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Updated Home Library/Reading List [part II]

The Hidden Code of Cryptic Crosswords – Francois Greeff

The Code Book – Simon Singh

Introduction to Cryptography - Johannes Buchman

A Treatise on the Art of Deciphering, and of Writing in Cypher: With a Harmonic Alphabet – Philip Thicknesse

Introduction to Modern Cryptography - Jonathan Katz, Yehuda Lindell

Cryptography: A Very Short History – Fred Piper, Sean Murphy

Unveiling Cicada 3301 - Bhavesh Tekwani

The Voynich Manuscript - Stephen Skinner

The Voynich Manuscript - Ramond Clemens, Deborah E. Harkness

Unsolved! – Craig P. Bauer

Codebreaker: The History of Secret Communication – Stephen Pincock, Mark Frary

Codes and Ciphers: A History of Cryptography – Alexander D’ Agapeyeff

Codes and Ciphers – Robert Churchhouse

Codebreaking: A Practical Guide – Elonka Dunin, Klaus Schmeh

Decrypted Secrets: Methods and Maxims of Cryptography – F. L. Bauer

The Mathematics of Secrets – Joshua Holden

Cryptanalysis – Helen Fouché Gaines

Encyclopaedia of Cryptology – David E. Newton

Cryptology: Classical and Modern – Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon

Cryptology: Machines, History & Methods – ‘Cipher A. Deavours’, Louis Kruh, David A. Kahn

Selections from Cryptologia – ‘Cipher A. Deavours’, Louis Kruh, David A. Kahn

Cryptologia, vol. VIII, no. I - David Kahn, Louis Kruh, Brian J. Winkel

The Venetian Ciphers of Agostino Amani – D. P. J. A. Scheers

Advances in Cryptology - Colin Boyd

The Friedman Lectures on Cryptology - William F. Friedman

Codes and Ciphers (Cryptology) - William F. Friedman

Basic Cryptologic Glossary - William F. Friedman

Advanced Military Cryptography - William F. Friedman

Military Cryptanalysis Part I: Monoalphabetic Substitution Systems, Fourth Edition – William F. Friedman

Military Cryptanalysis Part I: Polygraphic Substitution, Four Square and Two Square Matrices, Third Edition - William F. Friedman

Military Cryptanalysis Part II: Simpler Varieties of Polyalphabetic Substitution Cipher - William F. Friedman

Military Cryptanalysis Part III: Small Types of Aperiodic Substitution System (Introduction and Lesson One) – William F. Friedman

Military Cryptanalysis Part IV: Transposition and Fractionating Systems - William F. Friedman

S. I. Course Section IV: Poly-Alphabetic Ciphers – William F. Friedman

The Index of Coincidence - William F. Friedman

Synoptic Tables for the Solution of Ciphers and a Bibliography of Cipher Literature - William F. Friedman

Ref ID: A69073, Technical Papers - William F. Friedman

Ref ID: A69531, Technical Papers – William F. Friedman

Statistical Methods in Cryptanalysis, Revised Edition – Solomon Kullback

General Solution for the Double Transposition Cipher – Solomon Kullback

Solving Cipher Problems – Frank W. Lewis

Articles on Cryptography and Cryptanalysis – The Signal Corps Bulletin

Theory of Cryptography - Mono Naor

Handbook of Applied Cryptography - A. Menezes, P. van Oorschot, S. Vanstone

Cryptanalysis of the Hagelin Cryptograph - Wayne G. Barker


Introduction to Modern Cryptography – Jonathan Katz, Yehuda Lindell

Modern Cryptanalysis: Techniques for Advanced Codebreaking - Christopher Swenson

Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory – Wade Trappe, Lawrence C. Washington

Codes and Automata – Jean Berstel, Dominique Perrin, Christophe Reutenauer

Elementary Number Theory, Cryptography, and Codes – M. Welleda Baldoni, Ciro Ciliberto, G. M. Piacentini Cattaneo

Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography – Steven D. Galbraith

Cryptanalysis of the SoDark Family of Cipher Algorithms - Marcus Danserie

Lai-Massey Cipher Designs - Jorge Nakahara Jr.

