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Floodgates [poem]

Updated: Mar 12


It has been said, it will always be said

The shadows of warm blood have pawned off their red

The hands stretching down forty-eight thousand years

Are clenched to wet fists, forging weapons with tears.

And it has been said, it will always be said

The floodgates are open, the future is bled

The living husks tied up in gadgets and toys

All pantomime perverts applauding with noise.

The tide is washing over, it can wash your will apart

Down on stale ground, in a cage in the dark

In the ribs of the city, in art's apoplectic head

In the gold smiles sticking to each unmade bed.

The tide is washing over, full of flotsam and debris

And the statues and the statutes are all washed away for free;

The tide is washing over and it's carrying a plague

Of everything that can be cheap, like breaking honour from the brave.

Like herding men into the sea to lead a charge against the free

As your possessors feed you pay and all the hate they can inveigh

As you succumb and take their fee and name your kinsmen enemy

And cut them down in cold melee and stage a trial like a play

And then hang everyone inside and tell their relatives they lied

And that they just needed to die and it's the spirit of the times

Indeed, one must prioritize, and really, it's not like they tried

Or had a single thing to say that might have changed a single mind

And they were evil men besides

And then deny it happened like that anyway

You can deny it happened like this, anyway.

A few thoughts to consider (from my personal notes):

"I see the State school is continuing to fixate on traitorous race activism in its English lessons though. School events and dances always utilize some trendy ethnic element, as if virtue-signalling white middle-class female teachers - almost all British primary school teachers and most secondary school teachers are female - could look cool and 'with it' in front of their students by playing Rap and Hip-hop to them as they dance along as well. It's more than that tragic insecurity though. These vapid, airheaded teachers are generally susceptible by the nature of their inherited values to any random novel introduction of any of the stupid, reckless, cynical bohemian causes artificially promoted to tickle their vast, naïve, paranoic ignorance, this optimistic, self-conscious paranoia common to the authoritarian natures of moral dogmatists, as the bright, grey, blinded research teams of Bernays enthusiasts cloistered away in the Department of Education's applied behavioural science offices somehow know quite well already, the propaganda media heaping official praise on top of the natural egoism and ‘look at me!’ showboating of this new breed of hysterical obedience counsellors.

I have established over time and at length that there is indeed something sickly to the European natives, and that oppressive air of trademark British callousness is ever present, the greedy, standoffish Protestant work ethic's impatience around and indifference to suffering and any impediment to ‘productivity’ or to ‘paying your own way’, but I wish they wouldn’t act in schools to compound the destruction, given that it’s races sensitivity, homonormative sex, and feminism that seems to be their single intertwining trilogy-point of concern, especially that races sensitivity (and most certainly not for the sake of their own).

For example, I don’t see them getting up in arms about vivisection and medical testing on animals, extensively exposed by Bernard Rollin in The Unheeded Cry: Animal Consciousness, Animal Pain and Science, and by Tony Page in Vivisection Unveiled: An Expose of the Medical Futility of Animal Experimentation, or indeed C. Ray Greek in Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: the Human Cost of Experiments on Animals, just in case the terrible cruelty inflicted on the bred-for-testing animals in question is somehow not cause enough alone for them to accept the words of Mark Hawthorne in Bleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering or assimilate Matthew Scully’s masterful calls to mercy in Dominion and Fear Factories, the sad plight of farm-to-slaughter animals bolstered by Gail A. Eisnitz’ Slaughterhouse and the true-life autobiographical confessions of Mark Moore in The Dark Secrets of An Animal Farmer, and in the thick compendium of haunting photography and investigative journalism by Jo-Anne McArther titled Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene. It’s a shame Savitri Devi’s original masterpiece, The Impeachment of Man - perhaps the only written work truly necessary for understanding the long barbarity of our treatment of animals and the unforgiveable torture we continue to subject them to - is ignored.

