What Is Your Music Dream? (an open letter to the UK Police)

Updated: Apr 21

This article led to my downfall. All links remain intact (bar one stupid one that I realise was thoroughly unnecessary). If I sound peeved at certain people it's because I was.

I must note that, as of January 2022, some of the suggestions in this analysis are outdated, as, much as was always acknowledged could happen, the forces arrayed against us changed their minds in the face of mass public civil disobedience. Either that, or they have merely filled their 'vaccine'-uptake quotas, and have enough citizens injected to continue with their long-term agendas. Specifically, although members of the Conservative government openly admitted in the British mainstream press by December that they were considering sending their servants door to door to administer mandatory 'vaccines' to the populace, they withdrew this plan, and soon afterwards lifted lockdown restrictions. Thus, we are no longer placed in a situation where we must directly fight for our lives against medical totalitarianism, and my somewhat intense defence plans are no longer necessary, unless of course the government goes back on this decision, which is a terrifying proposition, but quite unlikely. The damage is already done, and they have many other inhuman schemes lined up. Also, the varied online resources on “Project Zyphr”, from which many of my segments below are drawn, give until 2025 for any mass anti-civilian depopulation push, so there is still time for the USA to completely fall. The UK is certainly a totalitarian Police State. With this acknowledged, I hope this off-kilter 'music' interview still makes some sense. My original content follows below:

If you're going to pass judgement on this interview, you had better read it all first. I don't mean skim-read. If you think I am wrong, I will expect evidence-based refutation of every single discrete point of argument, and not just ad hominem remarks. I am a concerned British citizen.

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” C. S. Lewis

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

"Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey (CIA Director 1981-1987)

What is music to you? What does it give you?


What is your music dream?

To have the public understand truths about the world. For example, things like:

COVID-19 is the acronym for a Rockefeller/Gates 5-year depopulation agenda plan, and stands, in unlikely truth, as a mild cipher for the "Certificate of Vaccine Identification - AI" project. Corona-'viruses' exist in a lab setting (patents have seen to that), but that is not the situation we are currently in.

It is not too hard for the public to acknowledge that evil people exist. However, they still seem to have a problem acknowledging that evil people really do perform evil things. Truly evil things.

I'd love it if I could encapsulate all that psychopathic criminal behaviour above as: Jews (and crypto-Jews). But no, for that would be being honest. I have noticed that the public is not so fond of honesty as it scares them and hurts their feelings. It makes officials of the State and Security Services nervous also.

However, you were told to accept Iraqis as enemies, and did. You were told to accept Afghans as enemies and did. You were told to accept the Chinese as enemies, and did (not too unreasonably, to be honest, although it is not the fault of the citizens). You were told to accept Russians as enemies, and did (again, not too unreasonably these days, although the everyday citizens are also, as with China, not really to blame). You were told to accept Libyans as enemies and did. You were, by then, well primed cognitively when you were told to accept Iranians as enemies, and so you did. Before that, you were told to accept Argentinians as enemies, and did. You were corralled into accepting the occupants of the former Yugoslavia as enemies and did. You were told to despise the natives of the North of Ireland as malicious enemies, and certainly did. Before that, you were told to accept Vietnamese people as enemies, and did. Before that, Koreans. Before that, the Japanese, and Italians, and Germans, and those of Czechoslovakia. You bought every word. Why do you have such a problem with even considering that our true modern world enemy, as in ages past, may be Jews? Consider that for a second.

The chances are that all you know about this group is all most modern adults know (and increasingly, due to our school system, children) - that 'Jews were persecuted and killed during The Holocaust'. The Holocaust is said to have occurred (and more on that erroneous statement some other time) around 77 years ago. Near-everyone involved is long dead. This interview may elucidate you further as to the modern world.

Most paths lead back to the Rothschild dynasty, and to Israel (the latter since 1948). It's a popular cultural trope, but it's true. They already control the UK's courts and use the IDF to train elements of our Police in military tactics (who are themselves in league with private security firms such as G4S and private fine collection corporations such as ACRO), to better brutalize the common people, and subvert our society. The US Police are trained in a similar manner by the ADL. The LFI and CFI diplomatic missions have long ago brainwashed almost all The Conservative Party and The Labour Party members into support of the Jewish ethno-state and its nefarious long-term global actions. The Fabian Society is not a grassroots movement, and its 'activists' are thoroughly controlled by Israeli Secret Service operatives.

Preferably you'd be familiar with this secular ethno-religious racial supremacist cult, and everything they do (otherwise this may be going in at the deep end). However, it's worth noting that billionaire communist Jews and their banking cartels (who control vast swathes of the Chinese CCP), with the help of their bought-off or blackmailed ‘shabbos goy’ lackeys, are behind our sticky COVID-19 situation, as well as chairing and staffing the major 'vaccine' pharmaceutical companies. The past 4 directors of the CDC have also been Jews. We could analyse Biden's (and Trump's, and Putin's, and on and on...) advisers also, and the financiers of Boris Johnson's government. Boris Johnson is a Jew himself, just as David Cameron is. Just like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. All this evidence is readily available. It is not antisemitic to state facts.