The Taman Shud Cipher - J. N. Amour

The Block Cipher Companion - Lars R. Knudsen, Matthew Robshaw

Feistel Ciphers - Valerie Nachef, Jacques Paterin, Emmanuel Volte

Cryptography and Data Security - Daniel Garfield


Hiding in Plain Sight – Eric Cole

Steganography, the Art of Hiding Information – Karen Bailey, Kevin Curran

Steganography, the World of Secret Communications – Michael Hegarty

Noiseless Steganography: The Key to Covert Communication – Abdelrahman Desoky

Integrated Research in Steganography – Audrey Coon

Steganography in Digital Media: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications – Jessica Fridrich

Optimal Soft Computing for Audio Steganography – Abhay Pandy

Audio Steganography using Combined Approach of Compression & Cryptography – Anju Gera

Hiding Data in VoIP - Józef Lubacz, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Krzysztof Szczypiorski

Statistically Undetectable Steganography - Jessica Fridrich

Spycomm: Covert Communication Techniques of the Underground – Lawrence W. Myers

Clandestine Communication Systems – John T. Corley

Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest – Finn Brunton, Helen Nissenbaum

Cyber Deception: Techniques, Strategies, and Human Aspects – Tiffany Bao, Milind Tambe, Cliff Wang


Secret Underground Cities - N. J. MacCamley

Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers - N. J. MacCamley

Subterranean Britain: Second World War Secret Bunkers - N. J. MacCamley

Cold War: East Anglia – Jim Wilson

The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: American Military Power in Britain – Duncan Campbell

War Plan UK – Duncan Campbell

The Royal Observer Corps Underground Monitoring Posts – Mark Daslton

Abandoned Cold War Places: The Bunkers, Submarine Bases, Missile Silos, Airfields, and Listening Posts from the World’s Most Secretive Conflict – Robert Grenville

Underground Bases: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet – James Morcan, Lance Morcan


Spies in the Sky: Surveillance Satellites in War and Peace – Pat Norris

Strategic Defense Systems of the Future – Philip Margulies

Teller’s War – William J. Broad

Space Weapons and the Strategic Defense Initiative – Crockett L. Grabbe

War in Space: The Science and Technology Behind Our Next Theater of Conflict – Linda Dawson

Space and Defense Policy – Damon Coletta, Frances T. Pilch

Original Sin: Power, Technology and War in Outer Space – Bleddyn E. Bower

War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics – Bleddyn E. Bower

Space Warfare in the 21st Century: Arming the Heavens – Joan Johnson-Freese

Space Electronic Warfare - David L. Adamy

Electronic Warfare Against a New Generation of Threats – David L. Alamy

Information Warfare: Principles and Operations - Edward Waltz

Electronic Warfare in the Information Age – D. Curtis Schleher

Design and Analysis of Modern Tracking Systems – Samuel Blackman, Robert Popoli

Introduction to Electronic Defense Systems, Second Edition – Fillipo Neri

Electronic Warfare: Receivers and Receiving Systems – Richard A. Poisel

RF Electronics for Electronic Warfare – Richard A. Poisel

Modern Communications Jamming: Principles and Techniques – Richard A. Poisel


How the World was One: Turbulent History of Global Communications - Arthur C. Clarke

Satellite Communications Systems: Systems, Techniques, and Technology, Sixth Edition – Gerard Maral, Michael Bousquet, Zhili Sun

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet – Katie Hafner, Michael Lyon

Surveillance Valley: A Secret Military History of the Internet – Yasah Levine

The ARPAnet Sourcebook: The Unpublished Foundations of the Internet – Peter H. Salus


The Sigint Secrets: The Signals Intelligence War 1900 to Today – Nigel West

Historical Dictionary of British Intelligence – Nigel West

Electronic Communication Interception Technologies and Issues of Power – Daniel Ventre, Philippe Guillot

GPS Declassified: From Smart Bombs to Smartphones – Richard D. Easton, Eric F. Frazier

A Short Introduction to Geospatial Intelligence - Jack O'Connor

Surveillance Technologies and Early Warning Systems: Data Mining Applications for Risk Detection – Ali Serhan Koyuncugil, Nermin Ozgulbas

Electronic Surveillance Devices – Paul Brookes

Hacking with Hardware Gadgets – Mark B.