Perhaps the biologist and cognitive ethologist Marc Bekoff’s crucial scientific analyses into the depth, beauty and fullness of animal consciousness and their expression of joy, sorrow and empathy revealed in The Emotional Lives of Animals and in Minding Animals: Awareness, Emotions, and Heart could impress upon them, or their high intelligence and the meaningfulness of animal friendships in his book Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed, seconded by The Genius of Dogs by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, or a further examination of animal emotional lives in When Elephants Weep or Dogs Never Lie About Love both by Jeffrey Masson, a useful accompaniment to his arguments in The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food, and in Meat Logic by Charles Horn, and in Melanie Joy’s Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, a mutual consideration of the necessity of Veganism and the denial and cognitive dissonance that prevents us recognising that we are consuming pieces of the body of a farmed animal that we have abused and mistreated for the entirety of its cruel, artificially-short life, raised by us at all only to be painfully slaughtered in the dark, packed, terrifying confines of brutal factories, and then dismembered and passed down to our plates, the pieces of their tortured corpses designated by us only as “meat”, an inert ‘product’ for our dietary addictions and convenience, and their skin and fur torn off by us so they can be treated for belts and shoes and handbags or worn as fashionable garments.

Mothers continually mated and then separated forever from their own offspring at birth, penned up in the cacophonous darkness of tight, filthy cages and sheds and forced to provide us with the biological nutritional secretions their bodies have evolved to produce for the feeding of their own young, the cows we exploit for our dairy farming hooked by us to machines that remove their milk after we clip off their tails without anaesthetic for easier machine access to their udders, milked until they bleed and develop ulcers and prolapses, and the strain of the forced pregnancies, artificially inseminated within weeks of each birth, leading to severe calcium deficiencies that damage their bones causing chronic pain, abscesses and open wounds, and broken legs and collapses, whilst we deprive hens of the eggs they lay and that we have ensured they can never nurture, cutting them off from their natural instincts to breed families, mutilating their beaks and causing them excruciating pain in an effort to prevent them from the understandable reaction of them fighting and harming each other - a policy enacted for the sake of maintaining their rate of egg laying - in the debilitating chronic stress of their mournful, agonising environment, deliberately forcing them to molt and thus produce bigger eggs at a faster rate by depriving them of food and water, only enough fertile eggs saved to maintain breeding stocks, the general practice in the West being to kill all male chicks that hatch, usually by grinding them to death by machine, modern selective breeding having separated egg-laying birds from those food strains raised to be put to death and devoured a mere six weeks after their hatching, though all females of the egg-laying strains are also disposed of, suffocated as soon as their ability to lay eggs starts to dwindle, usually killed before the age of two, over seven years short of their natural lifespan. Our treatment of fish and other aquatic animals taken by us from the oceans or imprisoned in hatcheries and aquafarms is equally appalling, attacked and abused by workers in putrid conditions, the fins of farmed fish clipped apart, developing spinal deformities and fungal growths that consume their faces in the extreme stress and overcrowding of their tiny tanks, pulled out and thrown into buckets to suffocate in terror in a pile of dead and dying fish, stamped on, or slammed against the ground, or slit open alive.

Jeffrey Masson is also the author of a damning inditement of the corruption, steep financial demands (or two-yearly NHS waiting lists), abuses of power, and dangerous fundamental errors that render the practice of psychotherapy useless as much as damaging to patients, titled Against Therapy: Emotional Tyranny and the Myth of Psychological Healing and has contributed an expert rebuttal of the pseudoscientific fraud Sigmund Freud and the terrible impact of his dismissive psychoanalytic nonsense-theories on the frameworks that, despite bio-reductionism's lucrative neurotransmitter distractions, still underpin the erroneous fallacies of psychiatry in The Assault on Truth, documenting Freud’s role in the shifting of blame from the empirically obvious idea that the parental sexual abuses they experienced were responsible for his female patients’ emotional trauma, instead accusing the children of fantasising their horrifying, moving testimonies, then blaming them - solely for expressing this ‘fantasy’ distress - and this “blame the victim” mentality is now pervasive in our culture, and officially adopted by the iatrogenic reductionists of modern punitive medicine, a face-saving assumption underpinning the promotion of the toxic pharmacological treatment model applied by psychiatrists to all psychiatric victims of childhood and adolescent abuse, the very definitions of child abuse often misunderstood and diminished.

