The Eater [painting]

The Eater [painting]

An apocalyptic Biblical study, inspired by the Gospel of John and The Book of Revelation, all red dragons, and vicious Serpents, and Lilith, and Babylon and the Antichrist growing in a dark womb. A blunt, angular reflection on the vulgar, fallen modern world that reaches to devour and bespoil the last sacred remnants of Christianity, represented by a winged mother devouring her infant. Other details to note include a blasphemous solar spiral fertility symbol, and equally heathen fly agaric mushrooms (referencing The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross); a subtle Trinity marker (or just a Masonic one); a plethora of muddy teeth - very much not Genesis' "whiter than milk": Truth and Logos being decayed and warped; and a hidden message, which even I have forgotten by now. There's a lot packed into this symbolic, allegorical design.


Acrylics/pen on canvas, by Ben Power.

12in x 9in x 0.5in.

Sides left white.

Includes signature.