Big Brother Technology: PRISM, XKeyscore and Other Spy Tools of the Global Surveillance State – Axel Balthazar

State-Sponsored Worms: A Look into the Evolution of Cyber Warfare – Benjamin Stephenson

Stuxnet to Sunburst: Twenty Years of Digital Exploitation and Cyber Warfare – Andrew J. Jenkinson

Modelling Nation-state Information Warfare and Cyber-operations – Brett Van Niekerk, Tishana Ramluckan, Neal Kushwaha

Means of Control: How the Hidden Alliance of Tech and Government is Creating a New American Surveillance – Byron Tau

The Big Black Book of Electronic Surveillance – Edward Teach

Handbook of Surveillance Technologies, Third Edition – Julie K. Petersen

Wiretapping and Electronic Eavesdropping – G Stevens, C. Doyle


Surveillance Countermeasures – Aden C. Magee

Practical Anonymity – Peter Loshin

An Ethical Guide to Cyber Anonymity - Kushantha Gunawardana

Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Mobile Conversations Private - Kevin D. Murray

Digital Data: Develop an Effective Data Destruction Policy – Aisha Soldner

Linking Sensitive Data: Methods and Techniques for Practical Privacy-Preserving Information Sharing – Peter Christen, Thilina Ranbaduge, Rainer Schnell

The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference – Michael Bazzell, Justin Carroll

Hiding From the Internet: Eliminating Personal Online Information, Third Edition - Michael Bazzell

Extreme Privacy, Fourth Edition - Michael Bazzell


Whistleblowers, Leakers, and Their Networks: From Snowden to Samizdat – Jason Ross Arnold

Permanent Record: A Memoir of a Reluctant Whistleblower - Edward Snowden

Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the Surveillance State - Barton Gellman

Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Exposé of Big Tech Censorship – Zach Vorhies, Kent Heckenlively

Whistleblower’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What’s Right and Protecting Yourself – Stephen Martin Kohn

Truth Teller’s Shield: A Manual for Whistle Blowers and Hell Raisers, the Theory and Practice of Letting Your Truth, and The Truth Prevail – Kevin Daniel Annett


An Introduction to Formal Language Theory – Robert N. Moll, Michael A. Arbib, A. J. Kfoury

Formal Language and Automata Theory, Second Edition – Ajit Singh

Build Your Own Website the Right Way Using HTML & CSS, Third Edition – Ian Lloyd

The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition – Bjarne Stroustrup

Ipv4 Addressing, Subnetting & VLSM Workbook: CCNA 200-301 – S. Rajkumar, Rajasekar VR

TCP/IP Illustrated: The Protocols, vol. 1 – Keven R. Fall, W. Richard Stevens

Build Your Own VPN Server: A Step-by-Step Guide - Lin Song

Set up your own IPsec VPN, OpenVPN and WireGuard Server - Lin Song

Linux Field Manual – Tim Bryant

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces – Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, Andrea C. Apraci-Dusseau

Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis with Bayesian Networks, Second Edition – Norman Fenton, Martin Neil

Operator Handbook - Joshua Picolet

Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering – Eldam Eilam

Blue Fox: Arm Assembly Internals and Reverse Engineering – Maria Markstedter

Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems – Cameron H. Malin, Eoghan Casey, James M. Aquilina

The Art of Attack: Attacker Mindset for Security Professionals – Maxie Reynolds


Grey Man: Camouflage for Crowds, Cities, and Civil Crisis -  Matthew Dermody

Grey Man 2: Intermediate Skills and Tactics – Matthew Dermody

Conversational Camouflage: Oratory Discretion and Pretexting for Behavioural Concealment – Matthew Dermody


Reasoning for Intelligence Analysts: A Multidimensional Approach of Traits, Techniques, and Targets – Noel Hendrickson

Activity-Based Intelligence: Principles and Applications – Patrick Biltgen, Stephen Ryan

Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis – David T. Moore

Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence – Katherine H. Pherson, Randolph H. Pherson

Curing Analytic Pathologies: Pathways to Improved Intelligence Analysis – Jeffrey R. Cooper

Counterintelligence: Theory and Practice, Second Edition – Hank Prunckun

Methods of Inquiry for Intelligence Analysis – Hank Prunckun

Scientific Methods of Inquiry for Intelligence Analysis, Second Edition – Hank Prunckun

The Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction (LAMP): A Method for Predictive Intelligence Analysis – Jonathan Samuel Lockwood

Counterdeception Principles and Applications for National Security – Michael Bennett, Edward Waltz

Deception: Counterdeception and Counterintelligence - Robert M. Clark, William L. Mitchell

Intelligence Gathering – Orlando Wilson

Getting Started with OSINT – Mark B.

