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Finished Segment from "The Ultimate Hate Crime" essay

Updated: May 12

A finished segment from my long essay, "The Ultimate Hate Crime", 22/02/2024:

"As final remark, I personally think a good step after all this would be for Europeans to, by consensus, adopt Veganism. That could take a certain explaining. It’s a shame one still must. Consider the 2018 documentary film Dominion, just as a start, or a photo compendium like Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene by Jo-Anne McArthur and Keith Wilson. The Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi is, as we know, deep, vital reading. There is much more than that, all a lesser importance than Savitri's beautiful contribution, but still very good reading. Slaughterhouse by Gail on Eisnitz, Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals by Gary L. Francione, The Face on Your Plate by Jeffrey Masson, The Vegan Imperative by David Blatt, and Meat Logic by Charles Horn, and a great many more, despite some small, predictable errors of liberal cliché in their analogies.

Enough is enough. I made the argument to my friend that I think there are indeed ‘useless eaters’ on this planet. I could almost sympathize with the powers that be on account of this. However, they control the corporatized slaughter industry, having bought out the independents, not that the latter is a viable option either. They also mask the true horror of this operation behind thick propaganda, and slick marketing, as well as having desecrated the impartiality and open-minded rigour of the medical industry.

I do not think, with substantial multidisciplinary scientific evidence, that the flesh taken from living creatures following their systemic culling is necessary for a healthy diet (much as it is indeed nutritious enough for our bodies and minds). Neither is their milk, or their unfertilized eggs. Even if it was necessary – often a decision of convenience and addiction, and cultural consensus, more than any pressing objectivity – we may have to use our intelligence to find a way around that problem on moral grounds. It is hard to justify tearing off their skin and fur and putting it on. We have the wrong focus still.

Neolithic Indo-European peoples were known for their innovative nature. Animal husbandry served its purpose to us (much as, as with slavery, it rendered us lazy and complacent, and inhibited that very innovation for millennia). Those who could maintain their bodily consciousness with the flesh of other creatures have long done so. We have had enough of it though, and it serves the rest no good. Sometimes the hardest innovations are knowing when to let go. A process serves a purpose, aligned with Nature, or it is without any foundational axiomatic logic, even beyond the boundaries of perception, and deep in the most ancient recesses of our racial memory.

We could not have known then. We were not yet roused to psychogenic awareness. We can indeed know now. We cannot continue this practice any longer. The lesson has been learned. We are cruel, and we have tortured them. We continue to torture them. No matter how kind we think we are being, we are killing them, and chopping their bodies into pieces, and consuming them, or exploiting their existence, all of them, defined as resource units so we can drain and siphon off their biological substances for our needs, from birth until death, a death at a time of our choosing, many years short of their natural lifespan in the wild, and irrespective of their full health, bar whatever physical and psychological damage we have already inflicted on them, in shock, terror, incomprehension, and confusion, and always an inescapable, inconceivable pain, the furthest excruciating agony. In terrible fear these innocents cry out, panicking, trusting us, wordless pleading with us for mercy with their entire being and by their very nature, as we betray them, betrayed in fact the entire while until the very end, as we methodically seal off our own humanity, convincing ourselves easily, regurgitating our automatic self-forgiveness to encourage others, at great length, in instantaneous cognitive dissonance, and with great pride-saving excuses, and fierce self-serving scientific research inspirations, driven in a quest to validate ourselves via our own bullshit, to firmly assume our own moral hygiene, and moral soundness, based on how positively we think of ourselves, and how much we desire this to be so, irrespective of evidence to the contrary. Substantial evidence by now that would just not make sense if this prioritised claim of sapience matched reality.

How much longer can we gaslight this issue? We say that they do not care about this, and, in fact, cannot care about this, cannot think, or, more importantly, feel, or experience the world clearly, or generate the same sensations, or express complex emotion, or undergo deep pain, or process applied discomfort, just so we remain the good, strong, superior, moral, ethical species we are, surely, obviously, and thus, really, by any decent, practical, human scale of measurement and serious reflection, we are clearly convinced that they do not mind us doing this to them in the slightest, being so weak after all, and so stupid, and us so very much better than them, those dumb, silly brutes. After all…