I take it the schoolteachers have no interest in considering the treatment of psychiatric patients, or indeed teaching anything substantial on true child abuse, not even just the disgusting sexual molestation of paedophiles and the international child trafficking operations, and the sordid criminal histories of protected peers and MPs and the staff of State institutions and of the foster care system and the undisclosed pipeline to the red market for illicit medical test subjects and organ transfers, or even by discussing the Islamic gangs that drug, rape and torture British schoolgirls, but fundamentally (and divorced from the safe, familiar scrutiny and sensationalism that, though not incorrect, still piles child abusers into neat little out-group boxes as it passes the buck by default and continues to let ‘normal’ natives off the hook, locked so far into providing a limited appreciation that does not quite match the full, endemic realities of this problem) inadequate in addressing the soul-destroying emotional trauma inflicted on children by their own parents, the worst, most destructive form of child abuse, and a total taboo even in a field that is rarely discussed too thoroughly at the best of times, if at all, somehow unsuitable for public or polite company, unlike, say, yelling at a small face not to be so racist, and intolerant, and monstrous, and disappointing, and to have some respect, and goading them sobbing from their desk into a side-room before the appalled scowls and jeers and tut-tutting of the class, slamming the door and then reaching for a phone to alert the Police, just in case, ready for their parents to repeat the process once they get home.

Additionally, it would have pleased me a little if they could have felt any concerns over the history of Bolshevism and Stalinism in Soviet Russia and the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century, let alone a detailed and accurate portrayal of the ramifications of the Second World War on the West, including the role of their own country (and their own recent ancestors) in finalizing pan-European destruction, with a little subsequent self-reflection on their parts as to why their civilization is now irreversibly corrupted, having been sabotaged long-term from far before, irrespective of the history of black experiences across the centuries of the African slave trade and of Adolf Hitler’s campaign of Jewish extermination in Germany in the 20th Century, much as the last world war was the final straw.

I don’t personally deny The Holocaust as it is conventionally accepted, though I think the proposed execution figures are off by two million or so (so still quite a few then, as historical exterminations go). The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum agrees with me on that, albeit even more conservative, and unequivocally, if one could only read their fine-print signs as opposed to gawping for a few seconds at that familiar crematorium chimney the Soviets erected post-war, as their heartbroken English teacher encourages them all to cry. I’ve read quite a lot of the revisionist authors and researchers also, lingering with their presentations to examine some of the finer details, but I get the impression they’re misinterpreting Hitler’s sincere intent in a desire to present him in a framework more easily acceptable to their own timid sensibilities, pushing the debate away from the actual worldview expressed by National Socialism, disrespecting him more than they are exonerating him, much as Holocaust deniers do genuinely seem to desire the latter also, a mentality not so different at all for that of Christian apologetics. Their racial focus is completely off. It’s the same way that I have reconsidered my thoughts over 9/11 and now accept the perpetrators as disgruntled Islamic militants genuinely opposed to the American government, rather than a desperation to shift all Anglo-American system blame onto Jewish omnipotence. Much as I don't in any way favour them, you can see why these non-Europeans don't like America. I am of the same mind regarding the Russian Federation. Three sets of opposing anti-European enemies; one somewhat closer.

These revisionists aren’t really so different from the anti-European teachers I am appalled by, those for whom Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm is out of the question, or indeed the history books of James Bacque titled Crimes and Mercies, and Other Losses on the crammed death camps established by the invading American armies on the meadow banks of the Rhine in which German prisoners of war, and indeed their women and children, were penned in by thick barbed wire fences and left to starve in the deep, wet mud, totally unsheltered from the elements, medical supplies and international food relief deliveries banned, and locals discouraged from delivering rations to the inmates by the threat of immediate execution by the rifle-fire of the armed American guards stationed all around the camp perimeters day and night, or the dire inhumanities of the French prison camps.

