the Thirty Years War – Peter H. Wilson


Warfare in the Eighteenth Century - Jeremy Black

Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail: War at Sea - 1756-1815 - Bernard Ireland

The French Revolution: a History, vol. I - Thomas Carlyle

The French Revolution: a History, vol. II - Thomas Carlyle

The French Revolution: a History, vol. III - Thomas Carlyle

The Ancien Régime and the Revolution – Alexis de Tocqueville

The Age of Revolution: 1789-1848 – E. J. Hobsbawm

The Years of Endurance: 1793-1802 - Arthur Bryant


Rural Life in Victorian England - G. E. Mingay

Capital Punishments: Crime and Prison Conditions in Victorian London - Steve Jones

Highgate Cemetery: Victorian Valhalla - Felix Barker, John Gay

The Tunnel: The Story of the Channel Tunnel 1802-1994 - Donald Hunt

John Ramsbottom: A Victorian Engineering Giant - Robin Pennie

Victorian Inventions - Leonard de Vries

The Famine Plot: England's Role in Ireland's Greatest Tragedy - Tim Pat Coogan

The Great Irish Famine - James Mullin

The Great Famine: Ireland's Potato Famine 1845-51 - John Percival

The Age of Capital: 1848-1875 – E. J. Hobsbawm

The British Empire in the XIX Century, vol. I - Blackie & Son Ltd.

The British Empire in the XIX Century, vol. II - Blackie & Son Ltd.

The British Empire in the XIX Century, vol. III - Blackie & Son Ltd.

The British Empire in the XIX Century, vol. IV - Blackie & Son Ltd.

The British Empire in the XIX Century, vol. VI - Blackie & Son Ltd.

Australia: Memories of Times Past - Jane Davis, Colin Inman, Percy F. S. Spence

The First World War: An Illustrated History - John Keegan

The Experience of World War I - J. M. Winter

They Called it Passchendaele - Lyn MacDonald

Before Endeavours Fade: A Guide to the Battlefields of the First World War - Rose E. B. Coombs

The World War I Databook: The Essential Facts and Figures for All the Combatants - John Ellis, Michael Cox

The Great War, vol. I - H. W. Wilson

The Great War, vol. II - H. W. Wilson

The Great War, vol. III - H. W. Wilson

The Western Front: Then and Now - C. Arthur Pearson Ltd.

The Pity of War: 1914-1918 - Niall Ferguson

Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years - Jim MacGregor, Gerry Docherty

The Genesis of the World War: An Introduction to the Problem of War Guilt - Harry Elmer Barnes

Lord Milner's Second War: the Rhodes Milner Secret Society, the Origin of World War One, and the start of the New World Order - John P. Cafferky

The Myth of a Guilty Nation – Albert Jay Nock


Russian Tsars: the Rurikids, the Romanovs - Boris Antonov, Kenneth McInnes, Piotr Kanaikin

We, the Romanovs – Grand Duke Sandro Mikhailovich

The Cause of World Unrest – Howell Arthur Gwynne

Red Terror in Russia 1918-1923 – S. P. Melgunov

In Stalin’s Secret Service – Walter G. Kravitsky

Behind Communism – Frank L. Britton

A Prisoner of the Reds: The Story of a British Officer Captured in Siberia During the Russian Civil War - Francis McCullagh

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression - Stefane Courtois, Nicolas Werth, Jean-Louis Panne, Andrzej Paczkowski, Karel Bartosek, Jean-Louis Margolin

Uprising! Hungary 1956: One Nation’s Nightmare – David Irving

The Anti-Humans: Student Re-education in Romanian Prisons - Dumitri Bacu

Drawings from the Gulag – Danzig Baldaev

The Unknown Gulag: The Lost World of Stalin's Special Settlements - Lynne Viola

An Island Hell: A Soviet Prison in the Far North - S. A. Malsagov

Cannibal Island: Death in a Siberian Gulag - Nicolas Werth, Steven Rendall, Jan Gross

Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941-1945: Planning, Realization, and Documentation - Joachim Hoffman

Slave Labor in Soviet Russia – Herman Greife

Origins of the Gulag - Michael Jakobson

Gulag: A History – Anne Applebaum

Twenty Years in a Siberian Gulag: Memoir of a Political Prisoner at Kolyma - Leonid Petrovich Bolotov