"Everybody knows the ridiculous, deluded, stupid animal rights activists are, like, all so very, very tiresome, and pathetic, and oversensitive, and whiny, and irritating, and illogical, and deluded, and eccentric, and not at all serious and sensible adults, or mature, kind, wise leader-geniuses like the vast rest of us, concerned about looking after each other's health in infinite shining wisdom and clarity, and doesn't meat taste so good, and doesn't it make us all feel so strong and so happy and healthy and regular and cool, and normal - although obviously still better somehow than the rest of the population at the same time - and doesn't it make it so much easier for us to get really big muscles as soon as possible, and thus be really elite, hardcore, superb, noble, soulful European gods among men, and isn't living on fresh fruit and vegetables and wheat pasta and brown rice and water (and the occasional cup of black coffee or pure cocoa) so very, very hard, and doesn't growing your own organic produce take ages, and the crops don't look as big in photos as a fresh hunk of dripping beef or a big pile of runny cheeses and bottles of milk, and won't make us gain any followers on our Facebook and Telegram show-and-tell walls, and we're jeopardising our popularity in the office, or the staff canteen, and vegans are all weak-minded hippies and it’s not illegal to eat meat, and isn't it all just so very, very stupid and weak and dumb and ridiculous, and we have to all work together to get enough donations to pay to our group so they can keep us saving the world, and going on holiday, and making new photo-publicity so we don't disappoint the rest of our group or get chucked out and thus be bad people, and lose followers, and it says in all these papers how normal we are, and how much you're wrong, and how much we're right, and we wrote them so it shows we're right, and we're the most impartial and rigorous generation of intelligent, clear-minded intellectuals and brilliant scholars ever, given the circumstances, and we're the last hope for the future, and there's far more important stuff to worry about, and you must be an agent, or a leftist schizotard, or a subversive, or a Jew, or a World Economic Forum drone, and we based all our work on over a century of brilliant scholarship which all makes total sense and all the people we looked at were right too, as the papers they wrote said they were right, and all the papers by their colleagues which used all their findings and said that their papers were right too made sense when all compared, and they made sense to us too, so this shows they're all right at the same time, and thus we're all correct, and we’re not doing anything wrong, and these silly, irresponsible, mentally ill people can do what they want at best, after all, and thus we can do the same with what we want, and all our research which, as we say, we wrote ourselves to prove we're right, is all correct, as it all makes total sense to us by now, and we've put a lot of effort into it, and you probably haven't read it, and haven't read it properly, and read every single article that backs us up ever written, and every single one that we continue to write from now on, and every single paper that we've read that supports us, and listened to all those hilarious opening routines by Edward Dutton the genius, and if you disagree it shows you don't understand it, and you've obviously not smart enough to understand it and you're not responding in the formal lexicon of our technical discipline, and you're not being a good scientist, or a scientist at all, and you're not deferring to us, and using all our models and theories and terminology and expert frameworks, and you're not arguing on our terms, and that shows categorically that you're a moron, and shows you know nothing, and so what are you complaining about you rude, offensive, disagreeable loser?! Stop complaining and raising a fuss! You’re just wasting time! We find this scary to think about! Grow up! Have some responsibility!"

The previous lines of composite fiction are written in accordance with the trendy niche attitudes of White Nationalism.

The animals are quite literally torn into pieces with assembly-line machines and cruel industrial instruments, or with axes and knives and electrical stun-prods and boiling vats and steam, and spraying gas – though not quite like those Jews at Sobibor and Treblinka it seems, the animal death tally many magnitudes greater, as with the degree of systemic cruelty in the torment-tech employed, even given the realistically adjusted modern concessions and re-revisions of Mark Weber and latter day David Irving, and indeed in receipt of rather less sympathy from the European public – and rifles, and pneumatic bolt-pistols into their craniums, mocking them in disgust if they resist and attempt to remain alive, shouting and screaming at them and hitting them with batons as we shove them back down to be painfully executed, struggling down to the last traumatic second of life, and then eviscerated, and turned, somehow, in our strange, feral reasoning, into an inert resource, and marketed in units as any other commodity or money-making product, a product we name "meat" or specify as "beef", just for example, the same way we use words like "titanium", or "Bitcoin", or "string", and not "sliced corpse from our building for killing animals in", or something more succinct of that honest realism, and we are holding onto their herds and flocks for no other purpose, in dark, steel factories of blood and death, in paddocks and enclosures and farms and sea nets and artificial breeding environments, in self-satisfying amateur survivalist prepping projects, and on the open fields.