We know that there is a race called the Jews. We know they live in Israel and in diaspora pockets elsewhere around the world. We know that they are politically active. We know that they have turned against the USA before (see: the USS Liberty Incident, as the tip of the iceberg). This can even be found on Wikipedia. We could investigate The Talpiot Program also (hopefully not through Wikipedia as it is well known that that ridiculous media platform reference ‘dictionary’ is a vast Leftist propaganda machine staffed by zealous Jewish activists and military agents spawned from the Talpiot Program itself). Israel's multi-generational Greater Israel Project/Oded Yinon Plan is powering ahead through 'Belt & Road' and the completion of the Bunting Cloverleaf map, supported in full by Russia and China. Aleksandr Dugin, the Russian adviser to Vladimir Putin has laid out his 'Fourth Political Theory' steps, aimed at a Western audience, and has already subverted the American ‘alt-right’ to turning against Traditional conservative ethno-nationalism. Meanwhile his ‘geopolitical’ theory is a practical set of steps by which to destroy America, transferring all power to the Eurasian states, with Israel in a pivotal world-centre role. President Hassan Rouhani of Iran is a puppet of Israel also. His Shia regime has wiped out all Sunni criticism of Jewish power.

I find baseless Antisemitism crass. We can dig deeper than that though, as adults. What is Antisemitism at root, bar speech that Jews do not approve of? As the Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal said himself, in this interview from 1976: https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/2078589794/. It may be wiser to search for his video independently though, as there is some reasonable speculation offered that ‘GoyimTV’ is a honeypot operation against the Right set up by Christopher Wray’s FBI and its founders are undercover agents employed to give the American Right a bad name, tarnishing them in the eyes of the average normie ‘lemmings’ that make up most of that country. ‘World Truth Videos’ is similar in setup, albeit also a space for the most dedicated of the movement, as well as a great many unhinged psychopaths and, ultimately, active agents of the enemy. I suspect it was initialized to strain the most serious dissidents off GTV and over to it in their desperation at the latter’s crass silliness, and thus throw them blind into a very hardcore environment where they could both be nudged and turned against each other, and then, inevitably, tagged, and raided in real life. Despite the presence of the British 77th Brigade, and many Hasbara and Unit 8200 provocateurs, it still seems safest to just ignore the vast herd of controlled opposition morons that are promoted by BitChute (or those Jews in parliament who lay pressure on it) and yet still utilize that platform for research on the few channels remaining of any sense, shadow banned and inconvenienced as they are.

Keep in mind, Jews are effectively saying: "We will ban or pressure Big Tech companies to censor or ban anyone who repeats the Antisemitic trope that Jews hold power to censor or ban people online." Analyse that argument for a second. Has the penny dropped? We must be allowed to call a spade a spade. We must allow ourselves.

If this is 'conspiracy theory', then so is everything Edward Snowden has released (CIA connections excluded). I hope you get my point. A lazy error. Grow up. Of course, the sad truth is that any suitably informed and conscientious patriot, whistle-blower, or dissident these days is indistinguishable from a 'conspiracy theorist' in the eyes of a weak, feeble, brainwashed public. The latter have become herd animals, conditioned by derogatory media buzzwords and predictive programming, and the slurs and directives of the political class, dulled by their constant drives to consumerism and superfluous gadgetry, the dopamine hits of rampant social media addiction, poor-quality GMO food, deliberate atmospheric and electromagnetic pollution, unnecessary pharmaceuticals, and chemically tainted water. Cultural Marxist indoctrination, as per The Frankfurt School, has seen to the rest. The next two paragraphs will be crucial in highlighting this warped incredulity. Please understand them. I do not expect I will be believed. Please free your mind from the programming though if you still can. You could even do some detailed research also, you know. Then you could present it to me, or to others.

In brief overview, it is a certainty that Bill Gates was filmed in paedophile activities at multiple Jeffery Epstein-owned mansions and planes, that much is clear. Reports suggest this relationship existed in the early 1990s. Epstein's was a paedophile entrapment operation run by the Mossad to blackmail political figures and the billionaire class. This is confirmed by Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Mossad agent. Bill Gates' activities at Epstein's operation were filmed, and Gates was placed under the control of Israeli/US intelligence since then. He was ordered to direct a massive Bioterrorism program the purpose of which was to kill off non-Jewish populations, disguised as a fictitious 'virus' pandemic and especially a comprehensive 'vaccination' response.

This covertly orchestrated Bioterrorism is a 'problem-reaction-solution' methodology to strip the assets of the Western World and enslave the people, placing all stolen wealth in the hands of Jewish banking cartels. This attempt to destroy our society and steal all its assets is a Mossad operation. The 'ChiComs' are complicit in these crimes but are not primarily responsible. They have been bribed by Israel with the promise of increased GDP through Israeli trade agreements across their developing international rail networks, and do not wish to lose face on the world stage so cannot release the truth or back down from their threats of belligerence. They have been encouraged by Jewish espionage to blame America. Meanwhile, Israel is setting up the US for war with China, a position supported in full by the warmongering of American Neo-Conservatives (Christian Zionists). Most Jewish Zionists, being atheists, don't believe that God exists. However, they still believe He promised them Palestine. Quite sneaky, these Jews.

Not that the Chinese Communist Party are completely blameless, mind, as this suspiciously Jewish-sounding parable even points out before it begins to pass the buck into the realms of nonsense – anyone expecting ‘Greys’ of various sizes may need to also review Project Bluebeam first: https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/1613431099/AI-THE-PLAN-TO-INVADE-HUMANITY.