OSINT Techniques: Resources for Uncovering Online Information, Tenth Edition - Michael Bazzell

Offensive Intelligence: 300 Techniques, Tools, and Tips to Know Everything About Everyone, in Companies or Elsewhere, Third Edition – Philippe Dylewski

The Grey Line: Modern Corporate Espionage and Counterintelligence – Andrew Brown

Of Moles and Molehunters: A Review of Counterintelligence Literature, 1977-92 – Center for the Study of Intelligence

Intelligence Oversight in Times of Transnational Impunity: Who Will Watch the Watchers? – Didier Bigo, Emma Mc Cluskey, Félix Tréguer


Revolution, and How to Do It in a Modern Society – Kai Murros

When All Else Fails: The Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice – Jason Brennan

How to Stage a Coup: And Ten Other Lessons from the World of Secret Statecraft – Rory Cormac

Coup d' Etat: A Practical Handbook, Revised Edition - Edward N. Luttwak


The Anglo-American Establishment - Carroll Quigley

Weapons Systems and Political Stability - Carroll Quigley

Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age – Tomislav Sunic

Underground Empire: How America Weaponized the World Economy – Henry Farrell, Abraham Newman

The Foundation Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American – Andrew L. Seidel

Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts – Brad Reagan, David Dunbar

Russia and the Russians: From Earliest Times to the Present – Geoffrey Hoskins

Collapse: The Fall of the Soviet Union – Vladislav M. Zubok

The Ukraine War & the Eurasian World Order – Glenn Diesen

How the West Brought War to Ukraine: Understanding How U.S. and NATO Policies Lead to Crisis, War, and the Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe – Benjamin Abelow

Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse – Andrei Martyanov

Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning – Andrei Martyanov

The (Real) Revolution in Military Affairs – Andrei Martyanov

The Dictator’s Handbook: Why Bad Behaviour is Almost Always Good Politics, New & Updated Edition – Alistair Smith, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

Counterinsurgency Warfare and Brutalisation: The Second Russian-Chechen War – Roberto Columbo, Emil Aslan Souleimanov

The Logic of Political Survival – Alistair Smith, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Randolph M. Siverson, James D. Morrow

Why Leaders Lie - John Mearsheimer

The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities - John Mearsheimer

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics - John Mearsheimer

How States Think: The Rationality of Foreign Policy - John Mearsheimer, Sebastian Rosato

The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy - John Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt

Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews - Albert Lindemann

Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture - Ian Cobain

The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation - Ian Cobain

Fron-Goch Camp 1916 and the Birth of the IRA - Lyn Ebenezer

The British Concentration Camps of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 - A. W. G. Raath

British Concentration Camps: A Brief History from 1900-1975 - Simon Webb

A Strategy of Dominance: The History of an American Concentration Camp - Francis Feeley

The Black Door: Spies, Secret Intelligence and British Prime Ministers - Richard Aldrich, Rory Cormac

Disrupt and Deny: Spies, Special Forces, and the Secret Pursuit of British Foreign Policy – Rory Cormac

The Real Special Relationship: The True Story of How British and US Secret Service Work Together – Michael Smith

The Secret History of The Five Eyes: The Untold Story of the International Spy Network – Richard Kerbaj

Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottleib and the CIA Search for Mind Control – Stephen Kinzer

Not the Life of Riley: A Deputy Prison Governor’s whistle blowing exposure of incompetence, corruption and fraud in HM Prison Service and the wider Criminal Justice System – Michael Riley

The Fall of Policing: When Woke Cancelled the British Bobby – Dave Marshall

The Policeman is Your Friend and Other Lies - Ned Beaumont

Do No Harm: Bullying and Harassment in the NHS – David McCaffrey

NHS Dirty Secrets: Bullying, Cover-ups, Discrimination, Favouritism, Whistleblowing – John England

Whistle in the Wind: Life, death, detriment, and dismissal in the NHS – Peter Duffy