How else can this be said? We are torturers manning their gulag. We have seen only ourselves, the entire time. Every new argument from the racial right and from an 'anti-degeneracy' genetics position hinges on the dietary benefits of meat and dairy consumption. At no point do we ever really stop to consider the compassion (or severe cruelty and dispassion) in any framework in a way that does not place primary importance on our diet regardless, using it as an 'unavoidable reality' to excuse any behaviour, even knowing that for that diet we are carrying out terrible brutality, day in day out. Dietary arguments, cold, rationalizing, dissonant, totally detached from the reality of the acts being perpetrated. One can stare long at the word "compassion" on a page, and learn how to pronounce it, and how to utilize it coherently in rhetoric, and how to claim it as known, but we should really acknowledge that, despite this fluid artifice, not all can experience the very sensation of it naturally, that instinctive loyalty to tenderness entirely absent from the biologically violated psyches inside the brute skulls of so very many walking excuses, the grinding meat of chaos and void, forward flushing boric acid into a choked transmitter. It's a memorisable word on a page one cannot lift.

Yes, the cooked corpses of the barbarically slaughtered animals are very good for us. So what? Can we genuinely not see what the error is in our thinking? Are we really this weak; this feral? If this is the best a race – as promoted by its best ‘racialist’ spokesmen – can offer, how great is it really? Don’t just try to make yourself feel better.

There is no euphemism here, and no exaggeration for effect, or the concept of torture has lost all its meaning. If we claim we are human at all, and not subhuman, or golems without minds, so possessed by anti-empathy that our compassion has run cold, tutored only by the frigid, dispassionate. automaton legacy of Descartes, Malebranche, Hobbes, and Galen, sneering and guffawing, sighing in frustration to our pals, making excuses for ourselves, preternaturally dismissive, we should accept this, or our meaning too is lost altogether, and no further meanings can be understood.

No matter what they suffer, much as some of us will concede lessening it within our still-running slaughter industries, we cannot break away from valuing them for their use to us more than we value them for their existence at all independently of our needs. Is it even for them to merely experience what we evaluate?! Their bodies' conscious minds are theirs to decide what they think of us, an evaluation forever external, in sacred Nature's all, not for us to steal also, and patronizingly put back on them, no matter our warmth. Surely, we are their nightmares, their devils, and their bravery beside us - still in friendship (!) - displays the presence of a meaningful expression of vitality dwarfing any human's possession of what is love.

But there, disgraceful, in our mad cruelty, is that familiar abyssal stubbornness again, heels dug in and gritted teeth, unable to budge on this issue, wilfully misunderstanding the argument for compassion and returning to the entitled, matter-of-fact autism and cold, mechanical fury that seems a lingering remnant of Christian moralizing and anthropocentrism, Biblical in tone, as if we were lords of this earth, placed here to do what we wanted with it (but, inexplicably bar for transcendentalism, never of lasting value in the here and now), and as if words and justifications spilling out alone could render these physical actions day in day out somehow tolerable.

A few seconds of sob and sulk perhaps, a microsecond launch of horror, but always pushing it from our minds, never doing a thing, forgetting, blazing on, needing convenience, and long-set behavioural routine, in strength of numbers, and no commitment to life.

It does not reflect well on how we may potentially treat each other also within our own race, if we are convinced the benefits are substantial enough, and the sort of rationalizations, cognitive biases, and self-deceptions we could maintain to justify our interpersonal acts, and what level of force we would be prepared to apply to forge consensus on our behaviour, or to ridicule or punish those who did not facilitate us or adopt our behaviour, or who merely refused to vocally agree with us behaving in this fashion, even as we claim that we are still noble-spirited Europeans. After all, we at least know that non-Europeans are – unanimously, a statistical significance – cruel to animals; crueller even than Europeans.

We are clustered with each other; less so with other races. Those racial enemies we somehow sense as somehow human, at least. More so than we sense our apex European humans to be chickens. We became familiar with our enemies though, and we know now they mean us harm, them being only indifferent at best, despite the occasional bout of naive friendliness in their women, or in their most liberalized men (for self-interest streamlining and office politeness; to facilitate them continuing to get their own way socially and legally), and deduce that we have no obligation to show pity to them or to love them automatically or by rote. Suspicious, we observed them, and understood, and for long ages we have brought them war, as is right for us (or we are letting them define our own needs). We have learnt of our history, and of their races – or species – and we are wise to them.