The Economics of Forced Labour: The Soviet Gulag - Paul R. Gregory, Valery Lazarev

The Holodomor - Charles Rivers Editions

Illness and Inhumanity in Stalin's Gulag - Golfo Alexopoulos

The Soviet Experiment: Challenging the Apologists for Communist Tyranny - Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Great Terror: Stalin’s Purge of the Thirties – Robert Conquest

No Asylum: State Psychiatric Repression in the Former USSR – Thomas A. Oleszczuk, Theresa C. Smith

Punitive Medicine – Alexander Podrabinek

Abuse of Psychiatry for Political Repression in the Soviet Union – United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Soviet Psychiatry – Joseph Wortis

Russia’s Political Hospitals: The Abuse of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union – Sidney Bloch, Peter Reddaway

Two Hundred Years Together – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Cancer Ward – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In the First Circle – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Lenin in Zurich – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Warning to the West – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

For the Good of the Cause – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

August 1914 – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Gulag Archipelago, vol. I - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Gulag Archipelago, vol. II - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Gulag Archipelago, vol. III - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Red Wheel, August 1917, Node III, book I - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Red Wheel, August 1917, Node III, book II - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Red Wheel, August 1917, Node III, book III - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West – Christopher Andrew, Vasili Mitrokhin

The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB in the World – Christopher Andrew


When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Weimar Hyperinflation - Adam Fergusson

The Origins of the Second World War – A. J. P. Taylor

The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed - David L. Hoggan

How Britain Initiated Both World Wars – Nick Kollerstrom

Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World - Patrick J. Buchanan

John Amery Speaks, and England and Europe – John Amery

The Martyrdom of William Joyce – Michael Walsh

The Nameless War – Archibald Maule Ramsay

The First Holocaust – Don Heddesheimer

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil – Gerard Menuhin

Heresy in Twenty-first Century France – Georges M. Theil

Northern Ireland in the Second World War - Brian Barton

Hitler’s War: Germany’s Key Strategic Decisions 1940-1945 – Heinz Mageheimer

The Hitler Years: A Photographic Documentary - Ivor Matanle

Hitler: A Global Biography - Brendan Simms

Hitler's Religion: the Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich - Richard Weikart

Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny - R. H. S. Stolfi

Animals in the Third Reich - Boria Sax

Hitler's Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, Foreign Affairs - Richard Tedor

The Swastika Against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity - Bruce Walker

Germany's War - John Wear

Waffen-SS: the Unpublished Photographs 1923-1945 - Christopher Ailsby

Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front – Gunter K. Koschorrek

Advance to Barbarism – F. J. P. Veale

Crimes Discreetly Veiled - F. J. P. Veale

Crimes Against the Wehrmacht - Franz W. Seidler

The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, 1939-1945 - Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

Nemesis at Potsdam: The Expulsion of the Germans from the East – Alfred M. De Zayas

Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defence Case – Carlos Whitlock Porter

War Crimes Trials, and Other Essays - Carlos Whitlock Porter

Nuremberg and Other War Crimes Trials - Richard Harwood

Nuremberg: The Last Battle – David Irving

Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden – David Irving

The Morgenthau Plan 1944-1945 – David Irving

True Himmler – David Irving

Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945 - David Irving

The Loneliest Man in the World - Eugene Bird

America's Second Crusade - Francis Hutcheson

The Bombing of Germany - Hans Rumpf

The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 - Jorg Friedrich

Inferno: The Devastation of Hamburg 1943 - Keith Lowe

Crime and Mercies – James Bacque

Other Losses – James Bacque

Gruesome Harvest: the Costly Attempt to Exterminate the People of Germany - Ralph Franklin Keeling

The Gulag in East Germany: Soviet Special Camps 1945-1950 – Ulrich Merten

The Russians in Germany: The History of the Soviet Zone of Occupation 1945-1949 - Norman M. Naimark

Allied Internment Camps in Occupied Germany: Extrajudicial Detention in the Name of Denazification 1945-1950 - Andrew H. Beattie

The Brainwashing of the German Nation - Udo Walendy

Truth for Germany: The Guilt Question of the Second World War - Udo Walendy

The High Cost of Vengeance - Freda Utley

Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947 – Thomas Goodrich

Summer 1945 – Thomas Goodrich

Unfinished Victory – Arthur Bryant

Seeds of Destruction: The Truth About the U.S. Occupation of Germany - Cedric Belfrage