Forgotten Children: The Secret Abuse Scandals in Children’s Homes – Christian Wolmar

Responding Badly: Church and Institutional Cover-up of Child Sex Abuse Allegations – David Greenwood

Public Inquiries into Abuse of Children in Residential Care – Brian Corby, Alan Doig, Vicky Roberts

Pin Down: One Girl’s Harrowing and Disturbing Tale of Institutionalised Abuse – Theresa Cooper

The Irish Gulag: How The State Betrayed its Innocent Children - Bruce Arnold

The Red Market: On the Trail of the World’s Organ Brokers, Bone Thieves, Blood Farmers, and Child Traffickers – Scott Carney

A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponized Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Laura Dodsworth

COVID-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and “Official-Truth” Lies – James DeMeo

The Treason of the Experts: Covid and the Credentialed Class – Thomas S. Harrington

Questioning the COVID Company Line: Critical Thinking in Hysterical Times – Laurie Calhoun

Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives – Alex Berenson

Life after Lockdown – Jeffrey Tucker

Our Last Innocent Moment – Julie Ponesse

Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns, Combined Parts 1-3: Death Counts, Lockdowns, and Masks – Alex Berenson

Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns, Part 4: Vaccines – Alex Berenson

Virtue and Terror: Selected Articles on the UK Biosecurity State, vol. 1 – Simon Elmer

The New Normal: Selected Articles on the UK Biosecurity State, vol. 2 – Simon Elmer

The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State – Simon Elmer

The Rise of the New Normal Reich – C. J. Hopkins

The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State – Aaron Kheriaty

Our Enemy, the Government: How Covid Enabled the Expansion and Abuse of State Power – Ramesh Thakur

Shame: When Journalists Stopped Listening – Anna Brees

Canary In a Covid World: How Propaganda and Censorship Changed Our (My) World, a collection of essays from 34 contemporary thought leaders – C. H. Klotz

Neither Safe nor Effective: The Evidence Against the Covid-19 Vaccines - Colleen Huber

The Courage to Face Covid-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex – John Leake, Peter A. McCullough

The COVID-19 Vaccines & Beyond: What the Medical Industrial Complex is NOT Telling Us – Sally Saxon, Deborah Viglione, James A. Thorp, Peter A. McCullough

Vaccine Injuries, Lies, and Deaths: The Alarming Facts About the Covid Vaccines and Helpful Resources for Healing – Deanna L. Kline

Calling Out the Shots: Questioning the science behind COVID-19 Genetic Agents; shedding light on jab-related injuries; helping you understand the powers of natural immunity; and exploring what you might be able to do about it all – Eashwarran Kohilathas

Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 - Ed Dowd

Expired: Covid the Untold Story – Clare Craig

The Accountability Deficit: How Ministers and Officials Evaded Accountability, Misled the Public, and Violated Democracy During the Pandemic - Molly Kingsley, Ben Kingsley, Arabella Skinner

The Children’s Inquiry: How the State and Society Failed the Young During the Covid-19 Pandemic – Liz Cole, Molly Kingsley

The Day the Science Died: Covid Vaccines and the Power of Fear – Patrick D. Hahn

The Death of Science: The Retreat from Reason in the Post-modern World – Paul R. Goddard


The Economics and Ethics of Private Property – Hans Hermann Hoppe

The Economic History of Europe – Herbert Heaton

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism - Max Weber

Debts of the State and the Danger of Economic Collapse – Ivan Ovcaricek-Rostok

A Crash Course on Crises: Macroeconomic Concepts for Run-Ups, Collapses, and Recoveries – Markus K. Brunnermeier, Ricardo Reis

Introducing Advanced Macroeconomics: Growth and Business Cycles, Second Edition – Peter Birch Sørenson, Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen

The Real Crash – Peter D. Schiff

2025 Forecast – Deagel

Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money, Second Edition - Detlev S. Schlichter

Not Zero - Ross Smith

The War Against Cash – Ross Clark

Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered – E. F. Schumacher

The Crash Course – Chris Martenson

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve - G. Edward Griffin

The Mystery of Capital and the Construction of Social Reality - Barry Smith, David Mark, Isaac Ehrlich

Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems - Didier Sornette

The Volatility Machine: Emerging Economics and the Threat of Financial Collapse – Michael Pettis

Bankism: How the Government’s Bank-First Policies are Destroying the Nation and How to Survive the Aftermath of a Coming Dollar Collapse – Bill Bodri

Global Economic Collapse, The New Dark Ages: The Glass Banking Pyramid – Neal Russell Vanderselt

The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of The International Monetary System - James Rickards

The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World – James Rickards

Sold Out: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation, and Political Instability will Sink the Global Economy – James Rickards

Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth preservation in the Coming Chaos – James Rickards

Dollar Collapse – James Templeton

The Wealth of Nature: Economics as If Survival Mattered – John Michael Greer

The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors' Toolkit – Dmitry Orlov

Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects, Revised & Updated – Dmitry Orlov

Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-sufficiency, and Freedom – Dmitry Orlov

The Money GPS: Global Economic Collapse – David Quintieri

The Money GPS: Guiding You Through an Uncertain Economy – David Quintieri

Economic Collapse, Economic Change: Getting to the Roots of the Crisis – Arthur MacEwan

Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World – Michael C. Ruppert

Running on Empty: How the Imminent Collapse of the Petrodollar System sets the Stage for World War III – Alexander Macris

The End of Freedom: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us, vol. I – John Thore Stub Sneisen

What Has Government Done to Our Money? – Murray N. Rothbard

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, and Other Essays – Murray N. Rothbard

The Conflict Between Man and Mammon, or Gold Slavery the Curse of the World - George Woodward Warder

Money Has No Value - Samuel A. Chambers

Spiralling Downward: Thinking About and Planning for Economic Collapse - Peter Damaris

The Root of All Evil: The Problem of Debt-Based Money – Tim Watkins

Britain’s Coming Energy Crisis: Peak Oil and the End of the World as we Know it – Tim Watkins

The Death Cult: Technocratic Failure at the End of the Industrial Age – Tim Watkins

Breakdown: The Economic Impact of Peak-Oil – Tim Watkins

The Consciousness of Sheep – Tim Watkins

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future - Michael Maloney

Anschluss, The Politics of Vesica Pisces: Energy Devolution, Ethnonationalism, and the Secessionist Fracturing of the Industrial Nation State - Sebastian Ernst Ronin

The Unpopular Truth about Electricity and the Future of Energy - Lars Schernikau, Willam Hayden Smith

The Shocking Facts of the Europe Energy Crisis – ‘Book Nerd’

Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure – Steve Goreham

The Looming Energy Crisis: Are Blackouts Inevitable? – Donn Dears

Why I Will Never Buy an Electric Car - Colin M. Barron

The Severe Economic and Social Consequences of The Rapid Change to Electric Vehicles: The Effects of the Decision to Ban the Sales of Fossil Fuel from 2035, a Whistleblower’s Report – Mats Larsson


Global Warming - Myth or Reality?: The Erring Ways of Climatology – Marcel Leroux

The Real Inconvenient Truth: It’s Warming but it’s Not CO2 – M. J. Sangster

Climate Change: The Facts – Alan Moran

The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC: An Analysis of AR6 – Marcel Crok, Andy May

The Hockey Stick Illusion – A. W. Montford

The Climate Change Hoax Argument: the History and Science that Expose a Major International Deception – C. Paul Smith

The Climate Chronicles – Joe Bastardi

The Mythology of Global Warming: Climate Change Fiction vs. Scientific Facts – Bruce C. Bunker

Exposing the Great Climate Change Lie - Lynne Balzer

Global Warming: The Great Deception - Guy K. Mitchell Jr.

Global Warming: A Case Study in Groupthink - Christopher Brooker

There is No Climate Crisis - David Craig

Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip-off – Ian Plimer

Climate Eco-Socialism – Jeremy Nieboer

The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania – Steve Goreham

Climatism! Science, Common Sense & the 21st Century’s Hottest Topic – Steve Goreham

Fallen Icon: Sir David Attenborough and the Walrus Deception – Susan J. Crockford


The Revolt Against Civilization – Lothrop Stoddard

Why Civilizations Self-Destruct – Elmer Pendel

The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival – Sir John Glubb

The Moral Basis of a Backward Society - Edward C. Banfield

Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English – David Abbott

The War on Whites: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport – Ed Brodow