F. J. P Veale’s Advance to Barbarism traces in detail the escalating disregard for life in the parliamentary policies and military tactics of British and American warmongers from the adoption of the term 'democracy' as an empty yet useful political slogan, to the initiation of the First World War, through to the total horror of their dispassionate civilian target fire-bombing campaigns against German cities in the Second World War, to the manipulation, hypocrisy and lies by omission of their war crimes tribunals against the German military officers and political leadership and their use of humiliation and torture on the defendants whom they had imprisoned in solitary confinement, their American guards ordered to ferociously beat and kick them, crushing their testicles, breaking their jawbones, or holding them down and gathering black soldiers to take turns spitting into their forced-open mouths, along with the undisclosed war crimes of his Crimes Discreetly Veiled, and with David Irving’s painstakingly researched accounts in Nuremberg: The Last Battle.

David Irving’s research in The Morgenthau Plan 1944-1945 documents the extents of anti-German hatred and indifference to suffering present in the attitude of the American government and the Allies’ supreme command under General Eisenhower, and narrates the history of the policy proposed by the secretary and assistant secretary of President Roosevelt’s US Treasury department suggesting that conditions should be established in the two years following the end of the war that would in practice lead to the deaths of 10 million Germans, and, much as that one particular plan – signed ahead without a great deal of concern by Roosevelt and Churchill – was only partially implemented (unlike the rarely mentioned Stimson Plan), nothing was saved regardless as the structural dismemberment of German society continued unabated with deliberate destruction of German mining operations, industrial plants, scientific research facilities, academic foundations, and medical centres, and the wholesale theft of their technology, down to the structural material of their buildings, their industrial supplies, and their raw resources stockpiles, all stolen for export by the British along with everything necessary to allow the survival at all of the German people, their nation systematically razed to the ground, documented in Gruesome Harvest: the Costly Attempt to Exterminate the People of Germany by Ralph Franklin Keeling, Unfinished Victory by Arthur Bryant, and The High Cost of Vengeance by Freda Utley.

One can, as with Crimes Against the Wehrmacht by Franz W. Seidler, consider Alfred-Maurice de Zayas’ English-language translation of Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau 1939-1945, the 226 filed volumes documenting reported cases of war crimes by the Allied armies, these volumes confiscated by the Americans after the war and classified, only released back to the Germans in 1968 and published 5 years later, or indeed his Nemesis at Potsdam and A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, recalling the enforced post-war expulsion of brutalized German civilians driven from the ruins of their confiscated homes into the East, three million dying of exposure and exhaustion along the way, or their compounded slaughter in the massacres and gruesome public spectacles of mobbed crowds of partisan torturers in Poland, Ukraine and Czechoslovakia, and across Eastern European, the remaining prisoners of war and German civilian men taken up by the American, British, French and Russian forces for the purposes of a decade of bitter slave labour abroad, a great many of the Russian-held captives enslaved indefinitely, never to return, dying in the freezing gulags of Siberia, so many millions of German families never accounted for at all, all traces of their existence disappearing, their lives lost to history and forgotten, no closure provided to the grief of their tormented relatives and descendants.

The massed rapes and sadistic murders of German women - some pregnant - and little girls by the feral Mongol torturers of Stalin’s advancing Bolshevik hordes, and the killing of their babies, are recalled again in The Tragedy of Silesia 1945-46 by Johannes Caps and Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe by A. J. App, Crimes Unspoken: The Rape of German Women at the End of the Second World War by Miriam Gebhardt, and Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War by R. M. Douglas, despite the misleading allusion of the title.

Andrew H. Beattie examines allied ‘denazification’ camps and extrajudicial detentions, and Kenneth Goff’s Brainwashed into Slavery goes into further detail on the long-term ramifications of the soul-destroying re-education program violently imposed on the conquered Germans, as does The Brainwashing of the German Nation by Udo Walendy, and in Media Manipulation and Propaganda in US Occupied Germany, 1945-1949: Controlling Information by Larry Hartenian, and Ulrich Marten's The Gulag in East Germany: Soviet Special Camps 1945-1950. Claus Nordbruch relates the testaments of German victims in the aftermath of the Second World War in Bleeding Germany Dry. In general, one can further peruse the full death statistics, as so far accounted for, in The Other Price of Hitler's War: German Military and Civilian Losses Resulting from World War II, compiled by Martin K Sorge.