We could also consider their forced 'harvesting' of organs from live political prisoners, and from trafficked children. In brief, here's an introduction to what's been going on over there for anyone who hasn't been paying very much attention (good links included below also): https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/3757655859/-WARNING-GRAPHIC--A-real-look-at-organ-harvesting-Dark-web-behind-the-scenes-VIEW-AT-YOUR-OWN-RISK



The UK is also guilty of such hideous crimes, as narrated by the elite banker insider Ronald Bernard: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Rk2AdiuAfwO4/. If you thought Comet Ping Pong was bad, you are at the tip of the iceberg.

This documentary encapsulates the problem of what these 'elites' are actually doing: https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/1397814102/DEEPEST-DARK---Documentary-2021----WARNING------VERY-GRAPHIC-AND-DISTURBING-

as does this https://www.bitchute.com/video/8HuSOxMvGGPi/.

What those latter videos, though quite informative, fail to mention though, is that Donald Trump, as a pawn of Israel (see: the final report of David Elias Goldberg) placed in his theatrical role as President by the US intelligence community, itself thoroughly infiltrated by Israel, is not coming to save you. No-one is coming to save you. Israel itself operates a vast human (child) trafficking and organ harvesting network. It's a shame so many people fell for the Bolshevik false hope PSYOP that was 'Q-Anon'. Its methodology is no different from that of Operation Trust. It would be better to get off your knees, stop begging for miraculous intervention and worshipping these false prophets from the comfort of your living room, and get out and do something for yourself.

We cannot just sit in front of screens and type and expect these issues to go away. There must be an order to any pushback, and a drive to pure survival itself - we are in great peril. The world remains a dark place. Back to those evil people, in a very contemporary sense...

The stage is set for fifth column agents in the world's governments who serve global Zionist ‘Deep State’ interests to impose wartime Martial Law internationally across the West, as per REX 84. The implementation of (Talmudic) Noahide Laws. Don't take my word for what would happen next. Instead, please research FEMA's ICD 9 E 978 Billing Code and former US president Barack Obama's Executive Order 13603. Britain's traitorous subversives are watching the progress of America, Canada, and Australia keenly, and how far the citizens can be pushed, and manipulated. It will not be long until we follow suit. A potential US-Chinese war would be a disaster, as much as a catalyst for further actions that would seal the fate of millions.

A potential - increasingly likely - worldwide vaccine mandate, though remaining (by dictionary definition) a mere mandate - requiring of a contract to be created between both parties involved, and not Law, would be yet another catalyst for the establishment of a federal military occupation to enforce this brutal totalitarianism. There are already 800 concentration camps pre-built on US soil, empty for the moment (see: Gunderson Inc. shackled boxcars and guillotines). If you are not vaccinated then under that scenario, your badge, official credentials, or history of service to the Police will not save you. As we really should know by now, Australia has already powered ahead in the construction of these death camps, and their government has stated on live television that they intend to place the unvaccinated in them "for their own safety".

As a UK patriot, and thus in the firing line for potential resettlement to one of these forced quarantine zones, which do exist in the UK also, under the guise of 'super-prisons', such as Gartree Prison, in Leicester, and Wellingborough Five Wells Prison, I would recommend the acquisition of all available defensive weaponry by those citizens who can pull themselves away from their vapid technological distractions long enough to care. And lots of ammunition. Lots. Be creative. You wouldn't last too long against modern drones and robots. In 10 years, at present acceleration, this technology will be unstoppable.

Humans are soft though. Their meat bleeds out. It's simple: don't run. Don't charge into the city, into parliament. Don’t attack. Don't let them label you and arrest you as a 'subversive' or a 'domestic terrorist'. Stay put, in your homes, with your families, and wait for them to come. With righteous anger, on the right side of history, stand your fucking ground, and kill them all.

That said, this is the UK I’m talking about. It may be different in a US context, given that the US government is one of the evilest forces in the world, and has access to outlandish military technology, to a level that would be considered science fiction by most every-day citizens were it not true, as well as being fully under the thumb of Israel.

If they're bringing advanced drone swarms along with their own military roundup teams, it's probably more likely that you'll be put to sleep with scopolamine darts fired into you, carted out in the early hours of the morning, taken to subterranean storage cages, such as those beneath Denver International Airport, Dulce Base, Greenbrier Facility, or Raven Rock Mountain Complex, put on advanced life-support, and systematically dissected without anaesthetic so your Adrenochrome can be harvested. Adrenochrome is a chemical hormone produced by the human body in situations of extreme physical and mental trauma. It is much sought after for its apparent biogerontological properties and fetches a high price on underground markets.

Ouch. Welcome to reality. These thoroughly evil technocrats know Christians believe in Heaven as being a place their soul goes upon death. Hard to achieve that if you're pinned up - pretty much indefinitely - in a gloomy underground pen, and methodically torn into small pieces until the meat eventually runs out. As I say, most citizens will be oblivious, due to their unobservant compliance, and left totally unaware by a media-imposed gaslighting operation, and a falsified paper trail, whitewashing the matter. They are of no current use to us. This is US political dissidents that I am warning.

You are not obliged to believe the following. I would respectfully request that you at least reviewed these links though, as they were not easy to gather (or indeed read through and analyse).

We do have to remember that the CYM Corporation has already been using a substantial number of 'disused' US Military installations in California as detention premises for this practice. A lot of missing children each year: https://ia801702.us.archive.org/17/items/docs-15-08-2020/Docs_15_08_2020.pdf

and https://web.archive.org/web/20200925164422/https://site-891171.mozfiles.com/files/891171/Adrenochrome04082020.pdf

Perhaps we could go back in time and consider the userbase of this clandestine crypto coin:



Or indeed, if we were still petulantly incredulous, the evidence for quite a thriving market for this ‘product’:











Best to get the hell out of the USA to be honest ASAP and go South across the

border into Ecuador or Argentina or Chile or Uruguay (Mexico and Brazil are

compromised) before they close all borders, and the control grid is locked in

place. That is, if this hasn't already happened, and many US dissident accounts

are bots or deep fakes, such as those in power had to implement on Facebook to

account for the 100,000 humans they've already nabbed and 'processed'.