The Hunger Year: In the French Zone of Divided Germany, 1946-1947 - Joel Carl Welty

Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe – A. J. App

Crimes Unspoken: The Rape of German Women at the End of the Second World War - Miriam Gebhardt

Brainwashed into Slavery – Kenneth Goff

The Tragedy of Silesia 1945-1946 – Johannes Kaps

Media Manipulation and Propaganda in US Occupied Germany, 1945-1949: Controlling Information - Larry Hartenian

Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War - R. M. Douglas

The Wolf Children of the Eastern Front: Alone and Forgotten – Sonya Winterberg, Kerstin Lieff

An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945 – John Sack

The Devil’s Handiwork: A Victims’ View of Allied War Crimes – John R. Tiffany

Bleeding Germany Dry: The Aftermath of World War II from the German Perspective – Claus Nordbruch

The Other Price of Hitler's War: German Military and Civilian Losses Resulting from World War II - Martin K. Sorge


The Burning Souls – Leon Degrelle

Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman – Savitri Devi

Forever and Ever – Savitri Devi

Impeachment of Man – Savitri Devi

Gold in the Furnace - Savitri Devi

Defiance – Savitri Devi

Pilgrimage – Savitri Devi

Long Whiskers and the Two-Legged Goddess – Savitri Devi

National Socialism and the Laws of Nature - Martin Kerr

A New Nobility of Blood and Soil – R. Walther Darré

The Artist Within the Warlord – Carolyn Yeager, Wilhelm Kriessmann

Adolf Hitler’s Paintings & Artworks: A Comprehensive Visual Journey Through the Artistic Pursuits of World War II’s Most Infamous Leader – Roland von Stoffenbuder

Hitler’s Private Library: The Books that Shaped his Life – Timothy W. Ryback

In His Own Words: The Essential Speeches of Adolf Hitler - C. J. Miller

Germany Speaks - Joachim von Ribbentrop

Landmark Speeches of National Socialism - Randall L. Bytwerk

National Socialism: its Principles and Philosophy – Carlos Videla

Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler

Zweites Buch – Adolf Hitler

Hitler’s Table Talk – Martin Bormann

Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin – Dietrich Ekcart

The Voice of the Ancestors – Wölf Sorenson

Defender Against Bolshevism – Heinrich Himmler

Meaning and Path of the Swastika – Jörg Lechler

Capitulate, Never! – Werner Naumann

Freemasonry: Ideology, Organization, and Policy – SS Guide

Live Bravely and Die Courageously – Kurt Eggers

The Warrior Revolution – Kurt Eggers

Discipline and Order: Foundations of National Socialist Ethics – Georg Usadel

Leadership Guide – Alfred Kotz

Early Germanic Man – SS Culture Magazine

Germanic Solstice and Runes – Der Schulungsbrief Magazine

Attack: Essays from a Time of Struggle – Joseph Goebbels

My Part in Germany’s Fight – Joseph Goebbels

The Spiritual Foundations of New Europe – Otto Dietrich

You and Your Folk – NSLB literature

Immorality in the Talmud – Alfred Rosenberg

Manifesto for Breaking the Financial Slavery to Interest – Gottfried Feder


American Racialism - César Tort

Crusade Against the Cross (The Tragic Life of Nietzsche) - César Tort

Neo-Christianity – César Tort

Daybreak - César Tort

Day of Wrath - César Tort

The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour – César Tort

The Human Side of Chess – César Tort

On Beth’s Cute Tits, and Other Essays – César Tort

On Exterminationism – César Tort


Metaphysics of Power – Julius Evola

Metaphysics of War -Julius Evola

Men Among the Ruins – Julius Evola

Ride the Tiger – Julius Evola

The Fall of Spirituality – Julius Evola

Traditional Forms and Cosmic Cycles – René Guénon

Perspectives on Initiation – René Guénon

The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times – René Guénon

The Metaphysical Principles of the Infinitesimal Calculus – René Guénon

Miscellanea – René Guénon

Symbols of Sacred Science – René Guenon

The Multiple States of the Being – René Guénon

The Crisis of the Modern World – René Guénon


The Ring of Truth – Roger Scruton

On Human Nature – Roger Scruton

Fools, Frauds and Firebrands – Roger Scruton

The Aesthetics of Architecture – Roger Scruton

Music as an Art – Roger Scruton

An Outline of European Architecture – Nikolaus Pevsner

The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance – Peter Murray

Highlights of 120 Years - The Engineer

Triumphs of Engineering - Odhams Press Ltd.