The chickens have done no harm to us though. So far, we don't (usually) eat wolves, lions, or grizzly bears. We certainly like using them as metaphorical aspirations for ourselves though, using their example to explain what we mean by 'might is right'. These big carnivores and omnivores don't have the same biological choice in what they do, unlike us, us not literally being wolves, lions, bears, or other apex predators, etc. We seem to have forgotten that obvious reality though, and been rather literalist indeed, advancing beyond the sacred ecological interconnectivity that is life and into the realms of self-aggrandizing linguistic power propaganda, conveniently, much as we certainly trap them, shoot them down, and render their relatives extinct on a regular basis, inspiring apex predators or not.

Sadly, and very red in tooth and claw indeed, these strong, furry beasts haven't twigged and noticed what they're up to. It's unlikely that they will ever be able to, given their stabilized evolutionary development, almost at full plateau under our historical planetary conditions - we have pushed them far beyond a 'survival of the fittest' and nothing they adapt with is enough; there are too many of us, and, by our artificial impositions globally, we are in their evolutionary way in this matter just as we despoil their eco-systems. Much as they are magnificent, no, they are not quite human.

Thankfully, with good reason, and a lot of evidence indeed, one could think the same of you. You strange, frightening beasts are very much not magnificent though. Quite simple, as modern technology is Heidegger's “less simple”. It would take a sick, weird lifeform indeed to go against the flow of everything else in Nature so much that it even had the ability to invent the word-concept "species" for itself, much as it went about capturing, abusing, tormenting, and wiping out every other lifeform available to the reach of its environmental perception, in soulless, self-centred taxonomies and phylocodes, much as it openly claimed to love them, claiming to be against cruelty, although the lifeforms it felt - for no logically tangible, biologically sound reason whatsoever – to be of likewise "species" - or, properly, “race”, and why care for the rest of that matter that does not reciprocate the while?! - occasionally got a few more chances, unless they fell in war, murder, or infanticide, were raped to bloody ruin, forced into suicide, worked to death, terminally neglected, or merely abandoned to die once their proposed necessity was expended. Homo Inscitus, Homo Economicus, and, ultimately (to a cosmological line of thought, wondering about bio-physics and non-locality and black holes) Homo Inanis are more fitting epithets.

This terrible, devilish lifeform, this strange energy – for 'frozen light' is indeed all matter – too dangerous to exist, despite its complicated neologisms and evil creativity, the blank, spiteful greed and disgrace of a simian hyena; the bear-dog ape, has run its course. Humans, eventually, whatever remains that even matches that understanding, are obliged to attend to this.

When we bite into the cooked flesh of innocents, a fresh cargo of 27 million land animals per day, in one land of such freedom and bravery alone, this primary quality certainly established rather quickly, and from within, with pride, we do what the chickens have not yet done, not being by their aware nature sadistic cannibals, yet what our racial foes certainly have done, and do. We must be terribly scared of them both, and indiscriminate as by Alexis de Tocqueville's observations on the envy lying at the root of calls to equality. If you are equal you are all like this. Did you write this very report as well? Can you lift it?

As usual, his keenly observed notes of advice were, overall, unheeded, the powerful French, British, and American moralists of the early 19th century continuing along over him, too ignorant to care. The dimmest, most polluted specimens in the European racial hierarchy, dregs akin to other races more than to your own historical folk, your very actions and life-choices expose the depths of your subhumanity. No wonder you are giddy in your pampered, narcissistic fantasising, proud and self-congratulatory, rushing through this life spoiling it, and unconcerned at heart, cowardly, cruel, selfish, yearning for that otherworldly eternity, that hylomorphism, the imposed escape, hiding your weakness and fear and complacency and lazy disinterest in transcendentalist metaphysics, picking the easy option for comfort and consolation instead of honouring your life struggle through optimistic realism, your traitorous dualist error, your misinterpretation of soul as being in some way distinct from physical matter.

Perhaps a fear of death also. A hoping for freedom from pain. Please, let it be quick, etc. No way to think of it all in practice. Down in your sub-cloaca here, now, you wait for this Heaven, or a nihilist's pessimistic oblivion, and finely tuned, awaiting some peace - a changed state by whatever name - some nothing, blinking shut, perhaps a place to re-grow your testicles.

It is probably a shame for you that it does not exist. Stop this. You are here. Look at what you do to them and look in detail. Look at what you are defending, and what you are practicing. Look at what you think is ok. You would be better without children.

You will disagree with me on that, recoiling in swift, angry horror, the final straw of ruffled feathers. Why don’t you read this essay again, maybe."

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