Just to remind you: 'Goyim' isn't a euphemism. The Jews really, honestly do see

us as a subordinate lesser species which they may control in any way they like,

akin to domestic cattle. America is to become an underground slaughterhouse and

'farm' in that respect, and no-one will miss you. The land, though historically tied

to you will remain if you survive though. and can be re-claimed with the might

of righteous effort. It is the citizens that comprise your country that made it great

though, and the lives of your families and your children are of utmost importance,

or the future is already dead. There is no need to prove your machismo before an

unbeatable enemy, or you are not thinking of those who love you. Swallow your

pride, and re-group. If federal forces had wanted to claim your arms, they would

already have done so, and the many weapons you do possess are not equal to what

they now possess. It is a false-hope PSYOP to keep you pinned that they have not

confiscated them already, as, though the fighting would be fierce, and honourable,

and brave, and losses would be great on their side, you are severely outnumbered,

and even then they can replenish their ranks with international aid. Think of your

race. As was once written, in a better time: “you are not today, and not tomorrow.

You are a thousand years before you, and a thousand years after you. Protect your

blood, so that the generations in a thousand years time know to thank you.”

In the UK there's still a small chance. We have these bunker-bases also, as NATO

controls 30 in Western Europe alone. But still, the directed Balkanization of

outlying villages may slow the process. And networking. Lots of networking. I

do honestly suspect that, pushback or no, all adult dissidents in the Northern

Hemisphere are going to die horribly, one way or another.

However, if that initial ‘fight them off’ step above did work, by a miracle, you

could always kill, or incapacitate (or capture) a few more. 'Dark awakening'

psychotronic mind-controlled, micro-chipped super-soldiers (created in a

Brookhaven National Laboratories and National Ordinance Laboratories program

before being shipped to the DoD's Texan 'shock training’ facilities) included.

Keep going, meet others who are still alive at that point, and who think along

similar lines. See how it pans out.

In general. I do not rate our chances worldwide, and beyond that, do not think

there is really hope for the US. Maybe a year ago, back in 2020, but not now.

Despite my sadness over the matter, seeing as America was my idol growing up,

and that I have many ties to that country and the good people I have called my

friends, it has almost been totally subverted, and there is little left to save, bar the

blood of the few remaining decent folk. No reason not to put up a stand though if

it is too late to strategically relocate - I assume by the time this report is found

and assimilated that the 'vaccine' passports will have done the job of closing off


By the way, please don't be weak-minded - this isn't 'duh... terrorism'. This is a

retaliatory, counter-4th-industrial-revolutionary World War. I am acting as a

revolutionary counterterrorist. With the aid of 'Needle' - my personal bayonet equipped

weapon of choice, I'd say we could define this action pleasantly and

succinctly as: "Jab for Jab". I'm saving up for a portable railgun also and watching

the tech closely. Coil-guns don't quite cut it for me yet. The FGC-9 is a very nice

invention also, especially for Europeans. As are the assorted writings of Ragnar

Benson and his contemporaries. Only if necessary. This is defence, after all, and

not offense.

It occurs to me, on reflection, that suicide-bombers could be useful. I suppose, if

you had nothing left to lose, or were terminally ill anyway and in chronic pain (in

my case, if my stepchildren were dying, or my partner was dead) it could be quite

appropriate to make a small difference; a movement, as such, which could save

others, or at least delay the proceedings. Take out non-human targets and physical

infrastructure - 5G cell towers, or propaganda news departments, or server banks,

or areas funding or fuelling this democidal 'JWO' war-on-the-people. You

wouldn't know about it then. But it would be an achievement, and extremely

brave. It would scare the living hell out of the enemy as well, which is always a

good thing. Such is the inscrutable yet disciplined honour that is ultimate


I do not wish to be a hypocrite. I am not advocating for this action, as I have not

performed it myself either. We shall see though; this may get desperate.

With the collapse of the information channels these utterly amoral psychopath

propagandists are using to keep the masses in 'consensus trance', and with swift

deprogramming teams available to recover them in time, there would be a greater

likelihood of a few more waking up. Every being counts. This is an information

war, and all forms of cognitive hybrid warfare must be employed, no matter the

direct personal cost. We cannot shirk our responsibilities at this hour or turn from

our fellow living citizens.

The net is closing fast. A mere undefined flicker in time, and all opportunity is

lost. I hope true, honourable, tough-minded full adults, with willpower and

discipline, will come together, and be resolved.

Also, from an analyst perspective, it would be my humble suggestion and

tentative recommendation that British citizens who shiver at the above option, but

who care about this campaign, both in the civil service, and cybersecurity, and

also among the every-day citizens themselves could attempt a covert social media

information drive (in the manner of Unit 8200) targeting Confucius Institute web platforms,

or similar, in a concerted push to inform Chinese diplomats and

dignitaries with any integrity of this bio-medical espionage on the part of Israel.