Civilization: A Personal View - Kenneth Clark


A Companion to the Orchestra – Norman Del Mar

The Penguin Opera Guide – Amanda Holden

Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung: A Companion – Stewart Spencer, Barry Millington

Music Theory for Dummies – Michael Pilhofer, Holly Day

A History of Western Music – Donald J Grout

The New Oxford Companion to Music, vol. I – Denis Arnold

The New Oxford Companion to Music, vol. II – Denis Arnold

Music in the Renaissance - Gustave Reese

How to Read Music – Terry Burrows

The Concerto – Abraham Veinus

Symphonies and Other Orchestral Works: Selections from Essays in Musical Analysis – Donald Francis Tovey

A History of Musical Style – Richard L. Crocker

The Masterwork in Music, vol. I, 1925 – Heinrich Schenker

The Masterwork in Music, vol. II, 1926 – Heinrich Schenker

The Masterwork in Music, vol. III, 1930 – Heinrich Schenker

Free Composition, vol. I – Heinrich Schenker

Free Composition, vol. II – Heinrich Schenker

Harmony – Heinrich Schenker

Treatise on Harmony – Jean-Philippe Rameau

Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony – Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Schumann on Music: A Selection from The Writings – Henry Pleasants

Principles of Orchestration – Nicholay Rimsky-Korsakov

Treatise on Instrumentation – Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss


The Decline & Fall of Western Art – Brandon P. Heard

The Rape of The Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art – Roger Kimball

Art’s Prospect: The Challenge of Tradition in an Age of Celebrity – Roger Kimball

Art in Crisis: The Lost Center – Hans Sedlmayr


The Art of the Renaissance - Peter Murray, Linda Murray

A History of Western Art - Michael Levey

Celebrating Britain: Canaletto, Hogarth, and Patriotism - Steven Parissien

Il Culto del Bello: Antonio Canova, Giovanni degli Alessandri e l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Italian Edition – Sandro Bellisi

Sculpture: from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, from the 8th Century BC to the 15th Century - Georges Duby, Jean-Luc Daval

Bernini and His World: Sculpture and Sculptors in Early Modern Rome – Livio Pestilli

The History of Painting: from the Fourth to the Early Nineteenth Century, vol. II - Richard Muther

Venetian Painting - John Steer

Florentine Renaissance Sculpture - Charles Avery

Italian Renaissance Sculpture - John Pope-Hennessy

Renaissance and Baroque Masterpieces – Stephan Koja, Claudia Kryza-Gersch

Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes: In and Around the Peter Marino Collection – Jeremy Warren

Great Baroque and Rococo Sculpture – Maurizio Fagiolo dell’Arco

The High Renaissance and Mannerism - Linda Murray

Classic Art: The Great Masters of the Italian Renaissance - H. Wolfflin

Byzantine and Russian Painting - Kostas Papaioannou

French Paintings, vol. II: XIX Century - Charles Sterling, Margaretta M. Salinger

Jules Breton: Painter of Peasant Life – Annette Bourrut Lacouture

Wall Art Made Easy: John William Godward, 30 Ready to Frame Reproduction Prints – Barbara Ann Kirby

Maxfield Parrish: A Retrospective – Laurence S. Cutler, Judy G. Cutler

Art in Europe 1700-1830 - Matthew Craske

Paul Delaroche 1797-1856: Paintings in the Wallace Collection – Stephen Duffy

Cave to Renaissance - Benjamin Rowland Jr.