Was this worth it do you think? The American and British descendants of European Germanic tribes bloodily exterminating the German descendants of those very same tribes, that same race, in order to save Europe’s Jew population (who may not be totally innocent of their own machinations in all this, one might readily think)? Have a little think about that. It'll show you how much you hate yourself and your kind if it's not obvious that there's something morally amiss here. Perhaps you should stop defending Palestinians while you're at it. Do you think they love you the way the Jews did? All helpful Semitic auxiliaries, our greatest generation Europeans. Ethno-traitorous Jewish slaves, the lot of you. You are merely useful to them.

Indeed, the most terrible thing of all to note is that the worst of these unimaginable crimes conducted by the British and Americans and their Russia war allies against their German racial kin occurred in official peace-time, the war having been declared by them to be over in Europe on the 8th of May 1945, ecstatic crowds having gathered then on the streets of Britain and America to cheer and laugh and embrace each other, waving flags and celebrating, to the sound of extravagant fireworks displays and marching bands, and the swift bustle of jubilant bankers and traders keen to return to business, and the returning soldiers reuniting with their wives and girlfriends, in a thriving American post-war economy that stimulated the boom of new children born to their families, the continent of Europe in ruins, the subjugated Germans locked in abject misery and death.

Much is made of Hitler's true extermination program. The Allies’ own comprehensive response program, the very conclusion of a First World War they started themselves, far more destructive in its criminal ferocity, and aimed instead at their own race, is never taught, or even admitted to out loud. Their atrocities are hidden. Their guilt has never been recognised.

The children at the school can't really read or spell anything not dumbed down to modern incompetence, and certainly not anything challenging in its presented viewpoints, and they show no interest in non-fictional reading, or cultural literature or creative writing, although they're certainly shaping up to be profoundly ignorant anti-European dogmatists.

I don't imagine they ever get around to teaching the children positive English history, culture, or folklore, or anything broadly pro-European, some Europeans being profoundly better in character than the Anglo-Saxons after all, healthier and less corrupted racially, and especially given this atrocious Anglo-American conduct in the last world war. However, much as it had been consistently attempted up until then, I'm categorically banned, to a legal violence level, from injecting any counterprogramming into them by their father, who despises me and routinely badmouths me to others in perjurious disgust, defamatory armchair opinions (and quite some outright lies) put confidently as facts to a grumbling room of nodding dignitaries respectful of their own good characters in the gleam of his equally respectable position of professional social authority, and I am under direct, heavy ongoing pressure from the State not to educate them. They certainly nipped that in the bud with extreme prejudice. I don’t like Julian Assange, annoyed by some of his history comments and sensing a partisan somehow, or some modified limited hangout, given that his Iraq wartime abuses material was already fairly well-known known at the time of release, much as I don’t see him - or any of these much-touted whistle-blowers - commenting on the Second World War from a position that takes more than Jewish suffering into account, but I do empathise, in my own measured, down-key way. If only they weren’t such inveterate liberals. One would not have to look as far as celebrated whistle-blower cases to find examples of systemic Anglo-American torture.

I tried to shape the children's boundaries to limit their phone use, and their TV and YouTube screen time years ago, and to assess what they were viewing. Following ideas of an Edward Snowden tier (well, obviously not his ridiculous enthusiasm for Bitcoin; a little more of that rat-sniffing over this particular employable gentleman, given my mind), and a little more obscure in my linkages at times, I put forward that smartphones are not a good idea, or even a worthwhile or necessary purchase, and unlikely to be employed for anything constructive, or even for the purposes of traditional communication, often standing directly in the way of any fading desire on the part of children (and adults) to engage in real life with their friends, an addiction, sapping willpower to approach the outside reality.