Biological Warfare: The Africanized European & White Genocide – ‘Btwixt’

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West – Christopher Caldwell

Nothing to Do with Islam? Investigating the West’s Most Dangerous Blind Spot – Peter Townsend

Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature – Byron M. Roth

Taking Our Own Side – Michael J. Polignato

The Decline of the West, vol. I – Oswald Spengler

The Decline of the West, vol. II – Oswald Spengler

Man and Technics: a Contribution to a Philosophy of Life – Oswald Spengler

The Hour of Decision – Oswald Spengler

Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance - F. William Engdahl

The False Assumptions of “Democracy” - Anthony Mario Ludovici

In Defence of Aristocracy – Anthony Mario Ludovici

Lysistrata; or Woman’s Future and Future Women – Anthony Mario Ludovici

Man’s Descent from the Gods – Anthony Mario Ludovici

The Problem of Democracy – Alain de Benoist

Beyond Human Rights: Defending Freedoms – Alain de Benoist

The Ideology of Sameness – Alain de Benoist

Holding the Fort – Michael of Sealand

Collected Speeches – Kai Murros


Politics Vs. Literature & Politics and the English Language - George Orwell

Plastic Words: The Tyranny of Modular Language – Uwe Poerksen

ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind – Ivan Illich, Barry Sanders

Disabling Professions – Ivan Illich, Irving Kenneth Zola, John McKnight, Jonathan Kaplan, Harley Shaiken

Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis, the Expropriation of Health – Ivan Illich

Shadow Work – Ivan Illich

The Right to Useful Unemployment, and its Professional Enemies – Ivan Illich

Deschooling Society – Ivan Illich

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher's Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling – John Taylor Gatto

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, 25th Anniversary Edition – John Taylor Gatto

The Harm of Coercive Schooling – Peter Gray

Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas – Daniel J. Flynn

No NOVOSTI is Good News – Tomas Schuman

World Thought Police – Tomas Schuman

Future Shock – A & H Toffler

News Twisters – Edith Efron

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Unknown

Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order – Patrick M. Wood

How to Opt-out of the Technocratic State – Derrick Broze

Sustainable – Tom DeWeese

The Unhappiness Machine and other Classic Stories about Systemic Collapse – George Tsakraklides

Not Out of Africa: How "Afrocentrism" Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History - Mary Lefkovitz

When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives – Heather Mac Donald

The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture – Heather Mac Donald

Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say – Janice Fiamengo

Plantation of the Automatons – James Tunney

Conscientious Objections: Stirring up Trouble about Language, Technology, and Education – Neil Postman

Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology – Neil Postman

The Disappearance of Childhood – Neil Postman

Amusing Ourselves to Death – Neil Postman

The Shallows: How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think, Read, and Remember – Nicholas Carr

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now – Jaron Lanier

The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World – Adam Gazzaley

Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism – Anne A. Lawrence

The Queering of the American Child: How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids – Logan Lancing

This Ugly Civilization – Ralph Borsodi

The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness – Jonathan Haidt

Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled, and More Miserable Than Ever Before – Jean M. Twenge

The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement – Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell

The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations – Christopher Lasch

The Minimal Self: Psychic Survival in Troubled Times – Christopher Lasch

The Rape of the Mind – Joost Meerloo

Delusion and Mass Delusion – Joost Meerloo

The Art of Being Ruled – Wyndham Lewis

Obedience to Authority – Stanley Milgram

An Indecent System: The Dominated Citizen - Juan Ferrer

Heresies: Against Progress and Other Illusions – John Gray

The Silence of Animals: On Progress and Other Modern Myths – John Gray

Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity: Confronting the Fear of Knowledge – Joanna Williams

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude – Étienne de La Boétie

The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind – Gustave Le Bon

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare – Terence H. Qualter

Propaganda: The Public Mind in the Making – Edward L. Bernays

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Edward L. Bernays

Public Relations – Edward L. Bernays

Deception: from Ancient Empires to Internet Dating - Brooke Harrington

Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media – Joel E. Dimsdale

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China – Robert Jay Lifton

Deprogramming Victims of Brainwashing and Cult-Like Mind Control: Methods You Can Apply – Dylan Clearfield

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