Tissot - Christopher Wood

A Third and Final Catalogue of Drawings by Herbert Draper, 1864-1920 – Julian Hartnoll

Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape – Joseph Leo Koerner

Caspar David Friedrich: Nature and the Self – Nina Amstutz

Hieronymus Bosch - Howard Daniel

Franz Hals – Bart Cornelis, Jaap van der Veen, Friso Lammertse, Rinnooy Kan

Anthony van Dyke and the Art of Portraiture – Christopher White

Rembrandt - Michael Kitson

Rembrandt’s Universe: His Art, His Life, His World – Gary Schwartz

The Drawings of Rembrandt – Seymour Silve

Turner 1775-1851 - Tate Gallery

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Russell Ash

Rubens – Gilles Néret

Andreas Achenbach: Seestücke, German Edition – Wolfgang Peiffer

William Bouguereau: The Essential Works – Frederick C. Ross, Kyra Lysandra Ross

Joaquín Sorolla: Painter of Light – Micol Forti,

Michelangelo - Ricard McLanathan

Introspettiva, Spanish Edition – Roberto Ferri

Albert Edelfelt: Lumières de Finlande, French Edition – Collectif

La Peinture du Néoclassicisme a l’Art pompier: 1750-1880, French Edition – Collectif

Le Peinture Académique, French Edition – Klaus H. Carl

Jules-Eugene Lenepveu 1818-1898: peintre de monumental, French Edition – Anne Esnault

Jean Bardin 1732-1809: le feu sacré, French Edition – Mehdi Korchane

L’Heure Bleue de Peder Severin Krøyer, French Edition – Dominique Lobstein, Mette Harbo Lehmann

Biedermeier Painting – Geraldine Norman

In Another Light: Danish Painting in the 19th Century – Patricia G. Berman

Peder Mørk Mønsted: Photorealistic Landscapes from Denmark and Beyond – Eelco Kappe

Eugene de Blaas (1843-1931): The Complete Works – Eelco Kappe

William Dobson 1611-46 - National Portrait Gallery

John S. Sargent: 194 Master Drawings - Blagoy Kiroff

Interpreting Sargent - Elizabeth Prettejohn

George Clausen and the Picture of English Rural Life – Kenneth McConkey

John Waterhouse: Drawings & Paintings – Raya Yotova

Bruegel - Walter S. Gibson

Dutch Landscape: The Early Years, Haarlem, and Amsterdam 1590-1650 - Christopher Brown

Jan van Goyen, 1596-1656: Poet of the Dutch Landscape – Christopher Wright

Adriaen van de Velde: Dutch Master of Landscape – Bart Cornelis, Marijn Schapelhouman

The Hague School: Dutch Masters of the 19th Century – Royal Academy of Arts

The Hague School Book – John Sillevis, Anne Tabak

The Life and Works of Sisley - Janice Anderson

John Ottis Adams: 190 Colour Plates – Maria Peitcheva

Anders Zorn: 300 Plates – Maria Peitcheva

The Life and Works of Constable - Clarence Jones

Corot and the Art of Landscape – Michael Clarke

Sir Alfred Munnings 1878-1959 - Stanley Booth

Victorian Painting – Lionel Lambourne

Nordic Landscape Painting in the Nineteenth Century – Torsten Gunnarson

Jules Bastien-Lepage, French Edition – Bernard Ponton

The History and Techniques of the Great Masters: Goya - Michael Howard

Goya - Andre Malraux

Henri Fantin-Latour: Paintings & Drawings – Zedign Art Series

The Peredevizniki: Pioneers of Russian Painting – David Jackson

Repin – Ilya Efimovich Repin

Great Painters: Vasily Surikov – Vladimir Kemenov

Spanish Still Life: from Velazquez to Goya - William B. Jordan, Peter Cherry

Barbizon to Brittany: Landscape and Realist Painting in Nineteenth Century France – Jack Kilgore, Mireille Mosler

The Barbizon School and 19th Century French Landscape Painting – Jean Bouret

Unruly Nature: The Landscapes of Theodore Rousseau – Scott Allan, Edouard Knopp

The Pre-Raphaelites - Timothy Hilton

The Pre-Raphaelites - Leslie Parris

Florentine Painting - Enzo Carli

The Uffizi: All Paintings in 696 Illustrations and the Vasari Corridor - Luciano Berti

Victorian Artists - Quentin Bell

Lawrence Alma-Tadema – Rosemary Barrow

Franz von Stuck 1863-1928 - Taschen

American Art 1750-1800: Towards Independence - Charley F. Montgomery, Patricia E. Kane


Fantasy Art - Dick Jude

Fantasy Art Masters - Dick Jude

Myth & Magic - John Howe

Tolkien's World - HarperCollins

Realms of Tolkien - HarperCollins

Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia - David Day

Characters From Tolkien - David Day

Lost Realms: An Illustrated Exploration of the Lands Behind the Legends - Robert Holdstock, Malcolm Edwards