It would be useful to consult the American investigative journalist Harry Vox

over this matter if your team can find him in your online records or liaise with

anyone who can. Despite regressing recently, specifically regarding his

unshakeable (or at least clouded) belief in Germ Theory, possibly for personal

doubt reasons following a brief illness, he remains a solid information source, and

a very dedicated man. He is already liaising online with those members of the

CIA, FBI, and NSA who still possess integrity - or trying to, at least. As you'll

have easily guessed by now, this material is not easy to transmit. Please do the

right thing. You will have gathered by this point in my interview that I really am

not joking.

Here's another option, for the less amused (with interesting links below):


A brief brain-storming quiz, written for you by Dr. James Wickstrom. Americans

(and knowledgeable Brits) out there, try it out, and come now, please, please be

honest. You may have to get off your sofa at home and do some personal research

if you're serious. Don't rely on the information of others on blind faith, no matter

their position of power and authority, no matter how many times they repeat it,

and no matter how much they bully you. Oddly, the answers are not difficult*:

Who controls the Economy? Who controls Wall Street? Who controls Goldman

Sachs? Who controls American International Group? Who controls the Treasury

Department? Who controls the Federal Reserve System? Who controls Big

Media? Who controls Hollywood? Who controls Television? Who controls the

Music Industry? Who controls Radio? Who controls Advertising? Who controls

the News? Who controls The White House? Who controls the Congress? Who

controls the Senate? Who controls the Supreme Court? Who controls the State

Department? Who controls the Justice Department? Who controls the Defence

Department? Who controls the Ivy League Schools? Who controls the Think

Tanks? Who controls Professional Sports? Who is behind the Abortion industry?

Who is behind the Feminist movement? Who is in favour of gun control? Who is

in favour of gun confiscation? Who controls The Anti-Defamation League? Who

controls the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who controls the American Civil

Liberties Union? Who controls the Group of Thirty? Who controls the Bilderberg

Group? Who controls the Trilateral Commission? Who controls the Council on

Foreign Relations?

Hmm... any thoughts?

I have one. Who controls Big Pharma?

Here is a partial answer to that final question, broken down for ultimate


BlackRock CEO: LARRY FINK (JEW) (BlackRock bought controlling interests

in Pfizer in 2019)

BlackRock President: ROB KAPITO (JEW)

Vanguard President: MORTIMER J. BUCKLEY (JEW)

US Assistant Secretary of Health: RACHEL LEVINE (JEW)


CDC Deputy Director: ANNE SCHUCHAT (JEW)

CDC Chief of Staff: SHERRI A. BERGER (JEW)

CDC Chief Medical Officer: MITCHELL WOLFE (JEW)

CDC Director in Washington: JEFF RECZEK (JEW)

CEO President Novavax: STANLEY ECK (JEW)

Independent Director Sanofi: SERGE WEINBERG(JEW)


Biden's 'Covid Czar': JEFF ZIENTS (JEW)

Covid Senior Adviser: ANDY SLAVITT (JEW)

University of Pennsylvania professor responsible for mRNA vaccine: DREW



Pfizer President of research & development & chief scientific officer: MIKAEL


Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer: SALLY



Moderna's vaccine creator and Chief Medical Officer: TAL ZAKS (JEW)

Johnson & Johnson CEO: ALEX GORSKY (JEW)


HHS Health & Human Services Secretary: XAVIER BECERRA (JEW)

Secretary HHS Health & Human Services: ALEX AZAR (JEW)

FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Members

(voting in favour of booster shots):






*I can provide rather more direct examples upon request, as one of my little

personal directives is gathering pages and pages of names on various computers

and external drives. Not entirely surprisingly, they all have something rather

obvious in common. I would consider it especially important to keep an eye on

the management-level employees (and above) of BlackRock and Vanguard, two

extremely powerful companies that control pretty much everything of value to the

banking cartels that bolster and finance the pharmaceutical industry.

Here's the inglorious pro-vaxxer pseudoscientist PETER HOTEZ (JEW)

kvetching to talk-show host & CIA plant Joe Rogan and calling for a silencing of

all opposition to his horrifically dangerous bullshit. He would indeed have

worked well in Bolshevik Russia: https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/3553429282/

The real worldwide death toll from their population culling spike protein 'gene

therapy' injections has, it seems, long passed 1 million. By quite a way. Please

don't kid yourselves. It will reach billions, at current rate, if unchecked.

At conservative estimate, about 90% of any population, no matter their dismissive

incredulity and angry personal protestations, will be compliant, passive, ignorant

and easily manipulated. 10% will be aware. Of that 10%, about 10% will be

prepared to practically rectify the situation. We are mainly doomed, for this

reason, unless drastic cognitive change occurs. There is no other way to phrase

this. But, given the above, you will not, most likely, believe this. See below for a

few more interesting facts. It's a shame it took a humble musician to point this


If you could change the world - what would you start with?


SYNOPSIS OF COVID-19 PLAN: This project has been in the works for the last

25+ years. The goals of this project (which can be changed at any time by its

perpetrators) include:

* Introducing a worldwide Communist government by a self-appointed


* Depopulating the planet by 90% from 6.8 billion people, through vaccines and

other measures, in line with the levels put forward by the Georgia Guidestones.

* Elimination of all democratic rights and freedoms.

* Destroying all small business enterprises and service industries and moving all

jobs online.

* Consolidating worldwide wealth into the hands of a few individuals.