I also didn't like the idea of the house being chocked up with insidious, perpetually-recording portable surveillance and data harvest systems, the fundamental snooping technology that initially helped - significantly - in drawing in the usual generous investors that propelled their development, design, and mass-market release along at all, now bolstered by additional software stealth-updates disguised as patches, and all sorts of hacks and exploits and phishing, the backdoors helpfully implanted gratis, or for a small fee, each time the children add another irritating app. The rest of the adult family ganged up on me though and quashed my concerns, telling me I was a conspiracy theorist, even as I quoted official NSA documents at them and explained the infrastructure of global surveillance and data brokerage and signals intelligence, and in obscene detail. I was surprised that my Dad, an extremely competent ex-telecommunications engineer of that over-optimistic Arthur C. Clarke How the World was One mentality, did not agree with me on this, as if the empirical evidence placed right in front of him was a matter that could be 'disagreed on', and not just an obvious technological truth he was ignorant of and didn't like to know.

Also, I was forcefully reminded by Abby that social workers and the school nurses who report to them consider not owning a TV or a contemporary phone to be a warning sign of neglect and child abuse, and otherwise told I was worrying over nothing, impeded every time I took matters into my own hands, and warned against "upsetting the children" and "altering the normal routine." I was forbidden to raise my voice to a dominant tone to discipline them with any proper authority and gravitas if they played up. Abby, however, reserved the right to snap and lose her temper regularly with them and indeed to shout at them now and again, in that belligerent, nerve-wracking, high emotions pedagogic manner that short-tempered modern women utilise very easily, always the feeling that this choice is only temporarily effective in the moment by behaviourist brute force (if effective at all beyond teaching the children to playact compliance, just so the noise stops and they can hear Fortnite again at 78 dB), its efficacy swiftly diminishing in the long-term. Screaming frustration at dogs like this doesn't help either, if one wishes to preserve consistent good behaviour.

I get the idea the preferred position these days is to sit back beaming in joy and proudly let them do whatever they want, no matter how destructive, disruptive, dangerous or ill-advised, provided they cannot be accused of being racists, and to treat them to all intents and purposes as wise, competent, liberated mini-adults, in full consenting understanding of their actions and their consequences, and superbly equipped from the first second of their birth to handle the fullness and glory of their inevitable victorious destiny, rising bright and blazing across the future in meteoric individualism, and just leave it all to their teachers, or face the wrathful paranoic glares of the bleeding heart social worker brigade, scalding out in fierce ever-scanning malignance from the dark, baleful towers dotted across the benighted horizons of their panopticon.

I note that the enforcement of this rule is only applied on parents and guardians, much a great many simply don’t care anyway. It’s quite evident, behind all that liberation, that these educators don’t trust children to think for themselves, much as it’s nice - in my personal experience at least - to inform them on things once they have that ability to understand how to think, and not just what to think, and to learn what they have to say on any matter properly, not just the sole perspective of others that they are psychologically coerced and bullied into merely repeating.

Naturally, granted the approval of their supervisors, left standing some metres away tapping their feet in a stance of disapproval and meekly threatening to hand out yet more hour detentions, the predominantly white students of Harwich can also decisively continue freely consenting to tearing themselves to pieces at school, rousing temporarily out of sullen, disaffected inertia, like a horde charging pitiless out of the East, or the complicated eddies and rising feedback loops of a now chaotic cosmic cycle, biting, bruising, kicking, hair-pulling, and ganging up to try and stab each other to death in the corridors over the loss of a unicorn fidget spinner or hanging around after lessons in a swarming cloud of posturing expletives, pouring into the road clutching their spliffs and smartphones, blocking up the traffic, the leader of one group of whites and their black friends driving her brother's bull-mastiff growling onto the prone body of the small weeping white girl with the bleeding nose lying outside the school gates, on account of the persistent wildfire rumour that, apparently (just my little conceit), a girl the latter girl once knew in another class "once might have compared the appearance of a black boy..." that had kicked away her chair “to a chocolate bar" after he had finished spitting on her face. A true anecdote."

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