Fabulous Beasts - Joyce Hargreaves, Malcolm Ashman

The Wolf Prince - Noelle de Chambrun

Beyond the Wild Wood: The World of Kenneth Grahame - Peter Green

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Myths & Legends - Arthur Cotterell

Usborne Illustrated Guide to Greek Myths & Legends – Cheryl Evan, Anne Millard

Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths & Legends – Cheryl Evan, Anne Millard

In Search of Forever – Rodney Matthews

The Secret Art of Ian Miller – Ian Miller, Barry King

Dinotopia - James Gurney

Art Forms in Nature - Ernst Haeckel

The Medieval Menagerie: Animals in the Art of the Middle Ages - Janetta Rebold Benton

Amphigorey Too - Edward Gorey

The Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka - James R. Cowan

The Ultimate Alphabet - Mike Wilks

The Ultimate Noah's Ark - Mike Wilks

The Treasure Hunt of The Century: Masquerade - Kit Williams

M. C. Escher: The Graphic Work - Taschen


The Encyclopaedia of Fantasy & Science Fiction Art Techniques - John Grant, Ron Tiner

Painting the Secret World of Nature - Sylvia Frattini, James Lester, Benjamin Perkins, Rosanna Sanders

The Artist's Handbook - Angela Gair

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Fourth Edition - Betty Edwards

The Encyclopaedia of Drawing Techniques - Ian Simpson

Drawing for Pleasure - Valerie C. Douet

The Complete Book of Drawing - Barrington Barber

Figure Drawing Without a Model - Ron Tiner

The Complete Drawing & Sketching Course - Stan Smith

Anatomy for the Artist: The Dynamics of the Human Form - Tom Flint

An Introduction to Drawing - James Horton

Drawing: A Step-by-Step Guide - Barnes & Noble

Painting - J. M. Parramon

The Complete Guide to Painting Water - Bert N. Petri

Celtic Design: A Sourcebook of Patterns and Motifs - Iain Zaczek

Celtic Calligraphy - Vivien Lunniss

A Treasury of Viking Design - Courtney Davis

Celtic Designs - Courtney Davis

Celtic Initials and Alphabets - Courtney Davis

Key Patterns and Animals - Courtney Davis

Celtic Glass Painting - Judy Balchin

Illuminated Letters - Aidan Meehan

Celtic Alphabets - Aidan Meehan

Celtic Knotwork Designs - Sheila Sturrock

Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction - George Bain

Learn Lettering and Calligraphy - Gail Lawther, Christopher Lawther


First Aid Manual, Eleventh Edition – St John Ambulance

Emergency First Aid Made Easy: A Quick Reference Guide to Emergency First Aid Procedures – Nigel Barraclough

Medical Symptoms Visual Guide: The Easy Way to Identify Medical Problems – DK

The Minor Illness Manual, Fifth Edition – Gina Johnson, Ian Hill-Smith, Chirag Bakhai

Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Wellness – Anne Waugh, Allison Grant

The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Help is NOT on the Way, Fourth Edition, Revised and Expanded – Joseph Alton, Amy Alton

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine – Jim Duff, Ross Anderson


The Royal Horticultural Society New Encyclopaedia of Herbs & Their Uses - Deni Bown

Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine, Fourth Edition - Andrew Chevallier

The Medicinal Garden – Ted Whitworth

The Ultimate Dandelion Medicine Book: 40 Recipes for Using Dandelion Leaves, Flowers, Stems & Roots as Medicine – Kristina Seleshanko

Growing and Using Herbs - Alan Titchmarsh

Gardening with Herbs: A Practical Guide - Cathy Buchanan

Herbs - Top That! Publishing

Herbs and the Kitchen Garden - Kim Hurst

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Vitamins and Minerals - Denise Mortimore

Home Remedies for Common Ailments - Dr James Le Fanu

Tonics & Teas - Rachel de Thample

The Forager Handbook: A Guide to the Edible Plants of Britain - Miles Irving

Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland - Robin Harford

Medicinal Mushrooms: A Practical Guide for Healing Mushrooms – Richard Bray

101 Uses for Stinging Nettles – Piers Warren


Small Scale Permaculture: A Permaculture Design Manual for Home Growers – Richard Bray