* Destroying traditional schooling to create a unified United Nations/Rockefeller

worldwide 'online school' system using the CORE Education System, to make

children into digital worker bees to be managed as 'Human Capital'


* Elimination of all privacy and creating a Gates/Microsoft Digital ID2020 (US

Patent #2020060606) for every citizen on earth, to effectively turn us into owned

assets under 24/7 surveillance (see: US Patent Provisional Application No.

62/240,738, filed on October 13th, 2015, by Richard Rothschild).

*Elimination of all private property and home ownership. Moving all citizens into

rented pod-housing in big cities (UN-Habitat).


* Creating one world digital currency through

Gates/Microsoft/Rockefeller/Visa/Mastercard (the ESDRDLT crypto token).

This plan is to be implemented in the here and now through 5 initial stages:

1. Allow those who, for brain-dead reasons that they think are their own, 'want'

to be injected, kill themselves in front of the rest of the world, whilst the media

covers up everything.

2. Conduct a vigorous world-wide media purge against dissenting opinions.

3. Cut off jobs, food supplies, utilities, and healthcare to the un-injected, and

eventually even encourage landlords to evict un-injected tenants.

4. Criminalize the un-injected and remove their children.

5. Round up all these dissidents with strike forces/surge teams comprised of

NATO internationalist mercenaries/government/shadow-government troops and

take them to designated 'quarantine facility' death camp prisons to either be

injected, put to slave labour, experimented upon, or summarily executed.

One reason for this action (see: Project Zyphr, from which I have developed much

of this report, provided it is not dismissed as an ADL-funded PSYOP to misdirect

the US White Nationalist movement and sow discord and fear -


email-update-from-tom-on-project-zyphr-pogo-5g-usmca/) is so that they cannot

warn the rest of the population or mount any effective armed pushback.

They do not want you to know the following information, ever. Soon, at present

rate, they will succeed, and life as real sovereign-bodied Homo Sapiens on this

planet will end. It would be nice to think we were going to win. However,

regardless of whether we do, or do not, we will fight, boldly, until the last breath

is drawn. Pay attention.

If you believe Covid-19 is a deadly virus that you can catch...

Then unfortunately, you are the victim of a massive psychological operations


You have been fed a highly coordinated radio, television, and social media

message of fear.

'Rising case counts' and 'rising death counts' keep you in this trance. The PCR test

system itself is rigged to provide false positives, for a 'virus' that has never been

lab isolated. Doctors and officials that have tried speaking out have been silenced,

censored, or coerced into going along with the narrative. You do not have the

truth. It has been highly censored to manipulate you into a certain belief system

and labelled as "misinformation".

Political dissidents to this totalitarian regime have been labelled "science

deniers", "covidiots", "anti-vaxxers", "vaccine hesitant", "conspiracy theorists",

"far right extremists" and "domestic terrorists" by the Orwellian controlled media.

The media brands their massed scientific evidence as "misinformation" in an all out

propaganda war to discredit those in the public brave enough to come forward

and try to save lives (see NATO's 'Cognitive Warfare' paper and panel


Too many of our citizens still fall for the media's daily news lies, both online, and

on television and radio. They acquiesce to authority - the time-worn social

engineering and behavioural science concept that if the speaker has a suit on and

wields power they are to be trusted and believed in their every word, and more

than that, obeyed. However, the "only following orders" defence failed at

Nuremberg. Please keep that in mind. There's more to that matter. I will not

discuss it here.

Anyone who claims to have had ‘Covid-19’ is failing to notice that the lockdowns

and mask mandates, let alone the background political stress and vitamin

deficiencies, on top of generalized poor environment factors, will have placed

their bodies in a weakened state, and thus more likely to experience flu, and

indeed perceive it as being more serious than what they are used to, aided by

deliberately compromised PCR tests and a blanketing media confirmation bias. It

is hard to reason with them on this matter due to this exploited susceptibility to

the propaganda. It has been suggested even that some PCR test batches are pre-decided

positives in their box, even before they are administered. Other batches

are loaded with theragrippers and invasive, undisclosed nanotechnology, far in

advance of what the public can readily accept as true.

When reading this you may be in utter shock and disbelief. You will find yourself

getting angry, or nervous. Your dogmatic impulses will be sneering, and you will

dismiss everything. You will think I am playing a trick on you, or you will leap

to pathologize me and say that I am 'crazy'. It is called 'cognitive dissonance'. This

is a psychological technique designed to get you to automatically reject any

information contrary to the previous year and a half of information you've been

fed. But please realize that this has been deliberate. It has been used to try and

prevent you from discovering the truth. Please read the following with an open

mind, because, as strange and horrible as it may seem, your life literally depends

on it, whether you take action to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones,

and the ones you care about, or go along with the narrative. I could think of no

other way to deprogram you. I am so sorry.

The most recent version of this plan has been executed over 25+ years, through

the likes of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, & the' Lockstep' chapter of "Scenarios for

the Future of Technology and International Development". These documents

have been produced by the United Nations and The Rockefeller Foundation and

are easily found. Indeed, the Rockefeller family has been responsible for

organizing a great deal of this project, by installing key officials and paying off

others. These key officials and health experts have been installed over time in

positions of power and influence, through initiatives like the 'Strong Cities'

network. Covid-19 is the code name of a 5-year project.

The "Covid-19" pandemic was simulated by The Bill & Melinda Gates

Foundation. The Wellcome Trust, and a great many other progressive global

organizations, in something called Event 201 (CAPS & SPARS), October 2019,

three months before the 'virus' was released. Event 201 coincided with training

simulations such as Clade X, Dark Winter, and Operation Blackout, and with

exercises such as Exercise Cygnus and Weeping Willow, and with COBR and

SPI-M research, and much more. This material is all heavily censored and

redacted by the UK and US governments. Some documents have still slipped out.