Composting – Dion Rosser

Propagating Plants: How to Create New Plants for Free – Alan Toogood

Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners - Suzanne Ashworth

Complete Vegetable Gardener - Peter Seabrook

How to Grow Vegetables and Fruit - Percy Thrower

Container Gardening - Stephanie Donaldson

The Organic Gardener - Christine Lavelle, Michael Lavelle

The Organic Gardener's Handbook - Michael Littlewood

Vegetables and Fruit in Pots: Simple Steps to Success - Jo Whittingham

How to Grow Vegetables in Pots & Containers - Luke Potter

Vegetable Growing Month by Month - John Harrison

Top Tips for a Top Crop - Rocket Gardens


Autumn and Winter Cooking with a Veg Box - Guy Watson

The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round – Piers Warren

The 5 Ingredient Plant-Powered Cookbook for College Students – Silvana Siskov

The 20-Minute Vegan: Quick, Easy Food – Calum Harris

Vegan Cookbook: 200 Plant Based Tasty Recipes – Aidan Curtis

Easy Vegan: Exciting Food, Simply Cooked - Mildreds

High Protein Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook – Evann Ryan

Vegan Cookbook for Athletes – Scott Nardella

Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook – Antony Day

The Whole Foods Plant Based Cookbook for Longevity – Paul Griggs

The Two Spoons Cookbook: More Than 100 French-Inspired Vegan Recipes – Hannah Sunderani

Vegan Recipes from France – Kristina Arnold

The Vegan Pasta Cookbook – Rebecca Hincke

Veganissimo: Italian Vegan Cuisine – Angélique Roussel

Vegan Italiano – Donna Klein

Spicebox: 100 Fresh, Vegan Curry House Favourites – Grace Regan


How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition - Michael Jay Geier

Electronics Demystified! - Bill Mantovani

Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics, Fourth Edition - Stan Gibilisco

Work Out Electronics - G. Waterworth

Electronics for Absolute Beginners, Second Edition - Philip Dixon

Troubleshooting and Maintaining PCs All-in-One for Dummies - Dan Gookin


The Guerrilla's Guide to Signals Intelligence – NC Scout

The Guerrilla Dispatch, Vol. 1 – NC Scout

The Guerrilla Dispatch, Vol. 2 – NC Scout

The Guerrilla's Guide to The Baofeng Radio – NC Scout

The Radio Amateur’s Handbook – Archie Frederick Collins

PrepComms UK: A Practical Guide to Radio Communications for the Bushcraft, Prepper and Wild Camping Community – Paul Gladhill

An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise – John R. Pierce


Shipping Container Homes for Beginners: An Introductory Guide – Stirling de Cruz Coleridge

Shipping Container Homes – Kenelm Hunt

Shipping Container Homes 2023 - Robert Price

Shipping Container Homes 2024 – Brian Parker Smith

Container & Prefab House Plans – Monsa Publications

Big Book of Small Home Plans, Second Edition – Creative Homeowner

Small Homes: The Right Size – Lloyd Khan

The Essential Guide to the Use of Land and Buildings under the Planning Acts including the Use Classes Order – Martin H. Goodall

How To Get Planning Permission, Fifth Edition – Roy Speer, Michael Dade

How to Find and Buy a Building Plot, Fourth Edition – Roy Speer, Michael Dade

Buy Land and Live on It: Deciphering UK Planning Law, Pathways to Land Ownership and Sustainable Off-Grid Living, Comprehensive Version – Benn Berkeley

Navigating Off-Grid: A Guide to UK Planning Law – Benn Berkeley

Building Stone Walls – John Vivian

The Art of the Stonemason – Ian Cramb

Brickwork and Bricklaying: A DIY Handbook – Jon Collinson

Traditional Brickwork: Construction, Repair and Maintenance – Terrence Lee

Building Construction Handbook, Fourth Edition - R. Chudley, R. Greeno

Roof Tiling and Slating: A Practical Guide – Kevin Taylor

Home Repairs - Ron Grace

Practical Problem Solver - Reader's Digest

Collins Complete DIY Manual – Albert Jackson, David Day

Collins Complete Woodworker's Manual - Albert Jackson, David Day

Collins Complete Wiring and Lighting – Albert Jackson, David Day

Collins Complete Plumbing and Central Heating – Albert Jackson, David Day

Plumbing, Fourth Edition – R. D. Treloar


The Prepper's Water Survival Guide - Daisy Luther

Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide - Novato Press

Off Grid Solar Power – Paul Holmes, Sitav Bhadra

Ragnar's Urban Survival: a Hard-times Guide to Staying Alive in the City - Ragnar Benson

The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival - Selco Begovic

UK Prepping: The Survivors Guide to the End of the World - David George

Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money - Dolly Freed

Makeshift Workshop Skills for Survival and Self-reliance - James Ballou

Traditional British Crafts - Colour Library Books

The Forgotten Arts: A Practical Guide to Traditional Skills - John Seymour

No Grid Survival Projects Bible - Brandon G. Chasey

Off-Grid Farming: Fostering Self-reliance in the 21st Century – Christianah Thompson

Slow Tech: The Perfect Anecdote to Today’s Digital World – Peter Ginn

Wood: Identification & Use, Revised and Expanded Edition – Terry Porter

Super Simple Outdoor Woodworking: 15 Practical Weekend Projects - Randall A. Maxey

Woodcraft: A Guide to Using Trees for Woodcraft and Bushcraft – John Rhyder

Woodland Craft – Ben Law

Woodland Workshop: Tools and Devices for Woodland Craft – Ben Law

Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties – D. C. Beard

Building with Logs, Legacy Edition – U.S. Forest Service

The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook – Anthonio Akkermans

The Tool Book: a Tool-lover's Guide to Over 200 Hand Tools - Nick Offerman

The Rusty Nut Bible: How to Undo Seized, Damaged or Broken Nuts, Bolts, Studs, and Screws – Chas Newport

The Useful Knots Book: How to Tie the 25+ Most Practical Knots - Sam Fury

The Art of Blacksmithing, Revised Edition - Alex W. Bealer

How to Machine Sew: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner – Susie Johns

Hand Bookbinding: A Manual of Instruction – Aldren A. Walton

Bookbinding: The Classic Arts and Crafts Manual – Douglas Cockerell

Navigation Skills for Walkers: Map Reading, Compass, and GPS – Terry Marsh

Road Map South and East England: Section No. 2 - Esso

Official Street Plan of Ipswich with Index to Streets - G. I. Barnett & Son Ltd.

Official Street Plan of Chelmsford with Index to Streets - G. I. Barnett & Son Ltd.

Chelmsford, Harlow & Surrounding Area,  Landranger 167 – Ordnance Survey

Ipswich, Felixstowe & Harwich, Woodbridge & Manningtree, Explorer 197 – Ordnance Survey

Ipswich and The Naze, Sheet 169 – Ordnance Survey

Manningtree & Dedham, Pathfinder 1053  – Ordnance Survey

Orford Ness and Felixstowe 1905 – Robert Malster

Orford Ness: A Selection of Maps – John Norden


Annotated Vocabulary and Explanatory Notes to the Russian Conversational Course, pt. 1 - Linguaphone Institute

Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary Russian-English/English-Russian - Jessie Coulson, Nigel Rankin, Della Thompson, Colin Howlett

A New Russian Grammar - Anna H. Semeonoff

Russian Short Stories for Beginners and Intermediate Learners - Language Guru

Russian Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook - Lingo Mastery

2000 Most Common Russian Words in Context - Lingo Mastery

Conversational Russian Dialogues - Lingo Mastery

Russian Short Stories for Beginners, vol. I - Lingo Mastery

Russian Short Stories for Beginners, vol. II - Lingo Mastery

Intermediate Russian Short Stories - Lingo Mastery

Russian Made Easy: Level 1 - Lingo Mastery

Russian Alphabet Made Easy - Lingo Mastery


Teach Yourself French – Gaëlle Graham

101 French Idioms: Understanding French Language and Culture Through Popular Phrases – Jean-Marie Cassagne


Oxford Spanish Mini Dictionary, Fourth Edition - Joanna Rubery, Nicholas Rollin


How to Be Your Pet’s Best Friend – Michael W. Fox

Homemade for Hamsters – Carin Oliver

The Guide to Owning a Hamster – Anmarie Barrie


Victorian Decoupage: Teddy Bears - Hilary Hammond

Just Bears: A Charming Collection of Hand-crafted Designs - Sue Quinn


The Ultimate Body Transformation Plan - Nick Mitchell

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