Everything simulated has so far come true, as if the reports themselves were some

forms of script, and these training sessions were in fact rehearsals.

'Independent' fact-checkers such as Full Fact, and others on Poynter's network are

controlled by the same globalist individuals who are pushing this democide and

financed by donations from Big Pharma (and Big Tech) companies themselves,

as well as the various internationalist foundations and individuals that support


There is a new "simulation", called "Cyberpolygon" - which is the precursor to

the "Great Digital Health Pandemic". The premise will be that "hackers" took

advantage of people working from home, stole their passwords, and caused a

devastating worldwide economic crash coinciding with massive power blackouts

and catastrophic supply chain disruption, requiring a new ID (ID2020). It will try

to force a new digital currency on you. ("BetterThanCash" initiative). This will

run along similar lines to the invasive Social Credit system operating in China.

There is no virus except what is in your mind, and all the pain and fear that you

have associated with the images pumped into your brain daily through media

outlets and through your work directives. The bodies the Police have handled and

dealt with do not indicate that the people died for the reason you have been told

to believe. Your media are controlled and bought-out and continue to lie to you.

Unsafe experimental toxic injections (masquerading as vaccines) for a non-existent

'virus' will continue to end lives or leave them irrevocably altered. Many

people have already died from the effects of criminal lock-downs - suicide,

starvation, medical neglect. Many more, particularly the elderly, have died of

kidney failure from the forced use of the drugs Remdesivir and Midazolam in

care homes, and died in hospital of burst lungs from the forced placement on


There is some evidence to suggest that a significant portion of the injections are

placebos. The booster shots raise the damaging payloads to effectively fatal

levels. The first jab alone removed 15% of immune system efficacy, and the

second dose removed another 35%. This scheme has most likely been

implemented to stagger the death rate and maintain the illusion that they are not

deadly. I would speculate, based on my private data, that the ratio of placebos to

wounding-shots, experiments, and kill-shots is 17:3, or 85 placebos for every 15

harmful doses administered. There are multiple batches, individually designed

and tailored to let them test for different results. Often, kill-shot batches have

been directed to conservative and patriotic neighbourhoods. It is likely that the

initial round of shots administered to the Police are all placebos (for the moment).

This method of execution is known as 'soft kill’ and is the only legal way to carry

out a democide - i.e., encourage the population to line up and murder themselves

by coercing them daily, reinforcing the pressure psychologically until Stockholm

Syndrome manifests and they become totally passive and compliant.

Israel holds the highest administered vaccine rate in the world. It is impossible to

rule out that they are killing off a portion of their own also, but data analysts

suspect that most of their injections are these placebo jabs. They want to set an

example for the world, hoping other countries are stupid enough to take the bait.

This genocide has been planned for a very long time.

It is a shame no-one ever really listened to the elusive Dr. Rima Laibow, back in

2009. If they had... none of this would be occurring.

Finally, here is a small selection of the camps where you (provided you do not

die fighting back) will most probably be placed if you do not submit to the

injection demands of these Jewish criminals:

USA - Opelika, Aliceville, Ft. McCellan, Maxwell AFB, Talladega, Wilderness,

Elmandorf AFB, Eielson AFB, Ft. Wainwright, Ft. Huachuca, Pinal County,

Yuma County, Phoenix, Wickenburg, Davis-Monthan AFB, Sedona, Jerome,

Berryville, Vandenburg AFB, Tule Lake, Oakdale, Terminal Island, Ft. Irwin,

McCellan AFB, Mather AFB, Trinidan, Granada, Avon Park, Camp Krome,

Pensacola, Ft. Benning, Ft. McPherson, Ft. Gordon, Unadilla, Oglethorpe,

Morgan, Camilla, Hawkinsville, Abbeville, McRae, Ft. Gillem, Halawa Heights,

Barbers Point NAS, Honolulu, Oklahoma, Minidoka/Jerone Counties, Clearwater

National Forest, Marseilles, Scott AFB, Pekin, Chanute AFB, Shawnee National

Forest, Savanna Army Depot, Lincoln, Sheridan, Menard, Pontiac, Galesburg,

Kankakee, Indianapolis/Marion County, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Crown Point,

Camp Atterbury, Ft. Wayne, Kingsbury, Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Area, Grissom

AFB, Jefferson Proving Grounds, Newport, Hammond, Leavenworth, Concordia,

Ft. Riley, El Dorado, Ashland, Louisville, Lexington, Manchester, Ft. Knox,

Land Between The Lakes, Ft. Polk, Livingston, Oakdale, Houlton, Ft. Meade, Ft.

Detrick, Camp Edwards/Otis AFB, Ft. Devens, Camp Grayling, Sawyer AFB,

Bay City, Southwest, Lansing, Duluth, Richards-Gebaur AFB, Warsaw,

Malmstrom AFB , Scottsbluff, Elko, Pershing County, Winnemucca, Nellis Air

Force Range, Nellis AFB, Stillwater Naval Air Station, Northern New

Hampshire, Ft. Dix/McGuire AFB, Ft. Bliss, Holloman AFB, Ft. Stanton, White

Sands Missile Range, Ft. Drum, Albany, Otisville, Buffalo, Camp Lejeune/New

River Marine Airfield, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Perry, Cincinnatti, Cleveland, Columbus,

Lima, Tinker AFB, Will Rogers World Airport, El Reno, McAlester, Ft. Sill,

Sheridan, Umatilla, Allenwood, Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Camp

Hill, New Cumberland Army Depot, Schuylkill Haven, Greenville, Charleston,

Yankton, Black Hills Nat'l Forest, Ft. Campbell, Millington, Crossville, Nashville

Old Briley Parkway, Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, Bastrop, Eden, Ft. Hood

(Killeen), Reese AFB (Lubbock), Sheppard AFB, Mexia, Amarillo, Ft. Bliss,

Beaumont/Port Arthur, Ft. Worth, Millard County, Ft. Douglas, Wendover, Camp

William, Ft. A.P. Hill (Fredericksburg), Petersburg, Beckley, Alderson,

Lewisburg, Morgantown, Mill Creek, Camp Dawsoin/Kingwood, SeaTac

Airport, Okanogan County, Sand Point Naval Station, Ft. Lewis/McChord AFB,

Ft. McCoy, Oxford, Heart Mountain, Laramie, East Yellowstone.

Canada - Suffield CFB, Primrose Lake Air Range, Wainwright CFB, Ft. Nelson,

Ft. McPherson, Ft. Providence, Halifax, Dept. Of National Defence Reserve.

UK - HMP Five Wells, HMP Glen Parva, HMP Manchester, HMP Gartree.

Australia - Wellcamp Airport, Brisbane Airport.

Who are your favourite musical artists or bands?

A little-known Tyrolean virtuoso ambient blues guitar project called 'phonux'.

What inspires you to make music?

The novel work of DARPA, the NSA, the CIA, the B&MGF, the CDC, the IRS,

NATO, FEMA, the UN, the WEF, the WHO, Mossad, MI6, MI5, GCHQ, the

FBI, Unit 8200, the IMF, the BIS, the EU, the World Bank, the Trilateral

Commission, the Club of Rome, the CFR, the RIIA/Chatham House, the

Tavistock Institute, The Knights of Malta, The City of London/The East India

Trading Company, Common Purpose, the NHS, the BBC, and the 77th Brigade.

What is the message you want to send with your music?

Discern reality and think critically, with an open mind. And probably don't trust

Bill Gates either.

How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience?


What frustrates you most as a musician?


What qualities should a musician nowadays have to get their music heard by

a larger audience?


Notes: Well, that just about covers that. Oops... I didn't mention Terrain Theory

or 5G/COV-19 interfaces. Oh well, there's always next time.

No-one real ever reads this thing. I wish they would. Damn Jews. Antisemitic of

me, eh? Maybe. But so what? Honestly... realistically... given all the above, so

what? They're actively trying to kill you! And there you sit, too cowardly to even

accept that I said the word 'Jew' in a less than immaculate context. Get over


My music can be found here: https://bleachforthestars.bandcamp.com

Final note: Dear Essex Police, I did indeed pass a printed draft copy of this same

interview to your force, in the town of Harwich, in Essex. Their Police station

was helpfully closed, so 'luckily' I managed to flag down a Police car in Costa

Coffee parking lot, in the early hours of the 14th of October 2021, just before

dawn. A male officer, and one of those wretched female PC's you seem to like

employing (despite their physical weakness and documented inability to control

violent criminals) were present.

They took my document in the end - I'd said it contained "personal research data"

to which she replied "oh, no, you can't share personal data" to which I patiently

said "no, that's not quite what I mean". She nodded and asked me which

department I wanted it to be presented to. I replied "Cyber-Security, or perhaps

Counter-Terrorism". I would have said "counterintelligence" as that seems more accurate from my reading of the Oxford Handbook of National Security Intelligence, but I wanted to start small. She grinned and gave a sympathetic laugh. Oh, the poor dear, he's lost his mind.

I'm not sure if it occurred to you, but I was literally trying to help you by providing a large, open-minded data set to explore. Otherwise why would I hand them a copy?

I say the Police took it. They did indeed. They didn't take it as adults though. The

female officer briefly skim-read it in a fluttering display of ignorance, I suspect

without assimilating a single sentence, then the male asked me if I was okay; if I

wanted to speak to a doctor, and whether I thought "anyone was out to get me". I

replied, "I don't expect so, but we never know these days, do we?" and stormed

off, grimacing in distaste.

I have decided that the UK Police are a useless herd of meandering Cultural

Marxist morons. Thick as sodden pig-shit. I'd love to forgive you, especially the

modern bunch, but you signed up for that job, having proved yourselves

adequately psychopathic and autistic before the psychological profiling

examinations of your Freemasonic superiors, and their Judaic coordinators. You

could have done a bit of prior research, given that it's the 2020's. How on earth

are you all being trained? Utter robots. I just hope you are not all ZOG-bots. That

acronym stands for Zionist-occupation Government. It usually is.

Your staff have yet to get back to me. Total silence, just like the inside of your

skulls I presume. I swear the 'people' you employ these days, beyond just being

dopey, low IQ, middle-class liberals, really do have no inner monologue. Is that

deliberate? How long has this grooming process been going on for? Birth?


If so, knock yourselves out - I don't expect this letter will rub off too much on

you. The deep, constant barrage of communist Neuro-Linguistic Programming

you've all been thoroughly subjected to has rendered your oblivious little brain-sponges

null and void.

Not impressed. This second document, handed to you in good faith, and at some

significant risk to me - to save your damn lives - is your final warning.

I respect the institution of the Police in this country. It is a shame to be disappointed.

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